Saturday, May 29, 2021

Memorializing our Confederate Dead - A Southern, Christian Tradition


Memorializing our Confederate Dead
Rev. John L. Girardeau, D. D.
Excerpt from the re-interment ceremony
Magnolia Cemetery in
Charleston, South Carolina
Confederate Memorial Day 10 May 1871
We have seen that in the complex constitution of our nature the religious element forms an integral part, and that provision is made for its exercise in the Divinely appointed institute of the Church. In contending against those influences which threaten to sap the foundations of every venerable institution, our slain brethren fought for their altars, as well as for their fire-sides and their political franchises. This is not an extravagant statement.

The spirit of the Christian Religion pervaded the armies of the Confederacy. The vast majority of our soldiers were its nominal adherents, and thousands of them were professors of the faith. Its influence was felt in almost every regiment. In the quiet of camp, during the march and on the eve of battle its sacred services imparted fortitude under hardship and heroic courage for the day of conflict. From the Commander-in-chief to the humblest private in the ranks a reverent respect was paid to its ministers and its ordinances.

We have seen Robert E. Lee, unattended by even a sergeant, go afoot through the mire to the soldiers’ gathering for worship, and sitting in the midst of them devoutly listen with them to the preaching of God’s Word, and mingle his prayers and praises with theirs. (Thomas J. “Stonewall”) Jackson was proverbially a man of prayer. He led his fiery and resistless columns into the tempest of battle with hand uplifted to heaven in token of dependence on God, and supplication for His blessing. It deserves to be mentioned that that great soldier before the breaking out of hostilities taught a humble Sabbath-School at Lexington, the pupils of which when his remains were taken there for burial followed them with every mark of affection to their last, quiet resting-place. I desire to record it, amidst the affecting solemnities of this funereal occasion, that during an extended experience as chaplain I never encountered a sick, wounded or dying Southern soldier who rejected the Christian faith, or treated its proffered consolations with contempt.

Let us then accept from them as in some sort martyrs for religion as well as for liberty the solemn obligation to maintain the Christianity which sustained them amid the privations of a soldier’s life and the anguish of a soldier’s death. Deo Vinidice

Special thanks to Dr. Ron Romburg for sharing this with us on this Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Another Massive Battle Flag Rises in Virginia As Southerners Commemorate Confederate History and Heritage Month Across the South


The Va Flaggers and the 10th Platoon, 2nd Btn, Co A Va SCV MC raised and dedicated the Rockbridge County Soldiers Roadside Memorial Battle Flag at Goshen last month, in a private ceremony on private property. About 100 faithful Confederate heritage supporters gathered to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Virginia’s secession, commemorate Confederate History and Heritage month, and dedicate the 12’x18’ Confederate Battle flag on a 40’ pole to the Glory of God and in honor and memory of Rockbridge County’s Confederate Veterans. 

Many thanks to all who helped make it happen, and all of those who gave of their time and talents to make the ceremony so meaningful and special.  
This is the 34th Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised by the Va Flaggers since the fall of 2013 and the second raised this year, thanks to the generous support of thousands of citizens, many of whom are fed up with the relentless and vicious attacks on our history, heritage, and the men who fought to defend the South. 
To assist with our Interstate Battle Flags and ongoing Heritage Defense projects, please make checks payable
“The Virginia Flaggers” and mail to:
P.O. Box 1427, Amherst, VA 24521
Or contribute through PayPal, here:

God bless the men who wore the gray from Rockbridge County, God bless you all, and GOD SAVE THE SOUTH! 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

While the Left Continues Their Assault on America's History and Heritage, Another Battle Flag Quietly Rises in Virginia


The Rt.360 Charlotte Defenders Roadside Memorial Battle Flag was raised Saturday, April 3rd, in a private ceremony to the glory of God, in memory of all Confederate soldiers, and in honor of all of the men of Charlotte County who fought in the War Between the States! 
This was a joint project with the Charlotte County Grays, SCV Camp #1964, who will serve as Guardians of the Flags for the site moving forward. Thank you, gentlemen, for your hard work and dedication in getting this project completed. 
This is the 33rd Roadside Memorial Battle Flag the Va Flaggers have raised across the Commonwealth since September of 2013, thanks to the hard work and commitment of hundreds of volunteers, and the generosity of our supporters. 
All glory to God. All honor to the Confederate soldier. 
To assist with our Interstate Battle Flags and ongoing Heritage Defense projects, please make checks payable
“The Virginia Flaggers” and mail to:
P.O. Box 1427, Amherst, VA 24521
Or contribute through PayPal, here:


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Richmond Judge Rules LEE Monument Will STAY Until Lawsuit Appeal Is Heard


Photo:  Monument Avenue a few days ago.  The beauty of the trees and fog hides most of the hate shown in the Capital of the Confederacy over the past few months.  The general rides high above the filth!


A mixed bag out of Richmond today:

Bad news: A Richmond Circuit court judge dismissed the case filed by Monument Avenue residents to stop Governor Northam from tearing down the magnificent Robert E Lee memorial on Monument Avenue.

