Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Danville Councilman Who Voted to Remove Flag Loses Bid for State Senate


In August of 2015, Danville, Virginia City Councilman Lee Vogler voted with Democrats to force the removal of a Third National Flag from the historical Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, a reversal from previous promises to stand firm for the city's history and heritage.  


Heritage supporters vowed to make sure Vogler would not have a future in Virginia politics, and made good on that promise last night.

After Frank Ruff, the newly re-elected State Senator from Virginia's 9th District announced his retirement for health reasons, Vogler announced his candidacy and asked his supporters to travel to Drakes Branch for a Mass Meeting.  Over 830 citizens registered to vote and they made a clear statement when Vogler was quickly eliminated in the FIRST round, and sent packing.  

The eventual nominee, who was chosen in the fourth round, well after midnight, Tammy Mulchi of Clarksville is an advocate for protecting the Commonwealth's history and heritage.

The strong presence of monument supporters and quick elimination of those who choose to support the WOKE agenda of memorial destruction is reflective of the push-back being seen across the Commonwealth, as fed-up citizens look to do their part to end the left's march of destruction, and call out state Republicans on their silence and inaction in the wake of the continued cultural cleansing. 

More about Mrs. Mulchi and her candidacy  Here