Monday, September 5, 2022

"All Glory to God, All Honor to our Confederate Ancestors": Virginia Flaggers Celebrate Anniversary, Thanking God, Supporters, and Volunteers


Eleven years ago today, a group of Confederates who barely knew each other got together and decided to take a stand at the Confederate Memorial Chapel in Richmond, Virginia.
None of them could have had any idea what the next eleven years would bring, but God knew, and they believe He was preparing their hearts and hands for what lay ahead. On their 11th anniversary, they pause to thank each and every person whose prayers and support have carried them to this point, and look to the future with renewed determination and a fresh commitment to STAND, FIGHT, and NEVER BACK DOWN!

"All glory to God. All honor to our Confederate ancestors."
On Labor Day, they want to thank all of those who are working hard today, and all year long to help maintain their 30+ memorial battle flag sites across the Commonwealth. 

Last month, they received word that the rope on the Rt. 60 Jackson Farm Memorial Battle Flag Site in Lexington had broken and the flag was down.  These repairs can be expensive, as a crane is often needed to install a new rope.

 They put out the word that help was needed... and want to give a HUGE
shoutout to the folks at Topless Tree Works who donated their time and equipment to help the Guardian of the Flag replace the broken rope.
The flag is back up and flying high!
Va Flaggers' Guardians of the Flags in Danville were also busy last month, changing out flags at a half dozen of their Roadside Memorial Battle Flag sites in and around Danville!
The Virginia Flaggers are truly grateful for all of those who give of their time and resources to help keep fresh flags flying and the grounds maintained at these and all of their sites around the Commonwealth, AND to all of those whose generous support and continued prayers make it all possible.