Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shad Planking Goes PC - Wakefield Ruritan Boots Confederate Heritage Group From Annual Event

The annual Shad Planking in Wakefield, Virginia was at one time the biggest political event in the Commonwealth. It offered citizens a chance to interact with candidates one on one and was an event that allowed all Virginians to have a voice. 

Scenes like this one in 2011, captured by the media were common place. 
In 2013, the Virginia Flaggers attended the event and were able to give some scalawag politicians a pretty good flagging, in spite of the entourage/bouncers they had with them...
Apparently, this did not sit well with some of the establishment candidates.  When we returned the following year, new signs were in place...
In spite of the new restrictions, our exhibitor booth enjoyed heavy traffic and great support.  We were told we were one of the most popular booths at the Shad Planking.  We exhausted our supply of stickers, flags, and cold drinks by the end of the day and had a great time chatting with citizens and politicians. 
We participated as an exhibitor in 2014 and 2015 with great success and without any word from the Wakefield Ruritan of any problems or issues.

We sat out 2016 due to scheduling issues, and were excited to return in 2017 and have the chance to get back to the event.

Our application and payment for exhibitor space was mailed on March 13th, 2017.  On March 22nd, the Wakefield Ruritan notified us that our application had been rejected.  Our check was returned with a letter stating "the Wakefield Ruritan Club reserves the right to reject applicants", no other explanation, and instructions to contact Chris Simms, Festival Chairman if we had any questions.

There was no reply to our email to Mr. Simms, asking for an explanation.  
It is obvious that the Wakefield Ruritan is bowing to the pressure of the politically correct establishment and the liberal left.  In 2016 they hired a PR firm to help make the event more "welcoming" to all.

Apparently, Southern Heritage does not fit the new image of the "Shads, Grapes, and Grain Festival".
From their website:
Contact the Shad, Grapes and Grains Festival
(804) 731-5236
P.O. Box 148
Wakefield, VA 23888

Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome to Virginia! Massive Confederate Flag Flies Again on I-95 in Fredericksburg

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce that the I-95 Fredericksburg Memorial Battle Flag is flying high once again, with several new improvements.

Last month, the original rope broke and the task of getting a lift back to the site to make repairs turned out to be quite a challenge.  We were finally able to complete the work earlier this week, and a new 20x30 Battle Flag was raised Wednesday evening.
Along with a new rope and flag, we were thrilled to place the first of our new flag pole toppers, a beautiful Confederate Cross of Honor.  It turned out even more stunning than we had invisioned and we hope to add them to all of our original and future sites in the coming months.
In addition, we have started adding "tattoos" to our poles, marking the date of the dedication.  

Many thanks to Rhett Ingram and the Stafford crew who assisted him in getting this one back up and flying, just in time to welcome spring break travelers to Confederate Virginia!

This photo was sent in from a passer-by today...

Finally, for your information, Our Guardians of the Flags were busy yesterday lowering our Highway Memorial Battle Flags across the Commonwealth, in preparation for severe storms expected over the next 24-48 hours.

In an attempt to save wear and tear on the flags and poles, we make every effort to remove the flags ahead of high winds. The flags will return once the threat has passed and it is safe for our volunteers to raise them once again.

As always, we wish to offer our most sincere thanks to all of those who help watch over, protect, and maintain our 25 flag sites in Virginia. God bless the Guardians of the Flags!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rockbridge County TCO Board to Vote on "Appropriateness" of Confederate Flag Today

Since our last report, we have been very busy and have much to share, starting with recent developments in Lexington, Virginia.

As you may recall, at the request of the landowner, we temporarily removed the 60 West Memorial Battle Flag pole and flag that was raised on Lee-Jackson Day earlier this year.

Since then, we have filed a request for a "Certificate of Appropriateness" from the Rockbridge County Tourism Corridor Overlay Board.  Our application is on the agenda to be discussed and voted on by the board at its monthly meeting at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.

We have also filed for a building permit for the same site, to reinstall the flag and pole once the certificate is issued.

