Friday, December 28, 2018

Virginia Flaggers Prepare to Return to Lexington for Lee-Jackson Day Commemorations

For the SEVENTH year, the Va Flaggers will gather in Lexington, Virginia for the Lee-Jackson holiday. Friday, January 18th is the Virginia State Holiday for Lee-Jackson Day, and Saturday, January 19th is officially recognized as Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington. The Virginia Flaggers will flag the town of Lexington for action taken by City Council to ban ALL flags from city light pole flag stands, rather than allow the flags of Lee and Jackson to fly for the week leading up to the State holiday, AND Washington and Lee University for actions taken by former President Ruscio to desecrate the LEE Chapel by removing battle flags from the Lee Mausoleum, their refusal to allow the SCV to hold a Memorial Service in the LEE Chapel, and actions by the current administration to rename buildings with Confederate connections and remove portraits of Lee and Jackson in uniform. 

Join us, as we "take it to the streets" to let the folks in Lexington and Washington & Lee University know that there are still many of us who honor Lee and Jackson and will not go away quietly.

We will flag all day Friday, participate in memorial service at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and parade on Saturday, and flag Saturday afternoon/evening. We welcome all those interested in standing with us to attend Friday, Saturday, or both days.

Since the City Council of Lexington, Virginia voted to ban ALL flags (except the US, State and non-existent City flag) from flying on city light pole flag stands, rather than allow the flags of Lee and Jackson to fly for several days leading up to the Virginia State Lee-Jackson Holiday, the Virginia Flaggers have called for a FULL BOYCOTT of Lexington, Virginia. When we gather for the upcoming holiday and events, we ask that all participants make their arrangements for lodging, eating, and entertainment OUTSIDE of the town limits. This map provides an outline of the town boundaries. Please join us in making sure that the town that has turned its back on Lee and Jackson and its rich Confederate heritage, does not profit from what could have been a windfall of revenue to the struggling town. Honor Lee and Jackson...BOYCOTT LEXINGTON!
Lodging suggestions: all of these are outside of city limits, but just minutes away from downtown:
Super 8 Lexington
2.9 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 1139 N Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 463-7858
Wingate by Wyndham
4.2 rating, 3-star hotel
Address: 1100 N Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 464-8100
Sleep Inn & Suites
4.2 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 95 Maury River Rd, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 463-6000
Best Western Plus Inn At Hunt Ridge
4.2 rating, 3-star hotel
Address: 25 Willow Springs Rd, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 464-1500
Comfort Inn Virginia Horse Center
4.1 rating, 3-star hotel
Address: 62 Comfort Way, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 463-7311
Motel 6
3.4 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 65 Econo Ln, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 463-7371
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Lexington, VA
3.8 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 875 N Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 464-9000
Holiday Inn Express Lexington
4.0 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 880 N Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 463-7351
Best Western Lexington Inn
3.9 rating, 2-star hotel
Address: 850 N Lee Hwy, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone:(540) 458-3020

Friday, December 21, 2018

30' x 50' Battle Flag Returns to Virginia's Largest Confederate Flag Site in Danville

Just in time for Holiday travelers! The Va Flaggers are thrilled to announce that a 30’x50’ Army of Tennessee Battle Flag is back up and flying on our 120’ pole at the Gen William Lewis Cabell Memorial Battle Flag site on the 29 Bypass in Danville, Va.

The flag has been repaired and replaces a 20’x30’ that flew in its place during the process.

Many thanks to Robert McDaniel and the 2nd Battalion, Company A, VA Mechanized Cavalry for sponsoring this flag site and taking care of the maintenance and flag repair/replacement, to
 each and every one of you who contacted us to inquire about the flag when the damage appeared, to those who asked about it while it was down, and  to all of you whose generous contributions make the repairs to existing flags and purchase of new ones for our 27 flag sites across the Commonwealth possible .

God bless you all and God save the South!
They took down one tiny Third National on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy in Danville, Va, and now 16 massive Confederate flags have been raised in that town, including this Third National at one of the busiest intersections, now lit for glorious 24 hour viewing!
Many thanks to Tommy Goddard of Sky High Poles and his crew for all of their hard work and dedication to our Cause in Danville.
We have only just begun to fight...