GOOD NEWS: The same judge ordered that the injunction preventing Northam from touching the monuments stays in place until the appeal, which won’t be heard until NEXT YEAR!!


God bless all those who had the courage to bring this lawsuit and the attorneys who bravely represented them in court. 
Be of good courage, Virginians. God WILL vindicate.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cooter's Place Web Host Demands Removal of Battle Flag Items



Most of you are well aware that Ben "Cooter" Jones is a descendant of Confederate Veterans, and a fierce defender of our history and heritage, something very rare among celebrities today.  You might not know that he and Ms. Alma are also dear friends and steadfast supporters of the Virginia Flaggers.

When we heard yesterday that he was having trouble with his stores' website, we contacted him immediately to offer our assistance, and true to form, by the end of the conversation, he wound up boosting my spirits and encouraging me, instead of the other way around. :)

Please take a look at the video message from Ben below, followed by his latest correspondence.  By the end of the weekend, all Confederate flag merchandise will be removed from his website.  PLEASE KNOW that this is TEMPORARY while his folks work to move to a new platform.

In the meantime, we are asking our supporters to go to the site and order something BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEKEND to show Ben how much we appreciate EVERYTHING he does for our Cause, AND to help pay for the transition to the new site, which will be costly. 

PLEASE take a moment to visit the website here...

or give them a call and place your order over the phone...



(615) 872-8358

Message from Ben Jones AKA "Cooter"


Hey Y'all,

My daddy used to tell me, "Don't put your business in the street..." He was an old-school railroad man. He mostly kept his opinions to himself, and he had a traditional sense of what should be private. 

But in show business and in politics, two careers I've had in which I'd like to think I have been reasonably successful, what you do and think becomes public, and even the things that should be private have a way of "getting out there."

So as much as I like to keep my business "close to the vest" we have suddenly found ourselves in a position in which I must speak out and also ask for the support of our friends and fans. For the last few years, our online business has been handled by a company called "Shopify", which is based up in Canada. Its a big internet outfit and works in many countries. But like so much business in the digital age, it does not have a personal touch.

Out of nowhere, totally unexpected, an unsigned e-mail arrived from Shopify which informed us that we were in violation of their "hateful content" policy, and if we didn't remove everything with the Confederate Battle Flag on it within 10 days, they were going to pull the plug on our business, basically putting our internet shop out of business. 

You can probably guess what my response is. We have a really distinguished attorney, a man of character and intellect. He is dealing with that aspect of it, letting them know that this is a punitive action on their part and an unexpected body blow to our company. We will be pursuing this as a legal matter, while at the same time telling "Shopify" to "fold it four ways, tie a ribbon around it, and put it where the moon don't shine!" That is nicest way I can put it.

For we are Christian people. The Flag is a Christian Cross, the Crucifixion Cross of St. Andrew, who was thought to be Christ's first Disciple. It is a symbol which has been used for 2,000 years in his honor and memory.  We honor the spirit and sacrifice of all of the South's people, and I share the blood of my African brothers and sisters. The Dukes of Hazzard has a huge African-American following, and that audience has enjoyed the sweet nature and good fun of our show as much as anyone in the 40+ nations where our show has been seen, for over 40 years now.

As one who was deeply involved in the Civil RIghts Movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and as one who is descended from a slave, and as one who personally knows and cares about hundreds of our African/American fans, I am offended close to the point of rage at this latest example of narrow minded sanctimony and political correctness. It is dividing our nation on a daily basis. It is wrong, and the people behind it are wrong.

So we are transferring everything to another internet web host. But that is an enormous job and will take some time. In the meanwhile, we've put all our merchandise with images of our beloved flag on sale. The sale will last through Monday, Oct. 12th. By then we'll say goodbye to Shopify.

The truly intolerant and narrow minded bigots are those who have no idea about the good hearts and the undying love of those of us who side with Uncle Jesse rather than George Soros. What kind of people would we be if we just caved to these self-righteous and narrow minded people?

Unlike these boneheads, we understand our culture, our heritage, and the great and colorblind television show that has made millions of friends around the world, who understand that our show is about people looking out for one another, regardless of their color or age or politics or whether or not they are poor or are millionaires. Hazzard Nation is a loving bunch of people who are not impressed by the latest political idiocy. 

Hang in there,
Ben Jones aka "Cooter"

Now, here is how Shopify defines "Hateful Content".

Hateful content: You may not use the Services to promote or condone hate or violence against people based on race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, veteran status or other forms of discriminatory intolerance. You may not use the Services to promote or support organizations, platforms or people that: (i) promote or condone such hate; or (ii) threaten or condone violence to further a cause.

Does that sound like us to you?? Seems to me that we do is the opposite of "hateful content".

