Friday, August 31, 2018

Va Flaggers Hire Private Security to Help Protect Monuments in Charlottesville and Richmond


Earlier this week, we announced that we had contracted with private security to help protect the Lee & Jackson monuments in Charlottesville this weekend and asked for sponsors to help cover the costs.

The Neo-Marxists who were behind the riot and monument destruction at UNC have been linked to the monument destruction in Durham, and Antifa-led riots in Charlottesville. Their goal is to use their “success” in North Carolina to encourage and teach others to do the same across the South.

Because of their strong ties to Charlottesville, the move-in of UVA students this week, and the upcoming holiday weekend, we decided to provide extra security for the Charlottesville monuments this weekend.

We have no confidence in a City Council who made its disregard for the laws of the Commonwealth and its disrespect for our history and heritage perfectly clear when they voted to violate state law and attempt to remove the monuments. City Council members are on record as supporting those who organized the riots, violence, and destruction in North Carolina, and would no doubt welcome and encourage the same in Charlottesville.

We are not going to sit by and let that happen.

The response to our request was overwhelming. When we realized that this week was also move in for VCU in Richmond, and that there were many events planned by local radicals for the August 30 anniversary of Gabriel's Prosser's failed Rebellion, on top of the increased vandalism in the days since the violence at UNC that led to the destruction of the student memorial there, we decided to hire security for the Richmond monuments, as well.

It will also give our Monument Guards in Richmond a break this weekend, some of whom have been out overnight continuously for the past two weeks.

The private companies will supply experienced security guards to patrol the Lee & Jackson monuments in Charlottesville, and the dozen or so monuments we protect in Richmond. We have coordinated our plans with local law enforcement in both cities, and our Monument Guards will work in tandem with them in both locations. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Honoring Silent Sam - When Good Men Are Pushed Too Far

Over the weekend, you may have heard news reports that read something like “Protestor Waving Confederate Battle Flag Arrested After Assaulting UNC Counter Protestor ”.

As Paul Harvey would say, here’s the “rest of the story”…

Barry Brown woke up Saturday morning and decided to make his way to Chapel Hill, NC to lay flowers at the base of the Silent Sam memorial at UNC.  Since the violent riot a week ago in which radical students tore down the Silent Sam statue from its base, many citizens have made the same pilgrimage, leaving flowers at the base as a tribute to the 1,062 UNC students, faculty, and alumni who served in the War Between the States.

Upon arrival, he was met by a small, but vicious crowd of students, holding signs that read “Y’ALL AIN’T WELCOME “ and other hate-filled slogans.  They carried bull horns and were surrounding anyone who came in support of Silent Sam, invading their space and shouting obscenities in their faces.

These are some of the chants that were being shouted, and were captured on video…




Determined to not be dissuaded by the aggressive mob of neo-marxists, Mr. Brown proceeded to venture through the crowd to place the floral tribute at the memorial.  His way was blocked continually, and as he tried to maneuver through, someone in the crowd grabbed his flag pole, while another student protestor, who had been blocking his path, attempted to snatch the floral tribute out of his hands, all while local law enforcement stood nearby, watching.

When the punk grabbed the flowers, Barry swung his (now free) right arm and landed a punch to his jaw.  Flowers retrieved, Barry quietly walked away with police officers as they stepped in to escort him away. 
During the process of arresting him for assault, the neo-marxists were able to snatch the flowers and made a show of destroying them.

Barry was charged and released and will have his first court appearance on Thursday.  The thugs who grabbed his flag and flowers were not charged.

Let me stop here for just a moment and state, without equivocation, that neither I, nor the Virginia Flaggers in any way condone violence of any sort, in any circumstance.  While this gentleman is not a member of our organization, we have stood with him before in Danville and Lexington and found him to be a good and decent man, and never saw him lose his temper or behave in any way other than that of a gentleman, standing for his heritage.

My point in relaying this story is to suggest that even good men, when pushed to limits of patience and frustrated by the rampant lawlessness and complete lack of decency and respect displayed by these violent mobs, are going to be compelled to strike back when an attempt is made to take something out of their hands or impede their attempt to pay respects at a memorial.  We all watched Monday night as the police stepped back and “monitored” the rioters while they tore down the Silent Sam statue right in front of them, without stopping them or even detaining a single one of the criminals after they violated state and federal laws.

