Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Judge Rules Against Family of General A.P. Hill in Lawsuit to Stop Grave Desecration


A. P. Hill Monument, Richmond, Virginia Photo Courtesy Judy Smith Photography
A judge has ruled in favor of the city of Richmond in a lawsuit concerning the A.P. Hill statue, potentially clearing the way for the removal of the 130-year-old monument.

In his ruling, Judge David Eugene Cheek Sr. said city officials and not Hill’s descendants get to decide where the statue goes next. While the city wants to give it to the Black History Museum, the descendants wanted it placed in another location.

The plaintiffs still have the opportunity to appeal, and the statue likely won’t be taken down immediately.  While we await the plaintiffs' decision as to the possibility of an appeal, we would like to offer our sincere thanks to S. Braxton Puryear, Esq. and the Hill family for their valiant fight to date on behalf of the general.  

We released the following statement in response to a media request:

The Virginia Flaggers are disgusted, but certainly not surprised that a judge has refused to block the city's plan to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by digging up the remains of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life on the field of battle.  By refusing the family's reasonable request to move the memorial and his remains to a cemetery of their choosing, and pushing forward with plans to turn them over to the Black History Museum, Stoney is proving what most of us have long known:  that his rabid and illegal cultural cleansing has nothing to do with "unity and inclusion" but is in fact designed to do everything possible to further divide the community by willfully discriminating against a large portion of the population, solely based on hate for a culture and heritage that is different than his own.

Despite the fact that poll after poll has shown that the majority of the citizens of the Commonwealth oppose the destruction of historical memorials, democrats seem hell bent on eliminating any trace of the city’s rich history and heritage, in an attempt to appease the small, but howling mob of “social justice” terrorists who demand their removal, and Republicans, who were swept into office last fall on the heels of the riots and monument destruction, have also been complicit by their silence and inaction.  

We are reminded of a quote by Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes...”live asses  will kick at dead lions.”  That certainly appears to be the case in the once great Capital city.