Friday, October 5, 2018

Private Security Hired to Protect Monuments in Charlottesville, Richmond

Last  month, we announced that we were hiring private security to help guard the monuments in Charlottesville, Virginia, in light of the heightened threats after a violent mob removed the statue from the Silent Sam monument on the Campus of the University of North Carolina.  Your response to our request for assistance was overwhelming.  We raised enough money to not only cover security in Charlottesville for the 3-day labor day holiday, but we were also able to add private security to our Monuement Patrols in Richmond.  In addition, we were able to extend the coverage throughout the week in Charlottesville, and an additional weekend since then, when there was a specific threat.  

Our experience is that the monuments are targeted when the leftist haters do not get their way.  In anticipation of a Kavanaugh confirmation this weekend, we have hired security for this weekend in Charlottesville and are looking at adding some patrols in Richmond, as well.

The companies we hired received praise from the Richmond and State Capitol police, and the coordinated efforts between our Monument Guards, hired security, and State Capitol and Richmond police were very successful.  Monument Avenue residents have also offered their appreciation and thanked us for our efforts.  

We received an email from the security company we hired to protect Lee and Jackson in Charlottesville. Apparently a resident saw the security vehicle patrolling the night before, and called the company the next morning, wanting information on how they could get in touch with us to donate to help fund the extra security.

Just having a presence out there is sending a strong statement to the haters, elected officials, and private citizens who want to join the fight.

We offer our sincere thanks to all those who so generously gave toward the monument security fund.  We will continue to monitor the situations in Richmond and Charlottesville, and have additional, private security on call, ready to assist when needed.  

In the meantime, our RVA Monument Guards continue to patrol in the Capital of the Confederacy and we are always looking for new recruits to assist in the endeavor.  If you would like to help, please contact for more information.

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