Monday, August 31, 2015

Third National Returns to Danville ... in a BIG Way

On Saturday, at 1:00 p.m., a crowd of 200 gathered at the foot of the Robertson bridge in Danville, on land recently purchased just for the purpose of erecting a Confederate memorial, to raise the THIRD Memorial Battle Flag erected in Danville since City Council voted to remove the Third National Flag from the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

A Confederate Color Guard was on hand, and we were honored to have members of the UDC, SCV, Va SCV Mechanized Cavalry, OCR, ANV Mechanized Cavalry, Southern Virginians for the Flag, and Heritage Preservation Association bring greetings.

Many thanks to Wayne and Pam Jones who drove 5 hours to join us, and be a part of the dedication ceremonies.  Wayne shared his vision for improving communication and cooperation between our heritage groups.

Our good friend Rev. Dr. Herman White gave a powerful keynote address that stirred attendees and challenged us to continue the fight, even when the odds seem overwhelming, right up to the day that Christ calls us home!

The highlight of any flag dedication ceremony is the moment that the flag goes up, and in this case, the crowd that had gathered was especially thrilled when it was revealed, just before it was raised, that the flag to be raised was a THIRD NATIONAL, instead of our usual Battle Flag Memorial.


This decision was made based on the fact that this very prominent location seemed like the perfect spot to raise a replacement flag for the one taken down just a few miles away. Instead of a small, 3x5 flag, tucked away at a museum, there is now a huge flag, flying on a 30' pole, at one of the biggest intersections in Danville.

The second surprise of the day was revealed when attendees were told we were actually going to raise TWO flags that day....and we headed across the river for the SECOND flag dedication of the day!
This site, on the 29 Bypass - Danville Expressway, is another GREAT location, and the memorial flag will be seen by thousands every day.

At this ceremony, the landowner had asked to make some remarks and I was moved to tears when he poured out his heart, shared his testimony, spoke of his deep and abiding love for our Confederate heroes, and spoke of the great cloud of witnesses that were watching and cheering us on that day.

For the second time that afternoon, the crowd cheered as the banner of our fathers was lifted high and secured to fly for all to see for years to come.

This lady lives next door to the 29 Bypass/Danville Expressway site. She came down for the ceremony, and then asked for a shirt.  She told us she would keep an eye on the flag and would not let anyone touch it!

View from the Expressway:

In her remarks, Susan Hathaway mentioned the fact that there had been criticism from some of the Confederate haters in Danville, claiming that those of us who do not live in Danville are "outsiders" and therefore we should "stay out of their business". She assured all those in attendance that as daughters and sons of the South, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy belongs to ALL of us, and that we remain firm in our commitment to stand with our brothers and sisters in Danville and fight along side them until the flag is returned to the Memorial.

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Danville, filled with sunshine, wonderful people, the blessings of Almighty God, and a chance to make a powerful and lasting statement in memory and honor of our Confederate Ancestors.

As we reflect on the HUNDREDS of people whose support and hard work made it all possible, we thank God for each and every person he has placed in our lives to make it a reality, and to help prepare us all...for such a time as this!

The 29 Bypass Memorial Battle Flag is the FOURTH roadside flag raised in Danville in less than a month, and the 11th raised in the Commonwealth by the Virginia Flaggers since September, 2013. Each flag raised is a living, breathing memorial to our Confederate Soldiers and Veterans€¦ and a 24/7 reminder to ALL who see her that there are still those of us with Confederate blood flowing through our veins who will no longer sit idly by while our history , heritage, and the honor of the Confederate soldier is attacked.  Watch the horizon, there are many more to come...

FANTASTIC news coverage/video here:

Va Flaggers

Friday, August 21, 2015

Danville Update: Tim Kaine Visit Canceled in Fear of Confederate Flag Protests

Almost since the moment that the City Council of Danville voted to remove the Third National flag from the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, the citizens of Danville began to push back in a BIG way.

As we reported earlier, we have received dozens of calls from folks looking to install Memorial Battle Flags, financial support from citizens for the projects, and many volunteers on the ground have stepped up to assist. Two flags are already installed and flying, and several more will rise before the end of the month.

Danville Memorial Battle Flag #2 - Westover:

Last week, a lawsuit was filed:

Danville, Virginia: "The filing of the Complaint today should come as no surprise to the City of Danville. My clients have attempted for nearly ten months now to bring a resolution to this matter, only to be broadsided by the City Council's decision to breach its 1994 agreement with the Heritage Preservation Association, and ultimately violate Virginia' laws protecting war memorials. We are disappointed that it has come to litigation, but if that is the only thing the City of Danville understands, then my clients will absolutely protect their and the community's interests in this memorial."

Fred D. Taylor
Counsel for the Plaintiffs

...and a group of Flaggers has formed in Danville who have already held several flag runs and rallies.