All Glory to God.
All honor to the Confederate soldier.
It's not about us.

Is Now Really the Right Time to Raise Your Battle Flag...?

In a group whose purpose it is to save our monuments, I was just told that those of us who carry flags cause just as much damage to our Cause as the Black Lives Matter agitators.

*Deep breath, ...count to 10...

Folks. It's not about the flag. It's not about slavery. It's not about racism. It's not about the War Between the States.

It's about the leftist goal of eliminating every trace of our Godly heritage and making us forget there was a time when we stood up to tyranny. They started with the flag because it was an easy target and they knew our people would cave (see Nikki Haley) because they have conditioned us to keep our mouths shut. There is no appeasement. Compromise leads to more demands. Facts, truth, and reason do not matter. Education is useless for most of these people.

All that's left for us to do is stand, fight, and...with the same defiance of our ancestors...RAISE YOUR BATTLE FLAG!

We are looking forward to 2019 with renewed hope, strength, and determination.  We hope you will join us in the fight.

All glory to God.
All honor to the Confederate soldier.
It's not about us.

*Photo courtesy Judy Smith Photography

Monday, November 12, 2018

Veterans' Day Salute - Virginia's Last Surviving Confederate Veteran

On the day set aside to honor our veterans, the Virginia Flaggers pause to remember all those who have served in America's armed forces, with a special tribute to Virginia's own James Albert Spicer, the Commonwealth's last surviving Confederate Veteran.  

This picture was taken on Dec. 20, 1947 in the town of Orange, VA in a parade.  He was 103 years old!

He served in the 7th Virginia Infantry Company K,  Madison county grays.  One of our supporters has taken on the task of caring for his grave and sent us this photo of his recently cleaned headstone...

God bless the eternal memory of James Albert Spicer and all of the men who wore the grey and fought for Right.

This is why we do what we do.  So they are NEVER forgotten.  

All glory to God.  All honor to the Confederate soldier. 

It ain't about us.

Virginia Heritage Group Poised to Raise 29th Roadside Memorial Confederate Battle Flag

We are pleased to announce that we signed a lease with a landowner yesterday for our next flag site!  This will be our 29th flag site in the Commonwealth and we hope to have her up and flying before the end of the year.  Stay tuned for more information!

Meanwhile, across the state, we have updates on several existing flag sites.

Repairs are completed and the Chesapeake Expressway Jackson Greys Memorial Battle Flag is back up and flying! Many thanks to each of you who contacted us to inquire about the status... and to John Sharrett and the Stonewall Camp #380, SCV, for their assistance in replacing the rope at the site.

I-64 Charlottesville Spirit of Defiance Memorial Battle Flag Update:  In August, our attorney filed a Petition for Certiorari and Declaratory Judgement regarding the July 18, 2018 decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Louisa County.  As of this writing, a January date has been set for a hearing on pending motions filed by Louisa County.  We do not have a date yet for the full hearing.  We will offer more updates as they are available.  In the meantime, the flag is flying high and we installed new signage at the property...
Many thanks to all of our Guardians of the Flags across the Commonwealth, who have raised and lowered these massive flags ahead of several severe storms this fall, saving us wear and tear and thousands of dollars in replacements, as well as to each of our supporters who continue to give generously to keep these flags flying

God bless you all, and God Save the South!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Election 2018 Virginia Voter Guide - These Candidates Want to Protect Historic Monuments and Veterans' Memorials


We researched the candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives running for election this coming Tuesday, November 6th in the Commonwealth.  We looked SOLELY at the issue of monument removal and offer the following list of monument supporters, based on their public statements, voting records (for incumbents) and in some cases, made inquiries and received information from the candidate or their staff.

At the top of the list is our friend and US Senate candidate Corey Stewart.  Corey should need no introduction to Confederate heritage supporters.  He has been an OUTSPOKEN opponent of the extreme left's attempts to destroy our monuments and memorials and the left and the establishment Republicans in Virginia have waged a vicious war of false personal attacks against him because of it.

