Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Unreconstructed Virginia State Flags Now Available - Marking the 158th Anniversary of her Birth

The Virginia State Flag celebrates its 158th anniversary today!
Ours is a state flag steeped deeply in Confederate History and Heritage. Born and bathed in secession, her first four years of existence was to fly over the brave Confederate soldiers and citizens of Virginia. It was Robert E Lee who gave it original luster, flying the flag made of the seal his own Great-Uncle helped to create. The motto is world famous and has endured the test of time.  Even the beautiful Salute to the Virginia Flag was written by a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and is based directly on the Salute to the Confederate Flag.
To mark the occasion, the Va Flaggers are pleased to introduce a 3x5 version of the 1861 "Unreconstructed" Virginia State Flag, available for purchase from our new online store!

Order yours here:

Fly the only Virginia State flag the Virginia Flaggers fly, this affordable reproduction of the TRUE Virginia state flag of 1861.

Happy Virginia State Flag Day, ya'll!

"From Virginia sprung the Southern Mind, a mind which favoured the local community, Burkean conservatism, the folkways of ancestors, an unwavering orthodox Christian faith." ~ Alphonse Vinh

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