In the meantime, the fallout from the harassment by Rockbridge County has been swift and overwhelming.  We have applied for and received a building permit to double the size of the first flag site at Jackson's Farm on Rt. 60 East on the east size of Lexington.  What was a 50' pole will soon be 100'.  

We also have several new interstate sites under development in Lexington, and this order of poles is complete and will be shipping soon...
Over a dozen landowners on Rt. 60 in Lexington have contacted us about having memorial battle flags placed on their property.  We are in the process of reaching out to each one and lining up the installations.

Thanks, Rockbridge County. You effectively traded one flag (temporarily) for a whole mess of new ones.

One day these people are going to learn to LEAVE US ALONE.

As always, we appreciate your continued and generous support.  We have no intention of backing down.

"Obstacles may retard, they cannot long prevent, the progress of a movement sanctified by its justice and sustained by a virtuous people." -- Jefferson Davis

Oakwood Cemetery (Richmond) Confederate Memorial Day Service Scheduled for May 13th

Confederate Memorial Day Service, Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

In 2014, the Virginia Flaggers revived a grand tradition of holding a Confederate Memorial Day Service at Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond. This year, we are once again holding a ceremony, and invite all to attend.

We are excited to have Ronnie Roach, SCV Army of Northern Virginia Commander as our Keynote speaker, and the service will include a processional, music by Pipe Major David Hinton, a Confederate Color and Honor Guard, other special guests, and a wreath laying ceremony.

Attendees in period attire wishing to participate in the processional through the cemetery, please arrive by 10:30 a.m.

FREE to the public, free parking, handicapped parking is available and the service will be interpreted for the hearing impaired.  All are welcome.

Email to bring greetings from your organization and/or lay a wreath.

Facebook event here:

Photos from last year's service here: 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Lexington 60 West Memorial Battle Flag Update - "The Flag is Not Coming Down"

As you may recall, Rockbridge county officials learned of our plans to raise a Confederate Battle Flag Memorial late on the Wednesday afternoon before Lee-Jackson Day in January. By the following morning, they had managed to gather enough information to put together a letter warning against the installation. This was followed up with a site visit by Sam Crickenberger, director of Community Development in Rockbridge County, in which the owner of the business that operates on the property reported that Crickenberger called him an {expletive} “for putting up a rebel flag”.
Curiously, since that confrontation, Rockbridge County officials have gone out of their way to let everyone know that their actions have “absolutely nothing” to do with the fact that a Confederate flag flies on the pole…and Mr. Crickenberger has all but disappeared from the discussion.
After the Lee-Jackson Day flag raising, Rockbridge County immediately followed with a letter with alleged code violations and instructions to remove the pole and flag. Today, Monday March 6th is the day that Rockbridge County had warned that they were going to start fining us if the pole was not removed. We have been prepared for this likelihood and have several supporters lined up to pay whatever fines are incurred. The flag is not coming down.
We maintain our position that the pole and flag do not violate any state or local statutes. The county is insisting that the pole and flag be approved by its “Tourism Corridor Overlay” (TCO) board before a building permit can be obtained. The same building permit, now suddenly required, after we were told it was NOT needed on the 2 previous installations in Rockbridge County, one of which is in the same “Tourism Corridor Overlay” zoning. During those inquiries, no address was ever even requested to check zoning when we were instructed that NO PERMIT WAS REQUIRED, period.
The required paperwork to obtain a “certificate of appropriateness” will be filed this week. Once it is issued, we will file for a building permit as requested. If, for some reason, we are denied a “certificate of appropriateness”, by the TCO board, we will be prepared to take legal action. In any case, the flag is not coming down.
Despite their claims otherwise, this is ABSOLUTELY about trying to prevent a Confederate flag from flying in the town that is the final resting place of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It’s about trying to intimidate citizens and bully those of us who dare to speak up and fight back. It’s about attempting to restrict the First Amendment rights of taxpaying citizens. It’s about pandering to the minority, and bowing to the PC false narratives that are being used as an excuse to attempting to erase our history and heritage.

