Monday, November 12, 2018

Veterans' Day Salute - Virginia's Last Surviving Confederate Veteran

On the day set aside to honor our veterans, the Virginia Flaggers pause to remember all those who have served in America's armed forces, with a special tribute to Virginia's own James Albert Spicer, the Commonwealth's last surviving Confederate Veteran.  

This picture was taken on Dec. 20, 1947 in the town of Orange, VA in a parade.  He was 103 years old!

He served in the 7th Virginia Infantry Company K,  Madison county grays.  One of our supporters has taken on the task of caring for his grave and sent us this photo of his recently cleaned headstone...

God bless the eternal memory of James Albert Spicer and all of the men who wore the grey and fought for Right.

This is why we do what we do.  So they are NEVER forgotten.  

All glory to God.  All honor to the Confederate soldier. 

It ain't about us.


Unknown said...

Long live the South. Born and raised in S.C.,cradle of the Confederacy. Mom a proud member of the local UDC.

1-CSA said...

Hello Confederate brothers and sisters.
It is my pleasure to make a post.Virginia Flaggers, I am very proud of you all. I started watching the attacks on all things Confederate in 2015. My first action was to discontinue any and all business with Wal-Mart when they removed Confederate items. Narrow minded. I am blown away each time I travel up and down I-95 at Va. mile post 40. The first time I saw it at night gave me chills. Spectacular.
I live in Pennsylvania and also own property down in Florida. On as many weekends that i can I go to Gettysburgh Pa and fly a series of flags on a 17' or so pole. i designed it to tell a story of our country and the Confederate flag dominates the story pole. Mostly receive positive responses but every now and then an angry one pops up and they usually don't give me a chance to respond. I currently belong to 2 groups. (SSH) Save Southern Heritage, Florida Chapter. CRA Confederate Riders of America. Down in Florida I have flagged in St. Augustine and McAlpin. It would be great to know when you VA Flaggers get together and I would love to show up with my flag display and give some more honor to those CSA heroes. We had some good election results down in Florida recently. I was definetly bummed out with the Governor situation in VA.
I don't visit any of the sites like facebook etc. But if there is someway to be in the loop down there that would be awesome. Keep up the good work. Ben.