Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Richmond’s Lee Monument Looking Better Than Ever Following Weekend Vandalism

We wanted to bring you an update and some good news regarding the vandalism of the RE Lee Monument on Richmond’s historic Monument Avenue over the weekend.

Within just a few hours of discovering the desecration Saturday morning, cleaning crews arrived on the scene and began working to remove the red paint. 
By 1:00 pm, clean up was proceeding and our folks on the scene reported that the  paint was coming off nicely. Capitol police reported to us that they had collected evidence and an investigation was underway.
This type of violent criminal activity by monument haters only proves to accentuate the real difference between us and them and helps bring more and more citizens to our side.  Our folks, who remained on the scene, working with Capitol Police and the cleaning crew throughout the day, reported that most citizens who came by expressed disgust and anger at the vandalism.

By 3:30 pm, less than 10 hours after the vandalism was discovered, crews were putting the finishing touches on the clean up and the result was amazing. 

The columns are now bright and shining like new! Almost makes us want to send a note of appreciation to the vandals. Because of them, the monument got a fresh cleaning and looks better than ever!  
God will vindicate, folks. He’s got this.

CALL TO ACTION:  We urge everyone to call the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services, and THANK them for their excellent response and quick action to clean the monument.  Let them know how much the care and protection of the monument means to you!   Contact:  (804) 786-3560

We are working with law enforcement to establish a reward to help catch and convict the vandals.  Stay tuned for more information.  


C.W. Roden said...

Ironically, all the acts of tagging these monuments and grave sites have resulted in many of them getting cleaning jobs that have been ignored for years, if not a couple decades.

Gob Hafwydd said...

Could we possibly reprint "Richmond’s Lee Monument Looking Better Than Ever Following Weekend Vandalism" in our monthly SCV newsletter, The Territorial Rattler of New Mexico? Our Division would certainly get a much-needed morale boost from the positive message of your hard and timely work. Thanks for all y'all do.
Best wishes of a Southern Nature,

Jim Ed Morgans
Editor, the Territorial Rattler of N.M.