Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fight Like Forrest, Not Sherman

Over the weekend, one of the Anti-Confederate Bloggers took his campaign of hate against the Va Flaggers to a new low, when he made my private employment information public by posting it on the world wide web, then tweeting the information along with false accusation to my employer, anti-Confederate agitators in the Richmond area, and our local press.

Almost immediately, I was overwhelmed by the incredible show of support from friends, Flaggers, and folks I have never met, from both North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the encouragement, offers of assistance, and willingness to help.

Some of the offers came by way of wanting to repay him and other Bloggers in like kind, by posting their information and encouraging others to do the same. I want to take this opportunity to express that I am adamant in not wanting ANYONE in our movement to ever do such a thing. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, and we have every right (a duty, even) to defend our honor, but publishing information that could very possibly affect one’s livelihood, and therefore their ability to care for their families and fulfill their obligations, is not something I want to EVER be a part of.

Unlike our enemies, WE have truth, honor, and right on our side and do not need to sink to unethical and immoral tactics in order to gain victory.

In my humble opinion, the best thing we can do to neutralize those who attack us with no provocation is to stay focused on our Cause and continue the good work that has been started. With every flag that is raised, returned, or added to the landscape, we win a victory for the Confederate Veterans who fought and died under them…and when THEY are not the focus of our efforts, our efforts truly are in vain.

Our heritage is under attack in ways that even our parents and Grandparents would have never imagined. The time has come for Southerners to stand in defense of our Confederate ancestors and against those who would desecrate their honor and memory.

I have no doubt that victory will be ours, even in the midst of this latest assault. I may not know what lies ahead, and I am certain there will be many more such attempts to stop us, but I know one thing is for sure…I’m determined to stand, fight, and never back down...but I'm gonna fight like Forrest…NOT Sherman.

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers
"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done..." Genesis 50:20


Unknown said...

I can see your point, even if I don't agree with you as far as playing nicely with scum. Taking the high road has long been a trait of Southerners. However, Forrest would have "put the skeer in them". God bless you and the Virginia Flaggers! Deo Vindice!

Unknown said...

Thank You and the Virginia Flaggers for being at the front of the fight. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the Confederate flag flying on I-95. Huzzah for the Virginia Flaggers!

Lt. Roger Wilco said...

Susan is a lady and prone to rise above the fray. I happen to be a Marine and tend to agree with William Rebel: I'll take yankees, carpetbaggers, and scalawags on a frontal assault. They are not deserving of respect of any kind and I enjoy sticking it in and twisting it. I pretty much espouse my Hero Thomas J. Jackson's attitude--kill them all. Figuratively for now.

Maeve Magdalen said...

Miss Susan has pointed us back to this post, and it is a timely one. To those above who want to give as we Confederate heritage folks are being given to, I shall say that they are confusing a FAIR and HEROIC fight - which is how General Forrest fought - with the lying, cowardly and evil tactics of the America-haters (that includes Confederate-haters, for the uninformed). The point of this post, as I understand it, is that Sherman fought like a COWARD and TERRORIST, mowing down helpless civilians (of all skin colors and legal status, by the way) and raping women and plundering the keepsakes of generations, in order to make generations of Americans suffer. Those who do such things are demons who shall answer to God AND man. More to the point - it is playing into both what the enemy wants (to mark US as the evil ones) as well as feeding the haters on both sides (including the politicians) who exploit hate and distrees in order to grow THEIR power, the power of big, centralized government that our ancestors fought AGAINST.
Defend yourselves when attacked, by all means. But NEVER aspire to be and feel like Yankees - like Sherman, or the Marxists who follow in his wake. #DeoVindice - in GOD's Time for HIS Purposes.