To learn more about Corey Stewart or how you can assist in the final days of this very important campaign, visit his website here...

Corey Stewart Voter Guide:
In stark contrast, Corey's opponent, Tim Kaine, has made no secret of his contempt for Virginia's history and heritage.  Here is just a SAMPLING .
LEST WE FORGET. Tim Kaine is not a Native Virginian, and is no friend of the South...
August 20, 2017:
"Kaine: Virginia should consider a statue of Pocahontas instead of Robert E. Lee"
Each state is allowed to place two statues amid the marbled columns of the Capitol’s Statuary Hall. Virginia is represented by statues of George Washington, the nation’s first president, and Robert E. Lee, a general who commanded Confederate troops during the Civil War.
“I think as you look at the scope of Virginia history here in 2017, and if you want there to be two people to really stand for who Virginia is, why wouldn't you think about Pocahontas who, had she not saved John Smith's life, we wouldn't even be here possibly?” Kaine said during an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation.
Or, Kaine asked, why not Barbara Johns Powell? She was a 16-year-old student when she led her Prince Georges County classmates in a walkout for equality. The demonstration eventually led to a lawsuit that became part of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Brown vs. Board of Education decision that ended school desegregation.
Or maybe, Kaine said, the state should honor former Gov. Douglas Wilder, the grandson of slaves and the first elected African-American governor in the nation’s history.
November 8, 2008
"Old Virginny is Dead"
A tired but beaming Gov. Timothy M. Kaine today said the election of Sen. Barack Obama was "an amazing day -- one of the best days of our lives."
"Old Virginny is dead," said Kaine, standing with his wife, Anne Holton, in front of the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial at the State Capitol. "We are a new and dynamic and exciting commonwealth . . .
"We are not living in the past," Kaine said. "We are looking ahead."
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement today:
“I support Governor McAuliffe’s call to remove the Confederate battle flag from state-issued Virginia license plates. The use of the flag by public bodies is integrally connected to celebration of the cause of the Confederacy, which is inimical to American values. With the Supreme Court’s decision last week in Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc., prior court rulings in Virginia that have protected the use of the emblem on license plates are now obsolete. This is the right call for the Commonwealth and I commend the Governor for his leadership on this issue."
April 7, 2010
Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine blasted his GOP successor as governor of Virginia for declaring April "Confederate History Month" in the state.
Kaine, who served as governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, criticized Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) decision to revive the Confederate History Month observance after Kaine and his immediate Democratic predecessor, now-Sen. Mark Warner, had not declared the observance.
McDonnell declared the month without noting the role of slavery in the Confederacy, of which Richmond, Va. was the capital.
“Governor McDonnell’s decision to designate April as Confederate History Month without condemning, or even acknowledging, the pernicious stain of slavery or its role in the war disregards history, is insensitive to the extraordinary efforts of Americans to eliminate slavery and bind the nation’s wounds, and offends millions of Americans of all races and in all parts of our nation," Kaine said late Wednesday afternoon in a statement.
February, 2000
RICHMOND The Richmond City Council last night voted unanimously to rename two city bridges that honored Confederate Gens. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart after prominent black leaders instead.
The council voted 7-0 with two abstentions last night to rename the bridges in honor of Samuel Tucker and Curtis Holt. Mr. Tucker was a lawyer with the Richmond firm of Hill, Tucker and Marsh and litigated many cases across Virginia to implement desegregation in the face of massive resistance. Mr. Holt was a civic leader best known for fighting the city's annexation efforts that diluted blacks' voting strength.
The idea to change the bridge names came from Richmond Mayor Timothy M. Kaine and Councilman Sa'ad El-Amin, a councilman who objected to including a portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee portrait on a Richmond flood wall. The portrait was set afire on Lee-Jackson-King Day.


Virginia Candidates for the US House of Representatives who oppose monument removal:

Jeff Dove (R)  Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 11th District

Image result for jeff dove
"There is another way to look at the dispute over the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville....
...We shouldn’t be erasing those things. We should be learning from them. The values and tradition each side places in the reminders of this era will be uniquely personal." - Jeff Dove

Barbara Comstock (R)  Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 10th District

Image result for barbara comstock

Comstock voted to kill a bill that would ban all Confederate symbols from the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Voted To Delay A Resolution That Would Require Removal Of All Confederate Symbols From The House [June 2015]
  • Voted To Send A Motion To Remove Any State Flag Containing The Confederate Battle Flag From US Capitol Grounds To The House Administration Committee [July 2015]
  • Voted To Block Consideration On An Immediate Vote For A Resolution To Remove Any State Flag Containing The Confederate Battle Flag From The U.S. Capitol Grounds [July 2015]
  • Voted To Block Consideration Of Removing Any State Flag Containing The Confederate Battle Flag From US Capitol Grounds [July2015]
Comstock went on the record opposing the removal of a Confederate statue in Leesburg, VA.
“I support building more statues and adding to our history; not tearing down statues or erasing our history.”

H. Morgan Griffith (F)  Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 9th District

Image result for morgan griffith
U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., issued the following statement about statue removal:
“As a federal legislator with no authority over local or state statues, I believe discussion is never a bad thing, and in doing so, we must remember many statues are remembrances of those who died in a given community. Taking those down would be wrong. 
“Further, in a full discussion, it would be most beneficial to put the statues’ reason for placement in context. When we erect statues, we are saying something about our communities as well as the people we honor. It would be valuable to know the full history on why our ancestors/predecessors thought someone was worth honoring. Understanding the full story is more likely to improve our communities than purging monuments and markers. We can learn from the good and the bad of history; however, no one can learn when evidence of history is eradicated.”

Dave Brat (R) Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 7th District

Image result for dave brat

Ben Kline (R) Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 6th District

Image result for ben cline
If you missed his stirring remarks on Lee-Jackson Day, please take a minute to view this video...

Denver Riggleman  (R) Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 5th District

Image result for denver riggleman
 In response to the Charlottesville government voting to take down the Robert E Lee Statue and renaming Lee Park, Denver Riggleman released the following statement:
"This continued assault from Democrats on Virginia's history and heritage is unacceptable. As Governor, I will protect the monuments of our heritage, but not just of the Civil War mind you. As Governor, I would be willing to explore memorializing more of our history, not less. 
Instead of tearing down a statue of Robert E. Lee, which will cost residents over $300,000, why are they not looking to spend that money erecting a monument to Maggie L. Walker, a Virginian, an African American, and first female president of a bank in the United States?
Not only are they standing in conflict with a number of Virginia's laws, but they are spitting in the face of veterans of every conflict - no reminder of any sacrifice by any veteran of any conflict should be torn down by the liberal thought police.

Ryan McAdams  (R) Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 4th District

Image result for ryan mcadams

Response to our inquiry:  “I am definitely for protecting history and our monuments. I do NOT support tearing them down. I support focusing on solutions that actually help our communities and bring us together.”

Scott Taylo(R) Candidate for: United States Representative, VA 2nd District

Image result for scott taylor

"I'm not in favor of just tearing things down," Scott said in an interview with 10 On Your Side. "Those states put them there for a reason, because they believe they contributed to their history. Look, it's an imperfect history, but that context should be taught."

**PLEASE NOTE - This list is based SOLELY on the candidate's position on monument removal and is provided to inform voters of where the candidates stand on THIS ISSUE only.

It is our opinion that this election is one of the most crucial in our history.
PLEASE prayerfully consider your choices and get out and vote... and encourage others to do so, as well.

Va Flaggers

Non Vi Virute Vici - "Not by violence, but by excellence have I conquered"

Monday, October 22, 2018

LEE Chapel at W&L Vandalized- "Gay Pride" Flags Nailed to Doors of Historic Lexington, VA Church

This morning, one of our Flaggers visited the LEE Chapel on the campus of Washington and Lee University to pay his respects to General Lee. Upon arrival, he found the beautiful doors to the chapel desecrated with "gay pride" flags. These flags have been NAILED into the 150 year old doors. Campus officials are currently trying to determine the best way to remove the vandalism without causing further damage to the historic site.

This, on the heels of a recent announcement by the W&L Board of Trustees that portraits of Lee & Washington in military attire in the Chapel would be replaced and the doors to the mausoleum CLOSED during University events to prevent the fragile students from having to view the magnificent Recumbent Lee memorial. Robinson Hall will be renamed to Chavis Hall and the Lee-Jackson House will also be renamed.

ALL of this comes just a few years after W&L officials caved to the demands of SIX extremist law students who demanded historic flags be removed from the chapel, among other outrageous requests. The university capitulated to EVERY single demand.

THIS is what happens when you pander to Godless heathens. They are NEVER satisfied and they will violate school and public law in their temper tantrums to get their way.

Where are the men of courage and conviction to rise up and defend the honor of men like Lee and Washington and discipline those who dare to commit such acts as these?

God bless the eternal memory of Robert E. Lee and God save the University he so dearly loved and saved from destruction.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Private Security Hired to Protect Monuments in Charlottesville, Richmond

Last  month, we announced that we were hiring private security to help guard the monuments in Charlottesville, Virginia, in light of the heightened threats after a violent mob removed the statue from the Silent Sam monument on the Campus of the University of North Carolina.  Your response to our request for assistance was overwhelming.  We raised enough money to not only cover security in Charlottesville for the 3-day labor day holiday, but we were also able to add private security to our Monuement Patrols in Richmond.  In addition, we were able to extend the coverage throughout the week in Charlottesville, and an additional weekend since then, when there was a specific threat.  

Our experience is that the monuments are targeted when the leftist haters do not get their way.  In anticipation of a Kavanaugh confirmation this weekend, we have hired security for this weekend in Charlottesville and are looking at adding some patrols in Richmond, as well.

The companies we hired received praise from the Richmond and State Capitol police, and the coordinated efforts between our Monument Guards, hired security, and State Capitol and Richmond police were very successful.  Monument Avenue residents have also offered their appreciation and thanked us for our efforts.  

We received an email from the security company we hired to protect Lee and Jackson in Charlottesville. Apparently a resident saw the security vehicle patrolling the night before, and called the company the next morning, wanting information on how they could get in touch with us to donate to help fund the extra security.

Just having a presence out there is sending a strong statement to the haters, elected officials, and private citizens who want to join the fight.

We offer our sincere thanks to all those who so generously gave toward the monument security fund.  We will continue to monitor the situations in Richmond and Charlottesville, and have additional, private security on call, ready to assist when needed.  

In the meantime, our RVA Monument Guards continue to patrol in the Capital of the Confederacy and we are always looking for new recruits to assist in the endeavor.  If you would like to help, please contact for more information.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Va Flaggers Hire Private Security to Help Protect Monuments in Charlottesville and Richmond


Earlier this week, we announced that we had contracted with private security to help protect the Lee & Jackson monuments in Charlottesville this weekend and asked for sponsors to help cover the costs.

The Neo-Marxists who were behind the riot and monument destruction at UNC have been linked to the monument destruction in Durham, and Antifa-led riots in Charlottesville. Their goal is to use their “success” in North Carolina to encourage and teach others to do the same across the South.

Because of their strong ties to Charlottesville, the move-in of UVA students this week, and the upcoming holiday weekend, we decided to provide extra security for the Charlottesville monuments this weekend.

We have no confidence in a City Council who made its disregard for the laws of the Commonwealth and its disrespect for our history and heritage perfectly clear when they voted to violate state law and attempt to remove the monuments. City Council members are on record as supporting those who organized the riots, violence, and destruction in North Carolina, and would no doubt welcome and encourage the same in Charlottesville.

We are not going to sit by and let that happen.