When the Danville Flaggers heard that Virginia Senator Tim "Ole Virginny is Dead" Kaine was planning a visit to the local Goodyear Plant with Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders, they made plans to welcome them with a display of flags and protests. When it was determined that there was no public sidewalk available, they organized a flag run, with two rows of cars and flags synchronized to loop continuously in front of the plant. They arrived early for the expected 7:00 a.m arrival.

Within a few hours, it became apparent that Senator Kaine was not going to make an appearance, and that the visit had, in fact, been CANCELLED by Goodyear, "in fear of the Confederate flag protest."

Enjoy the details and a great video here!

According to the article, Kaine "was hoping to talk to them..., greet workers and tour the facility. Goodyear reached out to Kaine on Wednesday and said city of Danville's new ordinance banning the Confederate flag from city owned flag poles may spark a protest outside of the plant during his visit. Kaine said he was disappointed."

Kaine says it is the first time he has ever had an appearance canceled because of a scheduled protest. We hope it won't be the last, and that scalwag and carpetbagger politicians across the South will begin to feel the pressure of cold Southern steel as more and more citizens stand up and speak out.

Dixie is rising...join the fight!
Va Flaggers

Thursday, August 13, 2015

SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Danville, VA

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the raising of Danville, Virginia's SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag, in less than a week since Danville City Council voted to remove the Third National Flag from the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

The Danville Westover Memorial Battle Flag was raised yesterday, on private property leased by the Virginia Flaggers, on what is one of the highest points in the city.  She will fly 24/7, and will be seen by thousands of residents, tourists, and, city officials daily.  

The folks on City Council have effectively traded ONE 3X5 Third National Flag¦ on a monument on the grounds of a museum...for two huge roadside battle flags...SO FAR!

Danville is VERY quickly becoming the Confederate Flag Capital of the Commonwealth... and we are just getting started.

While we were there, we marked the locations for the next THREE flag sites in Danville, and finalized plans for several more. 

If you, or anyone you know, is willing to have a Memorial Battle Flag installed on your property, please contact us at  You provide the suitable roadside footage...we will provide and install the pole and flag.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our landowners and all of our friends in Danville who have assisted us in these endeavors…on the ground and behind the scenes...and for the generous gifts from supporters in Danville and across the country that make it all possible!

Lest we forget, August 6, 2015...

...THEY kicked the anthill...not us!

Va Flaggers

Friday, August 7, 2015

Danville City Council Votes to Desecrate Confederate Memorial

Early in the day on Thursday, we received word that severe storms were expected in Danville around 4:00 p.m., so we made the decision to raise the flag as soon as the pole was set, and canceled the planned 5:00 p.m. ceremony.

This turned out to be a providential decision, as council chambers had already started to fill when we arrived at 4:30.  By 5:30, all seats were taken, and the Fire Marshall began turning people away who wanted to attend.  Over 100 people, most of whom were Confederate supporters, were left to stand outside during the proceedings. 

We knew that the flag we had just raised was in a great spot -- high visibility and located at the main entrance of town -- but imagine our surprise and joy when we arrived and discovered that the flag is visible from City Hall.   This is the view out of the City Manager's window! 

We were the overwhelming majority in council chambers, and most of hose who addressed City Council were opposed to the ordinance that would officially ban ALL flags from city owned flag poles EXCEPT the US Flag, Virginia State Flag, Danville City Flag, and US POW/MIA flag, but was obviously specifically proposed to force the removal of the Third National flag from the Confederate Memorial from the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion. The meeting started promptly at 7:00 and by the time council finished discussing the ordinance, we understood why.  One member of council actually admitted that it really didn't even matter what the citizens thought on the matter, or had to say, because this deal had been brokered in "work sessions" and was already decided.  
We listened as council members called for "peace and unity" following the vote -- no matter what was decided --  when, in actuality, they had already decided to vote to remove the flag. Apparently, even after seeing the fallout that has occurred across the South after similar measures, these men actually still believe that appeasing the demands of these people will lead to "eace and unity."  In fact, if they had been paying attention, they would know that pandering to the PC crowd not only leads to increased unrest and strife, it is NEVER effective, as these folks are NEVER satisfied with whatever it is that is handed to them. Minutes after the vote, SCLC representative Avon Keen, the man who has been complaining about the flag loudly and agitating in Danville for years, made this perfectly clear in his statement when he bragged that this flag was just "one of the dominoes which had to fall," and that their "battle has not concluded."

I often speak of the fact that there are very few elected officials left with any kind of backbone ANYWHERE in the South. Last night, we found two of them in Danville, VA. These men stood up to the bully politics that apparently caused others to cave and turn their backs on their history, their heritage, and the citizens of Danville who elected them. They fought to the end, knowing full well their stand would be unpopular with their colleagues and the militant leftists pushing the agenda of Confederate Cleansing. God bless councilmen Buddy Rawley and Fred Shanks. PLEASE take a moment to thank them for their support and courageous stand!

