Saturday, June 22, 2013

Godspeed and Best Wishes Kristian

On Saturday afternoon, June 22nd, the Va Flaggers gathered to say farewell to our Norwegian friend, Kristian Arntzen, who returns Tuesday to his home.

Kristian has been in the U.S. working on an anthropology thesis for his studies at the University of Oslo. After seeing the Va Flaggers on the Boulevard in Richmond, Kristian became intrigued by our movement, and passion for our heritage, and soon joined us in our endeavors. He was able to observe us and study firsthand the Southern Heritage Movement in the United States, and we were able to teach him about the War Between the States and the honor and bravery of our ancestors.

Along the way, a mutual friendship was formed, and today we presented Kristian with several tokens of our appreciation, including the signed flag pictured here. We wish you all the best Kristian, and will be praying for safe travels home, and an A+ on that thesis!

God bless you, always!


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Awesome! Could you post contact information for Kristian?

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What it iz.

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