CALL TO ACTION:  Please take a moment to contact Sam Crickenberger, Director of Community Development and urge him to put an end to his office’s harassment and ask him to work with us to identify and correct any legitimate violations and help expedite the requested TCO certificate and building permit.  Email: Phone:  (540) 464-9662  Mail:  150 South Main Street, Lexington, VA 24450
In the meantime, we are looking at additional sites in the area for new flag projects, as the publicity surrounding this one has led several folks to come forward and offer their land. As is typically the case, our support grows each time there is an attempt to stop us and we would like to thank all of those in Lexington, across the Commonwealth, and beyond who have stepped up to help.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Corey Stewart To Hold "Rally To Preserve Our Heritage" at Charlottesville City Hall

Corey Stewart, Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia, will host a rally TOMORROW night, Tuesday, February 21st at Charlottesville City Hall.  Corey has taken a vocal, high profile stand against the destruction of our history and heritage, and the left, as well as some in the Republican establishment, is attacking him with a vengeance.  We need to show up STRONG tomorrow evening to support him.

Email forward below with details:

I recently visited Charlottesville to fight against the removal of the Gen. Robert E. Lee Statue.

Make no mistake: The left won't stop at erasing Virginia's history. They won't be satisfied until they put down all dissenting opinion, at all times, in all places.

We cannot allow them to erase our heritage.

That is why this Tuesday, February 21st, we're returning to Charlottesville, this time to rally at steps of City Hall.

Please come and stand with me to protest the removal of General Lee's statue and help us stop this madness in its tracks.

The Rally to Preserve our Heritage will begin at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, February 21,

The City Council meeting begins at 7:00 PM, where they'll continue their effort to erase the proud record of one of Virginia's greatest heroes.

Without a doubt, the liberal agitators will try and shut our rally down.

We can't let them silence the voices advocating for Virginia's heritage.

General Lee is our heritageHe is our history. Robert E. Lee was a great American and Virginian. After the Civil War, General Lee spent the rest of his life working to reconcile and heal the country. His legacy is antithetical to the radicals who aim to destroy and divide, and it must be protected.

Join me and hundreds of other Virginians to protect our heritage in Charlottesville on Tuesday, February 21st at the steps of City Hall

Rally to Preserve our Heritage
Charlottesville City Hall
605 E. Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902
5:30 PM
RSVP here
For Virginia,

Corey Stewart

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fight to Save Lee Statue Heats Up On All Fronts - Chaos Erupts as Charlottesville Braces for Costly Lawsuits and Protests

We have received numerous inquiries for updates on the legal proceedings and other plans for Charlottesville after the vote to attempt to remove the RE Lee statue and rename LEE Park.  We have some new information to share with you…

From a legal aspect, we promised Charlottesville that there would be a heavy price to pay and we intend to deliver on that promise.  Our friends at “Friends of C’Ville Monuments” have been busy preparing the first lawsuits, and we expect that they will be filed in the next few days.  In the meantime, our attorney sent a letter to the City Attorney and City Council outlining our plans to follow up with more litigation over the next few months, and requesting the City Attorney do his job and stop this nonsense. 
On his advice, we will be setting up a separate fund that will be used not only to fund whatever legal action we deem necessary over the next few months, but will be a general fund which can be used to fight any and all future attempts to remove monuments in the Commonwealth…and to erect new ones to add to the landscape. Stay tuned for more information on how you can help.

In the meantime, the Governor’s race in Virginia has heated up after the swift and strong reaction by two of the Republican candidates.  As detailed in an earlier email, Corey Stewart and Denver Riggelman make strong statements condemning the vote to remove the monument, and vowed to fight to end the PC whitewashing of our history and heritage.  Meanwhile, Fellow Republican candidate Ed Gillespie, a political strategist whom Stewart derides as “Establishment Ed,” said in a statement that he doesn’t support moving statues but that such decisions are...ready for this... "local issues". Gillespie is leading the Republican field in polling and campaign cash for the June primary. The fourth Republican candidate for governor, State Sen. Frank Wagner (Virginia Beach), says he opposes removing the statue, calling it “political correctness run amok.”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, who represented Charlottesville in Congress from 2009 to 2011, supports the statue’s removal as part of creating a more inclusive environment. Lt. Gov Ralph Northam, the Democratic front-runner in the gubernatorial contest, has said local communities should make decisions about Confederate symbols, but held up Charlottesville as a model for creating a “welcoming community.”