The response to our request was overwhelming. When we realized that this week was also move in for VCU in Richmond, and that there were many events planned by local radicals for the August 30 anniversary of Gabriel's Prosser's failed Rebellion, on top of the increased vandalism in the days since the violence at UNC that led to the destruction of the student memorial there, we decided to hire security for the Richmond monuments, as well.

It will also give our Monument Guards in Richmond a break this weekend, some of whom have been out overnight continuously for the past two weeks.

The private companies will supply experienced security guards to patrol the Lee & Jackson monuments in Charlottesville, and the dozen or so monuments we protect in Richmond. We have coordinated our plans with local law enforcement in both cities, and our Monument Guards will work in tandem with them in both locations. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Honoring Silent Sam - When Good Men Are Pushed Too Far

Over the weekend, you may have heard news reports that read something like “Protestor Waving Confederate Battle Flag Arrested After Assaulting UNC Counter Protestor ”.

As Paul Harvey would say, here’s the “rest of the story”…

Barry Brown woke up Saturday morning and decided to make his way to Chapel Hill, NC to lay flowers at the base of the Silent Sam memorial at UNC.  Since the violent riot a week ago in which radical students tore down the Silent Sam statue from its base, many citizens have made the same pilgrimage, leaving flowers at the base as a tribute to the 1,062 UNC students, faculty, and alumni who served in the War Between the States.

Upon arrival, he was met by a small, but vicious crowd of students, holding signs that read “Y’ALL AIN’T WELCOME “ and other hate-filled slogans.  They carried bull horns and were surrounding anyone who came in support of Silent Sam, invading their space and shouting obscenities in their faces.

These are some of the chants that were being shouted, and were captured on video…




Determined to not be dissuaded by the aggressive mob of neo-marxists, Mr. Brown proceeded to venture through the crowd to place the floral tribute at the memorial.  His way was blocked continually, and as he tried to maneuver through, someone in the crowd grabbed his flag pole, while another student protestor, who had been blocking his path, attempted to snatch the floral tribute out of his hands, all while local law enforcement stood nearby, watching.

When the punk grabbed the flowers, Barry swung his (now free) right arm and landed a punch to his jaw.  Flowers retrieved, Barry quietly walked away with police officers as they stepped in to escort him away. 
During the process of arresting him for assault, the neo-marxists were able to snatch the flowers and made a show of destroying them.

Barry was charged and released and will have his first court appearance on Thursday.  The thugs who grabbed his flag and flowers were not charged.

Let me stop here for just a moment and state, without equivocation, that neither I, nor the Virginia Flaggers in any way condone violence of any sort, in any circumstance.  While this gentleman is not a member of our organization, we have stood with him before in Danville and Lexington and found him to be a good and decent man, and never saw him lose his temper or behave in any way other than that of a gentleman, standing for his heritage.

My point in relaying this story is to suggest that even good men, when pushed to limits of patience and frustrated by the rampant lawlessness and complete lack of decency and respect displayed by these violent mobs, are going to be compelled to strike back when an attempt is made to take something out of their hands or impede their attempt to pay respects at a memorial.  We all watched Monday night as the police stepped back and “monitored” the rioters while they tore down the Silent Sam statue right in front of them, without stopping them or even detaining a single one of the criminals after they violated state and federal laws.

There needs to be a clear message sent to University officials, law enforcement, and city leaders:  Get your children under control…or there will be more incidents like this one, where discipline is delivered at the hands of strangers, because it has never been applied at home, nor received from the University which they are privileged to attend. 
In the meantime, #Flowers4Sam is picking up steam…

These beautiful flowers were placed today in memory of Captain James J. Cherry, UNC class of 62, and captain of the Roanoke Minute Men, Co A, 14th NC.

Killed at Chancellorsville in 63.
Special thanks to Adjutant Jim Ward, B.Gen. W.W. Kirkland Camp SCV , Chapel Hill, for coordinating the ground logistics.

If you would like to arrange for a tribute to be placed, please contact Jim at and send us photos of the tribute so we can share and inspire others!
"God has not called us to be nice. Rather, he has called us to be good. Here’s the difference: nice people never confront evil. Good people do. Nice people are weak. Good people are strong."

