Monday, August 27, 2018

Honoring Silent Sam - When Good Men Are Pushed Too Far

Over the weekend, you may have heard news reports that read something like “Protestor Waving Confederate Battle Flag Arrested After Assaulting UNC Counter Protestor ”.

As Paul Harvey would say, here’s the “rest of the story”…

Barry Brown woke up Saturday morning and decided to make his way to Chapel Hill, NC to lay flowers at the base of the Silent Sam memorial at UNC.  Since the violent riot a week ago in which radical students tore down the Silent Sam statue from its base, many citizens have made the same pilgrimage, leaving flowers at the base as a tribute to the 1,062 UNC students, faculty, and alumni who served in the War Between the States.

Upon arrival, he was met by a small, but vicious crowd of students, holding signs that read “Y’ALL AIN’T WELCOME “ and other hate-filled slogans.  They carried bull horns and were surrounding anyone who came in support of Silent Sam, invading their space and shouting obscenities in their faces.

These are some of the chants that were being shouted, and were captured on video…




Determined to not be dissuaded by the aggressive mob of neo-marxists, Mr. Brown proceeded to venture through the crowd to place the floral tribute at the memorial.  His way was blocked continually, and as he tried to maneuver through, someone in the crowd grabbed his flag pole, while another student protestor, who had been blocking his path, attempted to snatch the floral tribute out of his hands, all while local law enforcement stood nearby, watching.

When the punk grabbed the flowers, Barry swung his (now free) right arm and landed a punch to his jaw.  Flowers retrieved, Barry quietly walked away with police officers as they stepped in to escort him away. 
During the process of arresting him for assault, the neo-marxists were able to snatch the flowers and made a show of destroying them.

Barry was charged and released and will have his first court appearance on Thursday.  The thugs who grabbed his flag and flowers were not charged.

Let me stop here for just a moment and state, without equivocation, that neither I, nor the Virginia Flaggers in any way condone violence of any sort, in any circumstance.  While this gentleman is not a member of our organization, we have stood with him before in Danville and Lexington and found him to be a good and decent man, and never saw him lose his temper or behave in any way other than that of a gentleman, standing for his heritage.

My point in relaying this story is to suggest that even good men, when pushed to limits of patience and frustrated by the rampant lawlessness and complete lack of decency and respect displayed by these violent mobs, are going to be compelled to strike back when an attempt is made to take something out of their hands or impede their attempt to pay respects at a memorial.  We all watched Monday night as the police stepped back and “monitored” the rioters while they tore down the Silent Sam statue right in front of them, without stopping them or even detaining a single one of the criminals after they violated state and federal laws.

There needs to be a clear message sent to University officials, law enforcement, and city leaders:  Get your children under control…or there will be more incidents like this one, where discipline is delivered at the hands of strangers, because it has never been applied at home, nor received from the University which they are privileged to attend. 
In the meantime, #Flowers4Sam is picking up steam…

These beautiful flowers were placed today in memory of Captain James J. Cherry, UNC class of 62, and captain of the Roanoke Minute Men, Co A, 14th NC.

Killed at Chancellorsville in 63.
Special thanks to Adjutant Jim Ward, B.Gen. W.W. Kirkland Camp SCV , Chapel Hill, for coordinating the ground logistics.

If you would like to arrange for a tribute to be placed, please contact Jim at and send us photos of the tribute so we can share and inspire others!
"God has not called us to be nice. Rather, he has called us to be good. Here’s the difference: nice people never confront evil. Good people do. Nice people are weak. Good people are strong."

#NeverForget #WeAreSilentSam


Maeve Magdalen said...

Most of the videos of this incident have shown Mr. Brown from behind or from overhead, so that all the grabbing by the protesters is obscured (though clearly vicible in the closer videos). I saw one news report that showed the opposite angle, where Mr. Brown's face is visible. He is clearly frightened. Any of us who have faced a screaming mob know the feeling. But courage is being scared and doing the right thing anyway. Mr. Brown defended himself and his property and then STEPPED BACK. I would expect charges to be dropped, particularly since those grabbing him were not detained and the failure of the police to keep proper order. God bless Mr. Brown in this difficult time.

Unknown said...

Which police department arrested Mr. Brown? I think his civil rights were violated, and as a retired federal agent, I worked several of those cases. We must be proactive at this critical time in our history. W.T. Jones, New Braunfels, Tx

David Richardson said...

i would have done the same thing. touch me and my fist will find your face. i would have insisted the people who grsbbed my flag and flowers also be arrested for assult.

Barry Brown said...

I'd like to say thank you to all that have donated. We have a dec 18 2018 date for an admin day. I have a personal paypal account. (Brownb337) thank you all for your support. God knows i was defending my property that ment the most to me. If you watch the video the young man touched me twice before i ever laid a hand on him.

Barry Brown said...

I'd like to say thank you for all the support. God knows i was defending my property that ment the most to me. If you watch the video you will see him touch me twice before i lay a hand on him. I have a personal paypal account. Brownb337

Ben McD said...

It's despicable that these snowflakes are allowed to attack, spit, grab and most of all desecrate a memorial space reserved for those who pay their respects to Men who stood for something. The snowflakes stand for nothing so as you can see they fall for anything.
I do a lot of FLAGGING at Gettysburgh National park. I would never march into the cemetery area with my 7 flag set up. I would never interfere out of good human decency of any memorial ceremony or gathering that was paying respects to U.S. Veterans as an unwelcomed guest. Thus these snowflakes were inciting a civil disturbance and making a direct physical attack upon a person or persons. The snowflakes have conveniently set a side the fact that back in the 1920's Congress made law that all Civil War soldiers are absolutely U.S. Veterans. As of 1860 ALL Soldiers in that WAR are U.S. Veterans. My reaction would have been exactly the same by naturally defending myself and using justifiable force which is a legal term. It's a shame that certain local governments (officials) are cowards and deliberately do not enforce the current law. That in fact is a FELONY. Which in itself is inciting a civil disturbance which could at some point create a larger scale disturbance. Which is what resulted in Charlottesville at a much more accelerated rate. Local cowardice officials allowed those bus loads from out of state and beyond to launch their weaponized attack. The COWARDICE officials allowed the KKK to have their permit to rally and speak and did not protect that area from the expected resistance which did arrive weaponized. I purposely stayed away from that rally because I will have nothing to do with that group. BUT, the beauty of our COUNTRY is freedom to speak and express. Allowing armed with real gun loaded persons to descend upon the land is the real crime. There was no peace in the hearts of those bussed in protestors. They wanted a big fight and we as a Country are very fortunate that thousands of bullets did not fly that day.
That is the day I came on board as a protector of our history. Confederate history to be exact. The backwards biased attack by the deep state who is funding CNN and MSNBC became extremely noticable. The straw for me that broke the Camels back was CNN and MSNBC stated it took 3 days for President Trump to address the country. 6 O'clock saturday till Monday equals 36 to 40 hrs. That's a far cry from 72 hours which is 3 days. From then on those 2 stations have continued to exaggerate, speculate and be downright evil.
ALL of you AMERICANS you keep remembering and respecting you ancestors and Soldiers who fought with all they had. That is dignified and respected. GOD Speed..