After the vote, Representative Shanks asked the Mayor if the flag was going to be removed "as discussed" in the closed work sessions.  Mayor Saunders seemed highly agitated, and claimed that he knew nothing about the removal and refused to answer the question.

In fact, the bucket truck was already on site, waiting for the official result which was already decided long before the roll vote was called, and the flag was cut down, the monument desecrated, and the honor of our ancestors SPAT UPON by order of City Council within minutes of the vote.  Apparently, Mayor Saunders expected us to believe that those police officers acted on their own volition, and that council had no idea it was going to happen.

As to the turncoats who decided to vote for this ordinance, after pledging to support Confederate history and heritage in Danville, we are left only to wonder what they were promised for their vote --¦and if it was worth selling their soul.

While it was painful to sit and watch the proceedings, and more hurtful than I can describe to ride down to the Sutherlin Mansion afterwards and find the empty pole, those of us who have been engaged in this war that is raging in Danville are far from discouraged. 

Yesterday, we raised the first Roadside Memorial Battle Flag in Danville, Va. 

The actions of the City Council, in fact, served to trade one 3x5 Third National, tucked away in a quiet part of town, for ONE (so far) massive battle flag in a prominent location on a major highway.  If this was the ONLY thing accomplished yesterday, we would have plenty to celebrate, but there is much, much more.

*A lawsuit has already been prepared and will be filed immediately, challenging the flag removal, which obviously violates State Law.

*A 501C4 has been formed for the express purpose of making sure the turncoats on Danville City Council who voted for this ordinance are not re-elected next spring.

*The Confederate Memorial Association in Danville has been re-activated, and will be organizing to further pursue historical, legal and legislative action.

*The Va Flaggers have over ½ dozen flag sites in Danville already under construction, with new calls coming in every day from landowners wanting to install flags in response to this action.

*Efforts to purchase the Sutherlin Mansion and return it to private hands that will best honor and protect it will be stepped up, with new offers coming in the next few weeks.

And in the aftermath...sweet irony.  The ordinance that was designed to remove the flag at Sutherlin Mansion...

...also brought down the national flags from the display of flags of countries doing business in Danville...

I wonder if we can talk to city officials about taking these poles off of their hands, now that they are no longer needed?  We will put them to very good use! ;)

As it has in communities across the South, this unnecessary and divisive action by the Danville City Council has served to "awaken the sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."  We are not only confident that the flag WILL be returned to its rightful place at Sutherlin Mansion, but believe that the end result will be that Danville will be even more Confederate than ever before.

This flag installed yesterday is the first of several scheduled for installation in Danville, and the eighth Roadside Memorial Battle Flag installed in the Commonwealth of Virginia by the Virginia Flaggers since the fall of 2013, made possible by generous gifts and support from folks across the country.  We would like to especially thank the many UDC, SCV, OCR, Mechanized Cavalry, and private citizens in Danville who have stepped up to help us with the flag projects, and with whom we have worked closely and successfully over these past months in Danville.

"For every flag removed, a thousand more will rise to take its place"

Va Flaggers

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ANOTHER Victory! Confederate Monument to Stay in Statesboro, GA

While the mainstream media, race baiters, and agitators would have us believe that the millions of descendants of the Confederate Army have decided to quietly acquiesce to their demands to cleanse our history and heritage from this country, and are content to sit back and watch as our monuments, memorials and flags are removed... the truth is that the recent actions that began with the SC legislature, and continued to snowball across the nation, have served to have quite the opposite effect.

Confederate flags are sold out at retailers, flags are being flown where they never were before, rides and rallies are INCREASING in number and attendance each week...and we continue to hear news like this, out of Statesboro, GA...
I received this message from Mike Sorrell last night:

"Our battle to save our monument in Statesboro Ga has been won. The County Commission voted unanimously to leave our monument as is. Those wanting it to stay was running 7 to one on all polls. The Sons of Confederate Veterans would like to thank the commission for supporting our Southern heritage over outsiders, as well as members of both 5th and 6th brigades for their support. Michael A. Sorrell, Past Commander, present Judge Advocate,Ogeechee Rifles 941."

A UNANIMOUS vote by the county commission to leave the Confederate monument alone! 

"Significant opposition" by the SCV and UDC is cited in this victory!  The three meetings regarding this issue were PACKED with Confederate supporters, who showed up to stand up and be counted.

The determination and resolve with which these men and women met the opposition in Statesboro reminds me of the words of Virginia Governor Letcher, in response to Cameron's call for Virginia to supply troops to raise arms against our Southern brothers:"You have chosen to inaugurate civil war, and having done so, we will meet it in a spirit as determined as the Administration has exhibited towards the South."

It is time for all of us to take our stand...and meet the opposition with  MORE determination than they have exhibited in their efforts to destroy our history and heritage and dishonor our Confederate veterans.

*Photo courtesy of Connie Chastain
Congratulations to all who had a part in this victory in Statesboro!
God bless the boys from Georgia...and GOD SAVE THE SOUTH!

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers