Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Virginia's Robert E.Lee Will Remain In Statuary Hall in the US Capitol

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!
Robert E. Lee will remain in statuary hall in the U.S. Capitol! 
HB1099, which called for the removal of the statue from Virginia's representation, died in the House Rules Committee today. It was the last of the monument and memorial destruction bills in the Virginia General Assembly to die in committee.
The citizens of Virginia overwhelmingly favor protecting all monuments and memorials and lawmakers are getting the message loud and clear.
Thank you all for your many phone calls and emails to Virginia lawmakers. Please take a moment to contact your state representatives one more time and urge them to continue to fight to protect our monuments and memorials.
Stay tuned for ways you can help with offensive strategies to prepare for NEXT YEAR and more information on current battles. We have not yet begun to fight.

All glory to God.  All honor to our Confederate ancestors. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Monument Tarps in Charlottesville Removed AGAIN Tuesday Evening

BREAKING. The tarps are down AGAIN!

Lee and Jackson ride again in Charlottesville, for the fourth time in four days... and the 12th time since City Council covered the monuments with hideous black tarps after a Charlottesville judge ruled that they could not be moved. 

Citizens are fed up with the childish behavior and hateful rhetoric of former Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy and his pals on City Council. 

Today’s tarp removal commemorates one year since City Council voted to violate state law and attempt to remove the magnificent equestrian statues of Lee and Jackson. Their hateful action has led to numerous law suits, violence, falling revenues, and chaos in the city. 

It is fitting that Lee and Jackson will mark the occasion free of their coverings, and that the citizens of Charlottesville can pay their respects one year after the vote that sent the city on a downhill spiral. 

We will win this fight... because we love Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the men who served under them, more than they hate them. 


Monday, February 5, 2018

Illegal Tarps Removed from Charlottesville Monuments Three Times in 24 Hours One Day Before Judge Hears Arguments

Charlottesville Monument Court Update:

As we mentioned earlier, there is very little to report...

In court today, the Judge did not rule on the tarps, or the monument removal question. The City of Charlottesville argued that the tarps should stay up until August 12th, still claiming they are "mourning shrouds". Attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that the tarps violate state law and were put up without regard for the protection of the monuments. The judge has set a date of February 27th for his ruling on the tarps.

There is no date set for the monument removal case. There was discussion of setting a date for as early as October, 2018...and as late as February, 2019.

On a very positive note, the injunction is still in place and City Council cannot move either monument, by order of the judge.  

In the meantime, we thought y'all would enjoy this photo taken this morning, before the city re-tarped the monuments after the tarps were removed again last night, for the third time in 24 hours.

We reported yesterday that the City of Charlottesville pulled men off of duties relating to public safety and inclement weather on Sunday to have them re-tarp the Lee and Jackson monuments after they were cut loose overnight. During the course of the day, they were cut loose and re-covered a total of three times.

Check out these photos of the damage done to the park by the equipment brought in to put the illegal tarps back up during the inclement weather.

It is apparent that Wes Bellamy and his friends on City Council have no problem wasting taxpayer money and putting the public safety at risk, all to satisfy their hate-filled agenda to rid Charlottesville of every trace of its Confederate history and heritage.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Confederate Heritage Supporters Not Going Quietly Into the Night

After spending the day cleaning up our FaceBook page of vulgar, hate-filled, and profane comments from monument haters, I am reflecting on a truth that is absolute, but not universally acknowledged: 

Those that attack us, our monuments, and our Confederate ancestors are almost ALWAYS left wing, Godless radicals, who hate us because our heritage is deeply rooted in our Christian faith. 

A quick peek at the social media profile of most of these individuals will almost ALWAYS reveal a liberal who hates everything conservative and is still throwing a giant temper tantrum over the fact that Trump won the election. They cannot stand the fact that WE help put him there, and decided to go after what they knew would hurt us the most, and what we treasure...our history and heritage...our kin. 

They are all consumed and blood thirsty, and have managed to spin and successfully propagate false narratives linking our memorials to everything from white supremacy, to slavery, to Jim Crow; lies that are blindly accepted and repeated by the main stream media, academia, government run schools, and municipalities controlled by leftists. Their plan is to tear down our flags and monuments and bully us into submission. 

They will fail. 

