Friday, October 11, 2019

Third Confederate Battle Flag Raised In Pittsboro, NC After Liberals Vote to Tear Down Confederate Monument

This afternoon, a THIRD Roadside Memorial Battle Flag was raised on a 50' pole on Highway 421 in Chatham County, NC, in response to the August 19 vote by The Chatham County Board of Commissioners to force the removal of the Confederate monument there.

This project, like the first two, was a joint effort by the Virginia Flaggers, ACTBAC NC, Old North State Flaggers, and a group of determined Chatham County residents.
We are thrilled at the reaction and support from local citizens, who are fed up with the attempts by activist liberals to eradicate local history and disrespect their veterans.
We did not ask for this fight, but we are in it for the long haul. We have only just begun. Weekly protests by citizens on the courthouse grounds are growing, and land is already being cleared for flag site #4...

Anyone wishing to contribute to these Chatham County roadside Battle Flag Projects, please mark your contribution for "Pittsboro Flags" and send to:
Virginia Flaggers:
P.O. Box 393
Sutherland VA 23885
Or donate through Paypal here:
All glory to God.
All honor to the Confederate soldier.