Friday, November 27, 2015

Susan Hathaway and the Va Flaggers -- Holiday Reflections

I frequently get messages from friends and supporters, with links to blog posts, websites, or FaceBook pages that are filled with baseless and vicious attacks on me personally, or the Virginia Flaggers. Although I appreciate that others are letting us know about these hate sites and posts, I decided long ago not to read or pay any attention to what they had to say. There are several folks who keep a close eye on them, and will let me know if there is something that I may need to know as far as it concerns my personal safety, or that of my family -- or more often, when I just need a good belly laugh. 

These folks have been screeching and squawking for over four years now, trying to get anyone to pay attention to their outrageous accusations and 7 degrees of separation ridiculous "gotcha" moments, with little or no success. They have falsely accused us of everything from digging up graves to put up flag poles, to stealing our own excavator,  to kidnapping, to having membership in the Klan. 

There are those who would have us spend time and money trying to get these people shut down. I am not one of them. As we are more and more successful, these "sore winners" become more bitter and churlish -- and their blogs, websites and FaceBook pages only serve to very clearly show their true intent and the depth of their deep-seeded hatred for all things Southern. Frequently, when someone stumbles upon one of their sites, or reads one of their posts, they get a glimpse of the real depravity of these folks, and we, and the Cause we represent, gain new support.

I am often asked if I have plans to sue any of these folks who so clearly are guilty of slander and libel. I have never really been inclined to devote time and resources to such matters. Besides, most of them hide behind fake profiles, bogus user names, and blogs with no identification. Ironic, is it not, that the folks who released our names on a bogus KKK list... with the obvious intent to bring harm to innocent people... are the ones wearing the hoods and masks...?

The bottom line is this... I am glad these folks are doing what they do. In Romans 8:28, God promises that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." He very clearly said ALL things, and this is no exception. 150 years after Lee surrendered, these people are every day providing hard evidence of the real differences between us and them, and should serve to remind us all to pause every day to thank God for our noble birthright, and to never stand down from our duty to defend the honor and good name of the Confederate soldier.

Susan Hathaway
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Soldier Grigsby said...

Susan Frise Hathaway for President. HUZZAH! My deep respect,

Unknown said...

Ideal image of a southern girl swattin' blue belly yanks