They have greatly underestimated our resolve and our God. 150 years of Yankee subjugation has not extinguished the flame our grandfathers kindled, and neither will the removal of a few flags, monuments, and memorials.

They have forgotten whose blood flows through our veins.  

We will never forget. We will never forgive. We will never submit.

All glory to God.  All honor to the Confederate soldier. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lee-Jackson Day 2018 - All We Ask Is To Be Left Alone

Lexington authorities have spent weeks planning for the upcoming Lee Jackson Day weekend and we appreciate their diligence. I would imagine if you added up the cost of extra manpower and security over the past 7 years since City Council voted to prohibited the flags of Lee and Jackson to be flown from city light stands, it would be astronomical, not counting the lost revenue from the ongoing boycott.

There are some who REALLY want us to go away and let the matter drop. We keep telling them it’s real simple...

It’s cold. It’s January in the valley. We don’t particularly want to be standing on your streets for two days. Drop the silly flag ban, and let the flags of Lee and Jackson fly during the holiday. Flags go up on Friday, we come in on Saturday and attend an event for an hour, parade to W&L and have a service at Lee Chapel, and go home. Flags come down Monday morning.

It worked for years....peacefully and with great benefit to the city. It can work again. It ain’t rocket science. All we ask is to be left alone.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Despite An All Out Assault, The Confederacy Marches On

**Timeline Updated 1/2/2018**

Many of you have probably seen the latest hit piece from one of the Anti-Confederate bloggers, claiming that 2017 will go down as the "year the monuments came down". The haters and monument destroyers are declaring total victory and dancing in the streets.

Most people in the heritage community know all too well that symbols of Confederate history have been targeted for removal since the Charleston tragedy in 2015. Although the perpetrator of that atrocity had nothing to do with Confederate heritage, those who hate our heritage saw an opportunity and seized it.

There had been calls for removal of flags and monuments, and renaming of streets and parks for several years, but the calls grew louder and more strident after 2015. The Southern Poverty Law Center devoted a great deal of time and effort to charting the monuments' locations -- and slandering them as tokens of Jim Crowism due to the time periods in which they were erected.

What the SPLC doesn't admit is the fact that the "spikes" in their chart showing periods of monument raising coincided with the 25th, 50th and 100th anniversaries of the War Between the States, not Jim Crow legislation.

Despite the voices clamoring for Confederate destruction, it wasn't until late spring of 2017 that Mayor Mitch Landrieu started the monument removal craze in earnest, setting the precedent for removing them using untrained personnel under cover of darkness. Subsequently, monuments were removed in Baltimore, Tampa, St. Louis, Dallas and other places. In none of these cases were the people allowed to vote on the issue, and poll after poll proved the majority did not want the monuments taken down. 
YES, we have suffered some setbacks. YES we have lost some monuments in major cities. YES we need to be prepared for the fight that waits for us in 2018.


HOWEVER. What they are calling a "total victory" amounts to the removal of LESS THAN 5% of the Confederate monuments in the United States....and that's using the SPLC's VERY UNDER REPORTED numbers and the media's VERY EXAGGERATED numbers of removals. I believe the number is much more like less than 2% in reality. 

While some are claiming that 2017 was "The Year Confederate Monuments Came Down", it was also the year that Confederate monuments, along with other historical artifacts, came under the protection of state law in Alabama for the first time. It was the year that new monuments went up across the United Sates, and some existing ones were rededicated. It was the year in which dozens of new Confederate flags were raised.

Several news agencies and anti-Confederate bloggers posted timelines with monument and memorial removals.  We decided to do some research and create our own timeline.  This one shows new monuments, flags, and markers installed and dedicated since the removal of the battle flag from the South Carolina State House grounds in July of 2015. The list It is by no means 100% complete, and we encourage you to send us any additional items or corrections for updates, but even so, the list is extensive.  Take a look: 


The Confederacy Marches On

List of Confederate monuments, memorials, and flags installed, rededicated, or successfully defended since July of 2015


July -- Alamance County, NC --  County Commissioners vote 5-0 to keep the Alamance County Confederate monument in place after over 1500 attend a flag rally and pack the commission meeting.  ACTBAC, NC

July -- Richmond, VA -- New marker to Dr. Rufus Benjamin Weaver dedicated at Hollywood Cemetery

August  --  Bulloch County, Georgia -- Commissioners vote unanimously to leave the Confederate monument in Statesboro in place.

August -- Raybun County, Georgia -- County Commissioners vote to keep monument and flags dedicated to Rabun County soldier.

August -- Danville, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on Highway 58 the same day City Council votes to remove a 3x5 Third National from the Confederate monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.  Va Flaggers

August -- Danville, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised at Westover. Va Flaggers

August -- Danville, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised at Robertson Bridge - Va Flaggers

August -- Danville, Virginia --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on the Danville Expressway.  Va Flaggers

September --  Richmond, Virginia -- I-64 Kershaw’s Brigade Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised at Savages Station - Va Flaggers

September – Lithia, Florida – Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on Keysville Rd – Hillsborough Florida Flaggers

October  -- Shiloh, Tennessee -- New Mississippi Confederate monument dedicated by the SCV and UDC on the Shiloh Battle Field

October -- Danville, Virginia --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on the Danville Expressway -  Va Flaggers

November -- Danville, Virginia -  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised at Stokesland Cemetery - Va Flaggers

November -- Danville, Virginia --   Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on the Danville Expressway - Va Flaggers

November -- Danville, Virginia --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Hwy. 58 - Va Flaggers

November -- Danville, Virginia -  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised on Central Boulevard - Va Flaggers

December -- Danville, Virginia -- Danville Museum of History and Fine Arts Director Cara Burton announces her resignation after month of turmoil and backlash.  She was the first to call for the removal of the flag on the grounds of the Last Capitol.

December -- Roanoke, Virginia -- Roanoke City denies the NAACP’s request to prevent the 28th Virginia Infantry, SCV to carry Confederate flags in the annual Christmas parade.

December -- Holland, TX -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag installed and dedicated on SH95.  Major Robert M. White Camp #1250, SCV


February -- Prince George County, Virginia -- I-95 Wade Hampton Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated.  Va Flaggers

March – Lithia, Florida – Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on County Rd. 640 – Hillsborough Florida Flaggers

April -- Columbia, SC -- Battle Flag at the Citadel protected by state law

April -- Pensacola, FL -- Roadside memorial battle flag raised and dedicated on I-10 - Steven R. Mallory SCV Camp #1315

May -- The East Feliciana Parish -- Parish Police Jury voted unanimously to leave the Confederate Monument in Place in front of the Parish Courthouse in Clinton, LA.

May -- Dahlonega, Georgia -- New Confederate monument installed and dedicated on Memorial Day - Blue Ridge Rifles Camp #1860 SCV

May -- Stuart, Virginia -- Portrait of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart rededicated in a ceremony and placed on the wall of honor in the Patrick County municipal building.

May -- Danville, Virginia --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Highway 58 - Va Flaggers

May -- Danville, Virginia --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Highway 29 - Va Flaggers

May -- Danville, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Highway 29 - Va Flaggers

June -- Easton, Maryland -- Talbot County Council Votes to keep Confederate Statue on courthouse lawn.

June -- Swansea, South Carolina --  Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Highway 6 – Rhett Ingram/Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

June – Baltimore, Maryland -- New monument to William R. Clark, 1st Confederate Soldier killed in Baltimore by 6th Massachusetts, is dedicated.

July -- Lake Charles, Louisiana -- “The South’s Defenders” monument successfully defended.  City council voted 4-2 NOT to pass a resolution requesting its removal.

July -- Danville, Virginia -- Gen. William Lewis Cabell Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on US 29 Bypass - the largest to date in the Commonwealth.  - Va Flaggers

August -- Alexandria, Virginia -- State legislators refuse city's request to seek General Assembly approval to move the Confederate monument located there.

September -- Rustburg, Va - New Confederate Monument and Flags installed and dedicated.  Campbell Guards SCV Camp

October -- Fredericksburg, Virginia -- City Council rejects effort to rename section of Jefferson Davis Highway.

October -- Moore County, NC -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Jefferson Davis Highway - Nathan Bedford Forrest SCV Camp # 803

October -- Elm Springs, TN -- Groundbreaking for the new National Confederate Museum on the grounds of SCV National Headquarters.

November -- Burlington, NC -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised on Highway 49 - ACTBAC, NC

November -- Roxboro, NC -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on Hwy 158 East - Roxboro Grays SCV Camp 1932

November -- North Carolina -- Roadside Memorial Battle flag raised on Highway 321 - Maj. Charles Q. Petty SCV Camp.

December -- Easton, Maryland -- Talbot County reaffirms keeping Confederate Statue on courthouse lawn.

December -- Middlesex County, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised on Rt. 33 - Lane-Armistead SCV Camp #1772

December -- Danville, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised Mount Cross Road. - Va Flaggers


January -- Chesapeake, Virginia -- Chesapeake Expressway Jackson Greys Roadside Memorial Battle Flag installed and dedicated on the Chesapeake Expressway - Va Flaggers

February -- Reidsville, NC --- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised on Highway 87 - ACTBAC, NC

February – Riverview, Florida – Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Balm Riverview Road – Hillsborough Florida Flaggers

February -- Mathews County, Virginia --Confederate flag installed and raised at Fort Nonsense, Lane-Armistead SCV Camp #1772.

April -- Hartsville, South Carolina -- Roadside Battle Flag raised on Highway 151. Confederate Patriots of America

May -- Montgomery, Alabama -- Gov. Kay Ivey signs into law the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act that requires local governments to obtain state permission before removing or renaming historically significant buildings and monuments.

May -- Charlottesville, Virginia - Judge issues injunction to halt the planned removal of the Robert E. Lee monument from LEE Park.

May -- Brandenburg, Kentucky - Confederate monument installed and dedicated in city riverfront park.

June -- Paris, Texas -- Court rules Confederate monument will stay.

June -- Gettysburg, PA --  Hundreds attend the rededication of the Virginia Monument on the 100th anniversary of its dedication - Maryland Division, SCV

July -- Mathews County, Virginia -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raise on Cricket Hill Rd. - Lane-Armistead SCV Camp #1772

July -- Rockville County, MD -- Confederate monument erected at site of ferry used at the Dickerson-Leesburg crossing, named for Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early, a Confederate general who reached the outskirts of Washington during an 1864 raid.

July -- Newton, NC -- Roadside Memorial Battle Flag installed and raised on Rt. 16, George Rabb Confederate Memorial Park dedicated - CF Connor Camp #849 SCV

August  -- Phoenix, Arizona -- Governor Doug Doucy tells the press the state's Confederate monuments are part of history and it is not his mission to tear them down.

August --  Patrick County, Virginia --County supervisors pass resolution of support to rotect, maintain and not remove the county's Confederate Monument.

August -- Chickamauga, Georgia -- statue to Confederate soldiers raised by SCV

August  --  Hacker group "Anonymous" threatens vandalism at 13 Confederate Monuments across the South. Patriots convened to protect and guard each one, resulting in NO vandalism or destruction at any of the threatened locations.

August -- College Station Texas -- Texas A&M officials announce that statue of Gen. Sull Ross will not be removed.

August -- Chapel Hill, NC -- University of North Carolina refuses Governor Cooper's offer to remove Silent Sam.

August   -- Corinth, Mississippi -- Col W P Rogers Monument guarded by police and citizens after online threat

August -- Talbot County, Maryland -- County Council reaffirms its decision to leave the “Talbot Boys” Confederate monument in place.

August -- National Parks Service announces all Confederate monuments and memorials will remain on park property.

August -- Crenshaw County, Alabama -- New Confederate monument installed and dedicated at Confederate Memorial Park, Alabama SCV

September  -- Tyrone, Georgia -- Town Council voted 3 to 1 to keep in the Town Hall a mural depicting a Confederate soldier after a state representative called for the mural's removal.

September --  Virginia Beach, Virginia - Confederate monument can't be moved in Virginia Beach, city attorney says

September  -- Ft. Myers, Florida -- Officials decide Robert E. Lee statue will remain downtown, Lee portrait will remain in County Commission building, and Lee remains as county name.

September -- Aiken, SC -- New monument erected in  by the Bernard Bee Camp 1575, SCV.

September - Lexington, Virginia - VMI officials announce they will not remove any Confederate monuments or memorials on school property.

September -- Loudon County, Virginia -- Board of Supervisors vote NO to a request to ask State permission to remove Confederate monument at the Leesburg Courthouse.

October  -- Chattanooga, Tennessee -- Hamilton County Commission votes to keep the bust of Confederate General A.P. Stewart in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse

October  -- Prince William County, Virginia  -- Supervisors reject effort to rename section of Jefferson Davis Highway.