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Confederate Air Force Flies High in Richmond


Earlier this afternoon, The Virginia Flaggers sponsored a banner plane that flew for several hours over the NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway and portions of downtown RichmondThe promotion, code named “Confederate Air Force”, featured a large Confederate Battle Flag and the message “STILL THE CSA CAPITAL”, and served to remind Mayor Stoney, Governor Northam, and their extreme leftist Democrat friends in the Virginia legislature, that no matter how many graves they desecrate, monuments and memorials they destroy, or street or school names they erase, it does not change the fact that Richmond was, and always will be world renown as the “The Capital of the Confederacy”. 

Recent polls confirm that the majority of the citizens of the Commonwealth overwhelmingly OPPOSE Virginia democrats’ hate-filled, violent destruction of our history and heritage, and this plane sent the message loud and clear that those of us who understand the true history of the South, and understand the honor and valor of the citizen-soldier who answered the call to defend hearth and home against invasion,  will continue to do our duty to remember their courage and sacrifice.

Once known as the “Grandest Avenue in the South” and celebrated as one of Richmond’s top tourism draws, Monument Avenue now resembles a desolate war zone after months of riots and violent protests, encouraged and celebrated by Virginia democrats. Historic art has been destroyed and vandalized, with vulgar profanity and anti-law enforcement messages painted on public and private property, and left on full display by city officials.  When this campaign of terror and destruction finally ends, and even if they manage to destroy every Veterans’ memorial in the Commonwealth in the process, one thing is certain, the names of Lee and Jackson, and the men who bravely fought under their command, will be spoken with reverence and honor by true Virginians long after those who are attempting to tarnish their memory are gone and forgotten. 

“The vandals of Monument Avenue do not diminish these men; that is not within their power.  They merely diminish themselves, which is entirely within their power.”  ~ H.V. Traywick, Jr.  

The Virginia Flaggers is a Richmond-based, grass roots organization of citizens of the Commonwealth who stand AGAINST those who would desecrate our Confederate monuments and memorials, and FOR our Confederate veterans.  We are committed to preserving the true history of the Commonwealth and appreciate the outpouring of support in the past few months from outraged citizens, determined to help end the campaign of terror that is being waged against our Confederate dead.  We stand by our pledge to raise new Memorial Battle Flags and War Memorials for every one removed, destroyed, or desecrated.   

Friday, July 24, 2020

Virginia Taliban Removes Confederate Memorials and Artifacts from Old House Chamber Museum Under Cover of Darkness

Under cover of darkness, and against the wishes of the majority of Virginia's citizens, House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, oordered the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the state Capitol Thursday along with busts and artifacts representing eight men who served in the Confederacy. The statuary removed Thursday night was located in the Old House Chamber, a room where delegates met before the building was expanded, which is now used as a museum and for historical tours, ironically, exactly where these leftists typically say our Confederate memorials belong. 
The Virginia Democrat Taliban continues its work. Remember how they said statues and artifacts belonged in a museum?  Apparently not.   The statues were in a museum called the OLD House Chamber where the events of the War Between the States era actually occurred and where the legislature of the Confederacy actually met are now removed.
Virginia has a unique and remarkable history.... and we exist now on the same spot where it all unfolded. NOT commemorating that history and the people who were legendary leaders 150 years ago is anti-intellectual and anti-American.
Last night’s secret removal is shameful.
Remember it was Democrats who acted like the Taliban.  Remember and support only those who will replace everything removed once we regain control of the Commonwealth. 
Filler-Corn’s office sclaims the state constitution and the rules of the House gave her the authority to make changes to the space, including by removing artifacts.

Filler-Corn was born in New York, and raised in New Jersey
She announced that she formed a “Speaker’s Advisory Group on State Capitol Artifacts” to advise her on what to do with the removed memorials and possible further actions. She appointed Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond, to oversee the group.
“The artifacts at the Capitol are a painful reminder of the deep-rooted wounds of slavery and 401 years of oppression,” McQuinn said in a statement. “These Confederate artifacts are constant reminders of individuals who had no intentions of guaranteeing justice, equality and equity for all. I am proud of Speaker Filler-Corn for taking this action to not only remove these hateful symbols, but also create a process to make sure our State Capitol reflects our ideals.”
In a statement, Minority Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, criticized the statue’s removal:
“The Speaker’s statement reaffirming her commitment to telling the whole history of the Commonwealth is perplexing, given the fact that that the Lee statute in the old House chamber literally marks the spot where Lee accepted his general’s commission, setting off some of the most historic and tragic events in our nation’s history. Unlike the Lee monument on Monument Avenue, this statue is a historical marker. Another historical reality is that the Capitol building itself served as the Confederate Capitol, a fact that should no doubt force the Speaker’s new Advisory Group to recommend that it be razed to the ground.”

This is heartbreaking, to say the least, but certainly doesn't come as a surprise to any of us who have watched the Democrats and their EVIL, vindictive actions since they gained control of our legislature in November.

We understand, like few others, that all of this destruction and desecration is because 150+ years later, liberal Democrats are still terrified of the Confederacy and what we stood for...and they know full well it had NOTHING to do with slavery or race.

It was the last time Godly men of honor and valor had the courage to stand against evil tyranny...and THAT scares them to death.