Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Yes Virginia, Monuments DO Matter - The Elephant in the Polling Booth



Three Virginia localities had monument relocation/removal referendums on their ballot yesterday.  In all three localities, the citizens sent a strong clear message that they do not want their memorials removed.  Each locality  voted overwhelmingly AGAINST monument removal. 
In Mathews County, the mandate was a landslide 80% AGAINST removing the Confederate Memorial located at the historic courthouse there. This after a valiant and courageous effort by the Lane-Armistead Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #1772 to inform and mobilize local citizens.   

In addition, Governor Northam’s pals from his monument destroying administration have all been defeated, with the Democratic candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General losing to Republicans, and Republicans have even taken back the Virginia House of Delegates with a new majority.  

This after Northam and Virginia’s AG Mark Herring posed for the national media gloating and bragging about destroying the magnificent Lee monument in Richmond, just weeks before Herring was up for re-election. 
It turns out that was a big mistake

While polls for the past several years have consistently shown that the majority of the Citizens of Virginia oppose monument removal, radical democrats chose to ignore the will of the people and began their monument demolition almost as soon as they gained power.  Yesterday’s election results prove that images of the burned out and vandalized remnants of the once beautiful Monument Avenue, destroyed with the approval, encouragement, and even under the direction of city and state democrats, served as a wake-up call to Conservatives in Virginia and helped to drive them to the polls to make their voices heard.  The message was loud and clear.  Virginians don't want their history and heritage destroyed by violent radicals and are fed up with spineless politicians who pander to their demands.