There needs to be a clear message sent to University officials, law enforcement, and city leaders:  Get your children under control…or there will be more incidents like this one, where discipline is delivered at the hands of strangers, because it has never been applied at home, nor received from the University which they are privileged to attend. 
In the meantime, #Flowers4Sam is picking up steam…

These beautiful flowers were placed today in memory of Captain James J. Cherry, UNC class of 62, and captain of the Roanoke Minute Men, Co A, 14th NC.

Killed at Chancellorsville in 63.
Special thanks to Adjutant Jim Ward, B.Gen. W.W. Kirkland Camp SCV , Chapel Hill, for coordinating the ground logistics.

If you would like to arrange for a tribute to be placed, please contact Jim at and send us photos of the tribute so we can share and inspire others!
"God has not called us to be nice. Rather, he has called us to be good. Here’s the difference: nice people never confront evil. Good people do. Nice people are weak. Good people are strong."

#NeverForget #WeAreSilentSam

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Remembering Silent Sam Until He Is Restored - Citizens Leave Flowers As Remembrance

Some folks are wondering what they can do RIGHT NOW about Silent Sam. On top of contacting university officials, law enforcement, and elected officials, here’s something else ANYONE can do.
If you are in the vicinity, pick up a small bouquet of flowers or even a single stem and take it and leave it at the base. Yes, it may disappear soon, but so what? For however long it remains, it will be a reminder that there are those who still remember those 1800+ students and aren’t going to forget their courage and sacrifice, no matter what.
The statue may be gone temporarily but the monument remains, and is still a beautiful memorial in its own right.
I’ve been to this monument. It is easy to access from the sidewalk. PLEASE let’s get this going. Take a photo when you leave your flowers, and share it with us...and share this post to encourage others to do the same.
#WeAreSilentSam #NeverForget 

I made this post on social media yesterday and today I was delighted to get a message from our friends at ActbacNC that they were on their way to leave some flowers...
Many thanks to our friends at ActbacNC for laying flowers at the Silent Sam memorial today. ❤️  They told us that as they were leaving, they looked back and a young man was kneeling by flowers at the memorial with his head bowed, praying.  Let's continue to encourage those who are bullied and harassed into silence. . #IAmSilentSam #ShameOnUNC

We also want to share a WONDERFUL article from our friend Ben "Cooter" Jones, entitled "Silent Sam and Me".  We encourage you to read and share... 

Giant Confederate Flag on I-64 Near Charlottesville Flying High As Flaggers Appeal Zoning Board Decision

Our guardians of the flag were busy over the weekend, switching out the flag at the Charlottesville I-64 Spirit of Defiance Memorial Battle Flag Site. While the 30’ x 50’ Flag was undergoing major repairs, a 20’ x 30’ was temporarily raised in its place. 

Today, the original 30’ x 50’ flag is back up and waving proudly. 

Many of you have asked about her, hearing the press reports that the flag was coming down. 

She’s not. 

Last  week our attorney filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and Declaratory Judgment with the Circuit Court of Louisa County, after the Louisa County Board of Zoning Appeals narrowly voted to deny our appeal of the Louisa County Zoning Board’s determination that the flag violated their zoning laws. 

This is not our first rodeo. We did our homework and believe we should not be in violation, and have the evidence to prove it. We believe that Louisa County officials expected we would not go to the trouble and/or be able to afford the high cost of legal fees for these appeals. 

They have underestimated us. Thank you to each and every one whose generous support has helped us to be able to continue this fight. 

In the meantime, the flag will continue to fly, to the Glory of God, in honor and memory of our Confederate Dead, and as a reminder to Charlottesville City Council that we do not take their illegal and immoral attempts to tear down our war memorials lightly. 

To assist with our Interstate Battle Flags and ongoing Heritage Defense projects, please make checks payable to 
“The Virginia Flaggers” and mail to:
P.O. Box 547 Sandston VA 23150

Or contribute through PayPal, here:

A. P. Hill Memorial/Grave Site Vandalized in North Richmond

Just after midnight last night, Richmond Police discovered red paint splashed on the A.P. Hill memorial on Richmond's Northside. This memorial is also the general's final resting place.

Our monument guards, alerted that the Jefferson Davis monument on Monument Avenue was under specific threat, concentrated their efforts on Monument Avenue last night, and were joined by a heavy Richmond and State Police presence.

We can only assume that the vandals were forced away from Monument Avenue by the heavy presence and went looking for another target, less protected. There are dozens of Confederate monuments and memorials throughout the city.