#NeverForget #WeAreSilentSam

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Remembering Silent Sam Until He Is Restored - Citizens Leave Flowers As Remembrance

Some folks are wondering what they can do RIGHT NOW about Silent Sam. On top of contacting university officials, law enforcement, and elected officials, here’s something else ANYONE can do.
If you are in the vicinity, pick up a small bouquet of flowers or even a single stem and take it and leave it at the base. Yes, it may disappear soon, but so what? For however long it remains, it will be a reminder that there are those who still remember those 1800+ students and aren’t going to forget their courage and sacrifice, no matter what.
The statue may be gone temporarily but the monument remains, and is still a beautiful memorial in its own right.
I’ve been to this monument. It is easy to access from the sidewalk. PLEASE let’s get this going. Take a photo when you leave your flowers, and share it with us...and share this post to encourage others to do the same.
#WeAreSilentSam #NeverForget 

I made this post on social media yesterday and today I was delighted to get a message from our friends at ActbacNC that they were on their way to leave some flowers...
Many thanks to our friends at ActbacNC for laying flowers at the Silent Sam memorial today. ❤️  They told us that as they were leaving, they looked back and a young man was kneeling by flowers at the memorial with his head bowed, praying.  Let's continue to encourage those who are bullied and harassed into silence. . #IAmSilentSam #ShameOnUNC

We also want to share a WONDERFUL article from our friend Ben "Cooter" Jones, entitled "Silent Sam and Me".  We encourage you to read and share... 

Giant Confederate Flag on I-64 Near Charlottesville Flying High As Flaggers Appeal Zoning Board Decision

Our guardians of the flag were busy over the weekend, switching out the flag at the Charlottesville I-64 Spirit of Defiance Memorial Battle Flag Site. While the 30’ x 50’ Flag was undergoing major repairs, a 20’ x 30’ was temporarily raised in its place. 

Today, the original 30’ x 50’ flag is back up and waving proudly. 

Many of you have asked about her, hearing the press reports that the flag was coming down. 

She’s not. 

Last  week our attorney filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and Declaratory Judgment with the Circuit Court of Louisa County, after the Louisa County Board of Zoning Appeals narrowly voted to deny our appeal of the Louisa County Zoning Board’s determination that the flag violated their zoning laws. 

This is not our first rodeo. We did our homework and believe we should not be in violation, and have the evidence to prove it. We believe that Louisa County officials expected we would not go to the trouble and/or be able to afford the high cost of legal fees for these appeals. 

They have underestimated us. Thank you to each and every one whose generous support has helped us to be able to continue this fight. 

In the meantime, the flag will continue to fly, to the Glory of God, in honor and memory of our Confederate Dead, and as a reminder to Charlottesville City Council that we do not take their illegal and immoral attempts to tear down our war memorials lightly. 

To assist with our Interstate Battle Flags and ongoing Heritage Defense projects, please make checks payable to 
“The Virginia Flaggers” and mail to:
P.O. Box 547 Sandston VA 23150

Or contribute through PayPal, here:

A. P. Hill Memorial/Grave Site Vandalized in North Richmond

Just after midnight last night, Richmond Police discovered red paint splashed on the A.P. Hill memorial on Richmond's Northside. This memorial is also the general's final resting place.

Our monument guards, alerted that the Jefferson Davis monument on Monument Avenue was under specific threat, concentrated their efforts on Monument Avenue last night, and were joined by a heavy Richmond and State Police presence.

We can only assume that the vandals were forced away from Monument Avenue by the heavy presence and went looking for another target, less protected. There are dozens of Confederate monuments and memorials throughout the city.


1) Please call the Richmond City Parks and Recreation and let urge them to get the memorial cleaned up as soon as possible. Remind them it is a grave site and deserves to be treated with care and respect. Please call (804) 646-5733 as soon as possible.

2) Volunteer to help! Our Monument Guards have been patrolling around the clock for the past several weeks, but with the violence and lawlessness in Chapel Hill over the weekend, we are going to need more help. Please contact if you can help.