Monday, August 13, 2018

Virginia's Confederate Monuments Still Standing Tall After Weekend of antifa Violence

Over the weekend, we increased our Monument patrols in preparation for expected activity by antifa, black lives matter, and other agitators, expected to use the anniversary of the Charlottesville rally as an excuse for vandalism.

Friday night, we had 8 Monument Guards on duty throughout the night, and several Monument Avenue residents who came out to join us.  The Captiol Police had a heavy presence at the Lee Monument and Monument Guards also reported increased patrols by the Richmond Police at the other monument sites.   
We maintained coverage until dawn both Friday and Saturday nights.  Dawn Sunday morning found all monuments safe and secure. 
Our Monument Guards again reported a heavy police presence and working closely with them, received words of thanks and appreciation from both law enforcement and Monument Avenue Residents.  It was truly a team effort and we cannot say enough about the great job the State Capitol Police and the Richmond Police Department did in providing extra coverage at the monuments all weekend.

I am truly amazed at the dedicated group of people I am blessed to call Va Flaggers. Patrols out  all night on Monument Avenue all weekend, and still checking in at dawn. God bless and keep the #RVAMonumentGuards ! 
Meanwhile, in Charlottesville, we had advised all of our folks to keep their distance from that city and what we knew would be violent demonstrations by the leftists there.  We did have some folks on the ground, giving us information about any possible threats to the monuments there.

Early Saturday morning, we were thrilled to learn that Virginia State Police and National Guard had provided not only fencing barriers around the Lee and Jackson monuments, but had a show of force in personnel stationed at each one.  
As the day progressed, antifa and blm agitators made their presence known.  They began marching through the streets shouting vulgar slogans about wanting to fight "Nazis" and "White Surpremacists".  It appeared that their "Nazi hunt" had, in fact, turned out to be more like a snipe hunt.

When it became obvious that the city was deserted except for the rioters and law enforcement, the mob quickly turned on the officers and journalists.

The main stream media reported "peaceful protests".  What actually happened was something quite the opposite.  We became concerned when we learned the mob was headed to the LEE monument, but the sight that met them warmed our hearts and prevented the mob from carrying out their monument destruction plans.

Approximately 100 Virginia State Troopers, in riot gear, were surrounding the General!

Throughout the weekend, there were a number of arrests and Charlottesville police are currently investigating an attack on a Charlottesville Police Officer and an NBC journalist.

In the end, our folks did a GREAT job staying away from Charlottesville this weekend, and the extremists up there did a GREAT job showing the world their true colors. Marching against non-existent “Nazis”, screaming profanities at law enforcement, and costing taxpayers MILLIONS to babysit them during their violent temper tantrums disguised as “activism”.

As expected, disgraced Charlottesville City Councilman Wes Bellamy was right in the middle of the rioters, as can be seen in this video...
In case there were any questions as to Charlottesville City Council’s intent. This man now runs the city for all intents and purposes. Forced to resign from his teaching position and the state board of education, the folks in Charlottesville excuse and applaud his vile, racist, sexist, and homophobic posts on social media. He and his friends on City Council are directly responsible for everything that happened a year ago and the continued unrest and chaos that consumes the city today.

Newsflash, Wes. The monuments aren’t coming down, and will be standing long after you destroy what once was a beautiful and thriving city and move on to your next “project”.


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