1) Please call the Richmond City Parks and Recreation and let urge them to get the memorial cleaned up as soon as possible. Remind them it is a grave site and deserves to be treated with care and respect. Please call (804) 646-5733 as soon as possible.

2) Volunteer to help! Our Monument Guards have been patrolling around the clock for the past several weeks, but with the violence and lawlessness in Chapel Hill over the weekend, we are going to need more help. Please contact if you can help.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Silent Sam: A Victim of Far Left Extremism, Radicalization, and Ignorance on America's College Camp

What happened at UNC Chapel Hill last night is sickening. This memorial stands in memory of the 1,800 UNC students that were called to service by their State, many of whom lost their lives never returned home to their families. UNC is noteworthy for providing more students to the war than any other university in America. The front of the monument actually depicts a student dropping his textbooks while looking up to a woman symbolizing North Carolina calling him to duty.

Yet the far left would have you believe this is an oppressive monument to white supremacy, as if it is somehow strange or unusual for people to build memorials in memory of their dead loved ones following the bloodiest war in American history.

This just goes to show the very real dangers of the growing far left extremism, radicalization, and ignorance on college campuses across the United States. It doesn't always just result in funny memes and viral videos, but often very serious violence and destruction. Historical artifacts and works of art like this made by famous sculptors in memory of the dead are priceless and irreplaceable, and once gone are gone forever.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Violent Mob Destroys Memorial to UNC's War Dead

Earlier this evening, a mob of radical students fastened a rope to the "Silent Sam" memorial on the grounds of the campus of the University of North Carolina and toppled him from the base, smashing him to the brick pavers below.  Once he was on the ground, they then took hammers and began to chisel away at the statue itself.  All of this was in clear view of law enforcement, who were standing nearby.  Sources on the ground tell us that when they were asked why they did nothing to prevent this violence, they were told they had been ordered to stand down.

This memorial was placed to honor the memory of the UNC students who left school to defend their country and served the Confederacy in the War Between the States. That these criminals were allowed to openly destroy a war memorial is beyond disgraceful and if these folks are not punished and Silent Sam is not restored immediately, this could embolden others to do the same in other localities.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Virginia's Confederate Monuments Still Standing Tall After Weekend of antifa Violence

Over the weekend, we increased our Monument patrols in preparation for expected activity by antifa, black lives matter, and other agitators, expected to use the anniversary of the Charlottesville rally as an excuse for vandalism.

Friday night, we had 8 Monument Guards on duty throughout the night, and several Monument Avenue residents who came out to join us.  The Captiol Police had a heavy presence at the Lee Monument and Monument Guards also reported increased patrols by the Richmond Police at the other monument sites.   
We maintained coverage until dawn both Friday and Saturday nights.  Dawn Sunday morning found all monuments safe and secure. 
Our Monument Guards again reported a heavy police presence and working closely with them, received words of thanks and appreciation from both law enforcement and Monument Avenue Residents.  It was truly a team effort and we cannot say enough about the great job the State Capitol Police and the Richmond Police Department did in providing extra coverage at the monuments all weekend.

I am truly amazed at the dedicated group of people I am blessed to call Va Flaggers. Patrols out  all night on Monument Avenue all weekend, and still checking in at dawn. God bless and keep the #RVAMonumentGuards ! 
Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, we had advised all of our folks to keep their distance from that city and what we knew would be violent demonstrations by the leftists there.  We did have some folks on the ground, giving us information about any possible threats to the monuments there.

Early Saturday morning, we were thrilled to learn that Virginia State Police and National Guard had provided not only fencing barriers around the Lee and Jackson monuments, but had a show of force in personnel stationed at each one.  
As the day progressed, antifa and blm agitators made their presence known.  They began marching through the streets shouting vulgar slogans about wanting to fight "Nazis" and "White Surpremacists".  It appeared that their "Nazi hunt" had, in fact, turned out to be more like a snipe hunt.

When it became obvious that the city was deserted except for the rioters and law enforcement, the mob quickly turned on the officers and journalists.

The main stream media reported "peaceful protests".  What actually happened was something quite the opposite.  We became concerned when we learned the mob was headed to the LEE monument, but the sight that met them warmed our hearts and prevented the mob from carrying out their monument destruction plans.

Approximately 100 Virginia State Troopers, in riot gear, were surrounding the General!

