Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Judge Rules Against Family of General A.P. Hill in Lawsuit to Stop Grave Desecration


A. P. Hill Monument, Richmond, Virginia Photo Courtesy Judy Smith Photography
A judge has ruled in favor of the city of Richmond in a lawsuit concerning the A.P. Hill statue, potentially clearing the way for the removal of the 130-year-old monument.

In his ruling, Judge David Eugene Cheek Sr. said city officials and not Hill’s descendants get to decide where the statue goes next. While the city wants to give it to the Black History Museum, the descendants wanted it placed in another location.

The plaintiffs still have the opportunity to appeal, and the statue likely won’t be taken down immediately.  While we await the plaintiffs' decision as to the possibility of an appeal, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to S. Braxton Puryear, Esq. and the Hill family for their valiant fight to date on behalf of the general.  

We released the following statement in response to a media request:

The Virginia Flaggers are disgusted, but certainly not surprised that a judge has refused to block the city's plan to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by digging up the remains of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life on the field of battle.  By refusing the family's reasonable request to move the memorial and his remains to a cemetery of their choosing, and pushing forward with plans to turn them over to the Black History Museum, Stoney is proving what most of us have long known:  that his rabid and illegal cultural cleansing has nothing to do with "unity and inclusion" but is in fact designed to do everything possible to further divide the community by willfully discriminating against a large portion of the population, solely based on hate for a culture and heritage that is different than his own.

Despite the fact that poll after poll has shown that the majority of the citizens of the Commonwealth oppose the destruction of historical memorials, democrats seem hell bent on eliminating any trace of the city’s rich history and heritage, in an attempt to appease the small, but howling mob of “social justice” terrorists who demand their removal, and Republicans, who were swept into office last fall on the heels of the riots and monument destruction, have also been complicit by their silence and inaction.  

We are reminded of a quote by Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes...”live asses  will kick at dead lions.”  That certainly appears to be the case in the once great Capital city.

Monday, September 5, 2022

"All Glory to God, All Honor to our Confederate Ancestors": Virginia Flaggers Celebrate Anniversary, Thanking God, Supporters, and Volunteers


Eleven years ago today, a group of Confederates who barely knew each other got together and decided to take a stand at the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond, Virginia.
None of them could have had any idea what the next eleven years would bring, but God knew, and they believe He was preparing their hearts and hands for what lay ahead. On their 11th anniversary, they pause to thank each and every person whose prayers and support have carried them to this point, and look to the future with renewed determination and a fresh commitment to STAND, FIGHT, and NEVER BACK DOWN!

"All glory to God. All honor to our Confederate ancestors."
On Labor Day, they want to thank all of those who are working hard today, and all year long to help maintain their 30+ memorial battle flag sites across the Commonwealth. 

Last month, they received word that the rope on the Rt. 60 Jackson Farm Memorial Battle Flag Site in Lexington had broken and the flag was down.  These repairs can be expensive, as a crane is often needed to install a new rope.

 They put out the word that help was needed... and want to give a HUGE
shoutout to the folks at Topless Tree Works who donated their time and equipment to help the Guardian of the Flag replace the broken rope.
The flag is back up and flying high!
Va Flaggers' Guardians of the Flags in Danville were also busy last month, changing out flags at a half dozen of their Roadside Memorial Battle Flag sites in and around Danville!
The Virginia Flaggers are truly grateful for all of those who give of their time and resources to help keep fresh flags flying and the grounds maintained at these and all of their sites around the Commonwealth, AND to all of those whose generous support and continued prayers make it all possible.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Despite Red Sweep, Democrats Continue Memorial Destruction March


Communists in Farmville, Virginia are at it again today, removing the base of the Confederate Soldiers' Memorial. They were quick to tear it down when Democrats struck down decades old Virginia law protecting all war memorials to allow the desecration and destruction of whatever memorial they decide “offends” them on a particular day. 
Democrats are the cause of all this. Republicans can stop it. 
Contact the Governor today and tell him to act now to stop the desecration and destruction of war memorials.

Friday, March 4, 2022

CSA Flag Day Commemorated Today Across the South

On this date in 1861, the First National Confederate Flag "Stars and Bars" was adopted by the Flag and Seal committee of the Confederate government.
Also on this date in 1865, the Third National Flag, "The Blood Dipped Banner" was adopted by the Confederate Congress as the last official national flag of the Confederacy. 
To commemorate this day, ceremonies and events will be held across the South today, and through the weekend. 

The Virginia Flaggers encourage all to celebrate CSA Flag Day by flying your favorite Confederate Flag, in honor and memory of our Confederate heroes.


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

As Virginia Democrats Continue Destroying Memorials, One Group Announces Plans to Rebuild Massive RE LEE Monument


Charlottesville City Council has voted 4-0 to ignore offers by dozens of groups and localities to purchase the magnificent equestrian statues for display at other locations, and give the Lee, Jackson, and Lewis & Clark statues to a radical racial group who has detailed plans to melt them down into trinkets. 
Must be nice to have this type of cultural arrogance without concern of blow back from preservationists.

This comes as no surprise to any of us who have any dealings with the communist republic of Charlottesville.  These people hate us.  We knew full well that none of us had a chance to obtain the statues, and will continue our complete and total boycott of that once great and beautiful city. 