October   -- Harrisonburg, Virginia -- Marker dedication at the Turner Ashby Monument

October -- Delaware Confederate Monument expansion completed after the local NAACP’s demand for it to be removed was denied in the summer of 2017.

October -- Hamilton County, Tennessee -- Hamilton County Commission vote to keep the bust of Confederate General A. P Stewart in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse.

October – Richmond, Virginia – Confederate flag installed and dedicated in Confederate Ladies’ plot at Riverview Cemetery – Richmond-Stonewall Jackson Chapter #1705, United Daughters of the Confederacy.

November – Dallas, Texas -- City halts plans to tear down UDC6 War Memorial and the Denton County Confederate Arch Monument.

December  -- Richmond, Virginia --  City council voted against one councilman’s recommendation to seek the permission of the General Assembly to move the Confederate monuments on Monument Avenue

December --  Easton, Maryland -- Talbot County reaffirms keeping Confederate Statue on courthouse lawn.

December -- Mathews, Virginia - Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised on Rt. 14 - Lane-Armistead SCV Camp 1772

December – Riverview, Florida – Roadside Memorial Battle Flag raised and dedicated on Big Bend Road – Hillsborough Florida Flaggers
Quite a list...and it is growing!

Folks, now is not the time to throw in the towel or have a pity party. Now is the time to rise up and join us in the fight.  Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and step up our monument defense strategies, and put plans for new monuments, memorials, and flag sites into high gear.

Let's make 2018 "The Year That The Confederacy Fought Back" !
"Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."
Patrick Henry, St. John's Church, Richmond, VA, 1775

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Epic Fail: Stafford County Black Lives Matter Flag Fundraiser Falls Short, Project Abandoned

You may recall that our Fredericksburg I-95 Memorial Battle Flag has been in the news quite a bit over the last few months.

In September, the Stafford County Attorney announced that there was absolutely nothing that Stafford County could do to force the removal of the flag that flies 24/7 in what was recently described as the busiest corridor of I-95, even if they wanted to, because it flies on private property and is protected by the First Amendment.


This announcement was made after agitators attended several County Board of Supervisors meetings, demanding the county take action to have the flag removed. Supervisors have repeatedly informed the agitators that the flag was erected with all necessary permits and following all regulations.

In response, a Fredericksburg area couple filed a complaint, claiming that the flag pole and flag violated zoning ordinances and attempted to convince county officials that the flag was actually a sign, "advertising" for the Va Flaggers.


In early December, after a two month long investigation, county officials once again announced that the flag site did not violate any ordinances and was free to fly on private property. 


In the meantime, much press attention was given to a woman who filed a permit to raise a large "Black Lives Matter" flag in her back yard in Stafford.  Her antics made national news and her "go fund me" page quickly raised $8,500 of the $25,000 she claimed to need to raise the flag.

This morning, we received news that Susan Kosior, the woman behind the Black Lives Matter flag raising scheme, has officially thrown in the towel.  Apparently, her fund raising efforts fell flat and the $8,500 she raised was not enough for a pole, much less the installation and flag cost.

After facing criticism from neighbors and citizens, Ms. Kosior has announced she is giving up the project entirely and moving back to New York.


We have no idea what will become of the money collected for the flag that will never be raised, but we certainly wish we could personally send a thank you note to every donor for (apparently) financing her move back to New York...and OUT OF DIXIE.

If this isn't #winning, we don't know what is.  ;)

In the meantime, all of the press attention apparently stirred up and emboldened local troublemakers, who managed to vandalize the site in early October.  The pole was spray painted and the criminals attempted to cut the cable and steal the flag.  They failed.

The graffiti was quickly removed, the damaged cable replaced, and video surveillance cameras added to the site.

Yesterday, our Guardians from the Stafford Light Artillery SCV Camp #2247 spent the morning changing out the 20x30 Army of Tennessee flag.  The existing flag was beginning to show slight wear and it was removed for repairs, and a new flag was raised in its place.
Many thanks to all of you whose support makes the installation and maintenance of these flag sites possible...to the landowners who step up and lease us the property...and to all of our Guardians of the Flags who volunteer to maintain and care for the sites.

We are pleased to be wrapping up 2017 with more flags flying than when the year started, several more projects under construction...and one less meddlesome Yankee in the Commonwealth.


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