Throughout the weekend, there were a number of arrests and Charlottesville police are currently investigating an attack on a Charlottesville Police Officer and an NBC journalist.

In the end, our folks did a GREAT job staying away from Charlottesville this weekend, and the extremists up there did a GREAT job showing the world their true colors. Marching against non-existent “Nazis”, screaming profanities at law enforcement, and costing taxpayers MILLIONS to babysit them during their violent temper tantrums disguised as “activism”.

As expected, disgraced Charlottesville City Councilman Wes Bellamy was right in the middle of the rioters, as can be seen in this video...
In case there were any questions as to Charlottesville City Council’s intent. This man now runs the city for all intents and purposes. Forced to resign from his teaching position and the state board of education, the folks in Charlottesville excuse and applaud his vile, racist, sexist, and homophobic posts on social media. He and his friends on City Council are directly responsible for everything that happened a year ago and the continued unrest and chaos that consumes the city today.

Newsflash, Wes. The monuments aren’t coming down, and will be standing long after you destroy what once was a beautiful and thriving city and move on to your next “project”.


Friday, August 10, 2018

UVA's Beta Bridge Reclaimed From Antifa In Charlottesville

Earlier this week, the UVA Beta Bridge In Charlottesville was painted over with a message from ANTIFA, the violent leftist organization responsible for riots and attacks against conservatives.  The Beta Bridge is a bridge on campus that is traditionally painted and repainted repeatedly by students.
The message from ANTIFA read “still here, still fighting” and included their communist logo:
Antifa’s threatening message remained for several days, and garnered much media attention and local support, until some folks decided it needed updating.

Late last night, the Southern Avenger and some friends made a trip to Charlottesville and reclaimed the bridge from the antifa thugs.  We are happy to report that the UVA Beta Bridge in Charlottesville is no longer an antifa controlled area.
Proverbs 22:28: “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Richmond’s Lee Monument Looking Better Than Ever Following Weekend Vandalism

We wanted to bring you an update and some good news regarding the vandalism of the RE Lee Monument on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue over the weekend.

Within just a few hours of discovering the desecration Saturday morning, cleaning crews arrived on the scene and began working to remove the red paint. 
By 1:00 pm, clean up was proceeding and our folks on the scene reported that the  paint was coming off nicely. Capitol police reported to us that they had collected evidence and an investigation was underway.
This type of violent criminal activity by monument haters only proves to accentuate the real difference between us and them and helps bring more and more citizens to our side.  Our folks, who remained on the scene, working with Capitol Police and the cleaning crew throughout the day, reported that most citizens who came by expressed disgust and anger at the vandalism. 
By 3:30 pm, less than 10 hours after the vandalism was discovered, crews were putting the finishing touches on the clean up and the result was amazing. 

The columns are now bright and shining like new! Almost makes us want to send a note of appreciation to the vandals. Because of them, the monument got a fresh cleaning and looks better than ever!  
God will vindicate, folks. He’s got this.

CALL TO ACTION:  We urge everyone to call the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services, and THANK them for their excellent response and quick action to clean the monument.  Let them know how much the care and protection of the monument means to you!   Contact:  (804) 786-3560

We are working with law enforcement to establish a reward to help catch and convict the vandals.  Stay tuned for more information.  

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Richmond's Magnificent RE Lee Monument Vandalized Early This Morning

At approximately 7:45 a.m. this morning, one of our monument guards discovered vandalism at the Robert E. Lee monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond.  

Capitol Police were notified and have arrived at the scene.  

We have checked all the other monuments on Monument Avenue and in Hollywood Cemetery and they are all clear.

Captiol Police are telling our folks on the scene that it appears the crime was committed some time around 6:00 a.m., based on their patrol schedule.  

The Lee monument is owned by the Commonwealth Virginia and is under the jurisdiction of State Capitol Police.  

Please call (804)786-2568 and urge them to have the monument cleaned immediately and launch an investigation to catch and prosecute the vandals.

We have Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney to thank for fueling the fires of hate and discord in the Capital of the Confederacy and encouraging this kind of  violent desecration of our memorials by repeating the left's false narratives and lies.  His rigged monument commission wasted taxpayer money and city resources to promote his monument removal agenda, knowing full well that Virginia State law and Richmond's own charter prevent them from being removed or altered.  

We are on the scene in Richmond and will bring you more info as we have it available.