Monday, November 2, 2015

Hoax "Anonymous" Hate List Makes False Accusations

We received word late last night that my name… and the names of several other Virginia Flaggers… were included on a list of names that is being circulated as a “confirmed” list of KKK members, revealed by the internet group “Anonymous”.

The list also includes members of the Va Division, SCV, and two past Commanders in Chief, among others.

It is obvious to anyone of reasonable intelligence that this list is NOT anything that the “real” Anonymous would have released. The personal information is nothing more than that which any citizen can find in a simple google search, is riddled with sophomoric errors, and the links cited all refer back to the hate bloggers who have nothing of substance to offer.

There is absolutely NO proof offered that any of the people on the list have any connection to the Klan, in any way, shape, or form.

I can also speak for myself to say that I have never been a member of any such organization, never known anyone who was, and have never even heard of anyone who has. Anyone who knows me knows full well how laughable this accusation truly is, but I have no desire to parade my personal life on display in an attempt to prove anything to these people. I am comfortable letting my words, deeds, and actions speak for me, and have little concern for the ignorant assumptions and opinions of people so wholly unconnected to me or mine.

What is also obvious is that this list is a cruel and vicious hoax. By publishing the personal information of the most vocal and outspoken Southern Heritage activists, and labeling them as “KKK members”, these people have incited some of the most sadistic and hateful attacks and threats that we have ever witnessed. They even went so far as to publish the names of my children. All of this with one purpose in mind… to intimidate and silence those who have the unmitigated gall to disagree with their version of “truth”, and who are unwilling to go away quietly.

We are working with local, state and federal authorities to track down the source of this defamation, and to investigate the threats that have been received as a result of this false post.

Please reference this link, which clearly proves the fraudulent nature of this “list”…

This latest assault serves, once again, to accentuate the clear and very real differences between those of us who have decided to take a public stand for our Confederate Ancestors, and those who are clearly threatened by our very existence. 

My response can be best summed up in one of my favorite Jane Austen quotes:
"My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me."

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers

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