Meanwhile, Governor Northam has announced that he will illegally give the deed to LEE Circle over to the City of Richmond, after removing the LEE monument base, all of which will be completed before he leaves office in January.  Work began yesterday. 

The NBC affiliate in Richmond reached out to us and actually used a great part of our quote on air, and the entire statement in their written report:

Our statement:
“We are certainly not surprised to hear of the governor’s plan to illegally break the deed to the LEE circle property, destroy the remaining LEE monument base, and hand over the property to Mayor Stoney. Property owners across America should be alarmed that the state can actually disregard the legal and binding terms of a 100+ year old deed, just to appease the whims of a few ignorant and hateful activists.
Despite recent and repeated polls that show the overwhelming majority of Virginia’s citizens are opposed to monument destruction, and a total of NINE referendums across the Commonwealth during the past two elections, in which citizens overwhelmingly voted to keep memorials standing, Northam continues to bend over backwards to ignore the will of the people and please the extremists and haters among his own party. He appears to be racing to finish the destruction and give away the property to the city to ensure that the memorial will not be rebuilt when his party is ushered out of power next month.
Northam’s divisive and spiteful actions confirm that the carpetbaggers, scalawags, and their woke “social justice” rioters who are now in charge, are afraid Old Virginia won’t stay Reconstructed as long as General Lee is still around. It says something about our Confederate heroes that more than 150 years after the war ended, the honor, courage, and Godly character of men who stood up to the evil of tyranny, still scares the daylights out of them.
While they may remove granite, marble, stone and bronze, we are inspired and encouraged by the fact that the name of Robert E. Lee will be spoken with reverence and honor by true Virginians long after those behind the destruction and desecration are long gone and forgotten. Our work, as the living descendants of these gallant veterans is far from over. We will continue to do our duty…to ensure they are remembered and honored as we see fit, starting with new Memorial Battle Flag sites in addition to the 35 now existing across the Commonwealth.”

Obviously, the leftists are scrambling to complete their destruction before being ushered out of office in January.  

Meanwhile, we are pleased to support the efforts of the Gordonsville Grays SCV Camp #2301 in their "LEE RIDES AGAIN" campaign to raise a full scale replica of the LEE monument!
This campaign is in the very early stages but we have reviewed their plans and are confident in their ability to make it happen and will be lending them our full support and assistance, including help to find a suitable location, the first step in the process.

Make checks payable to Gordonsville Grays, note "Lee Monument" in the memo line, and mail to PO Box 204, Gordonsville, VA 22942.

Donations may also be made via PayPal to OR

We encourage you to get behind this effort and send them a gift to help get the project off the ground.  Look for more details to follow soon. 

"Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer."  Romans 12:12

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Yes Virginia, Monuments DO Matter - The Elephant in the Polling Booth



Three Virginia localities had monument relocation/removal referendums on their ballot yesterday.  In all three localities, the citizens sent a strong clear message that they do not want their memorials removed.  Each locality  voted overwhelmingly AGAINST monument removal. 
In Mathews County, the mandate was a landslide 80% AGAINST removing the Confederate Memorial located at the historic courthouse there. This after a valiant and courageous effort by the Lane-Armistead Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #1772 to inform and mobilize local citizens.   

In addition, Governor Northam’s pals from his monument destroying administration have all been defeated, with the Democratic candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General losing to Republicans, and Republicans have even taken back the Virginia House of Delegates with a new majority.  

This after Northam and Virginia’s AG Mark Herring posed for the national media gloating and bragging about destroying the magnificent Lee monument in Richmond, just weeks before Herring was up for re-election. 
It turns out that was a big mistake

While polls for the past several years have consistently shown that the majority of the Citizens of Virginia oppose monument removal, radical democrats chose to ignore the will of the people and began their monument demolition almost as soon as they gained power.  Yesterday’s election results prove that images of the burned out and vandalized remnants of the once beautiful Monument Avenue, destroyed with the approval, encouragement, and even under the direction of city and state democrats, served as a wake-up call to Conservatives in Virginia and helped to drive them to the polls to make their voices heard.  The message was loud and clear.  Virginians don't want their history and heritage destroyed by violent radicals and are fed up with spineless politicians who pander to their demands.   

Monday, September 20, 2021

While Democrats Continue Their War on Confederate Memorials, One Group Is Busy Raising New Ones Across Virginia

On Sunday afternoon, September 19th, The Virginia Flaggers hoisted a 12’x12’ ANV Battle Flag on a 50’ pole at the Va Flaggers Halifax County Rt 58 28th Va Cavalry Memorial Roadside Battle Flag site,  and dedicated the brand new flag and site to the glory of God and to the memory and honor of the men of the 28th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.
The Virginia Flaggers made a promise last year to raise a Memorial Battle Flag in every locality in Virginia, and are busy making good on that pledge.  This is the 35th roadside memorial battle flag installed and raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013, just in time to celebrate their TEN YEAR anniversary. 
To assist with our Roadside Memorial Battle Flags and ongoing Heritage Defense projects, please make checks payable to
“The Virginia Flaggers” and mail to:
P.O. Box 1427, Amherst, VA 24521