Disappointing, but not surprising that the leading Republican in the race has decided to “play it safe” and side with Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who used the “local issue” excuse to veto legislation that would have closed a possible loophole in our veterans memorial statute.  Corey Stewart not only made a strong statement, he visited the RE Lee statue on Saturday, and was attacked by some of Charlottesville’s local social justice thugs.  Good video here…

Corey has also planned a follow up press conference in Charlottesville for NEXT Tuesday, February 21st, at 5:30 pm at Charlottesville City Hall.  We urge EVERYONE to make an effort to attend and support his efforts!

Finally, we have been very busy fielding calls, messages, and emails from concerned citizens in and around Charlottesville.  The result is the acquisition of land for THREE new Confederate Battle Flag Memorials to be erected in and around Charlottesville, one of which will be a massive one on Interstate 64.  We are finalizing details, but expect to move quickly to get these up and flying and need your help.  If you would like to help make this happen, please consider a gift to the Va Flaggers Memorial Battle Flag Projects Fund.  Make checks payable to “Va Flaggers” and mail to P.O. Box 547, Sandston, VA 23150, or contribute through PayPal here…

We truly believe the tide is turning in the Commonwealth.  Efforts to remove the Confederate monument in Alexandria failed after local legislators refused City Council’s request that they petition the legislature for permission to move it.  Mayoral candidates in Richmond and Portsmouth who supported monument removal were defeated or removed from office, and a groundswell of anger against the PC attempt to whitewash our history and heritage is growing.  Even in Charlottesville, the fa├žade is crumbling.  Disgraced Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, who was behind the push to remove the monument, faces a recall challenge in court, after volunteers collected enough signatures from registered voters to petition the court.  This after new vile tweets were found and released over the weekend, which use graphic language and slurs against homosexuals. His partner in monument destruction, Kristin Szakos, has announced she will not seek re-election, and several pro monument Charlottesville citizens have stepped up to say they will run for office.

We are confident that not only will the Lee Monument be saved, but ALL monuments and memorials in Virginia will remain, but we are determined that this is, now more than ever, the time to push forward and not let up, even for a moment.

Stay tuned for more information and ways that you can join us!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Va GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Vow To Fight Lee Monument Removal, Protect ALL Veterans Memorials

On the heels of the Charlottesville City Council vote to attempt to violate Virginia State Law and remove the Robert E. Lee monument from LEE Park, two of Virginia's Republican candidates for Governor have released statements condemning the vote, and vowing to fight to protect the Lee monument and ALL of our veterans' memorials.
Statement from Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Denver Riggleman: 
(Afton, VA) - In response to the Charlottesville government voting to take down the Robert E Lee Statue and renaming Lee Park, Denver Riggleman released the following statement:
"This continued assault from Democrats on Virginia's history and heritage is unacceptable. As Governor, I will protect the monuments of our heritage, but not just of the Civil War mind you. As Governor, I would be willing to explore memorializing more of our history, not less. 
Instead of tearing down a statue of Robert E. Lee, which will cost residents over $300,000, why are they not looking to spend that money erecting a monument to Maggie L. Walker, a Virginian, an African American, and first female president of a bank in the United States?
Not only are they standing in conflict with a number of Virginia's laws, but they are spitting in the face of veterans of every conflict - no reminder of any sacrifice by any veteran of any conflict should be torn down by the liberal thought police.
And if Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer wants to keep poking the rest of Virginia in the eye with this sort of nonsense with our statues and making statements about Charlottesville being the "capital of resistance," he is going to wish that he would be allowed to make Charlottesville a sanctuary city, because I am coming. No more anarchy. No more lawlessness. No more of this nonsense. Virginians are tired of the tyranny of political correctness. So am I. It ends with a Riggleman administration."

Statement from Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Corey Stewart: 
Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart delved into the controversy involving Charlottesville City Council's vote to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the city's central square.

"You cannot revise history. Only tyrants attempt to erase history. This is tantamount to denouncing your own heritage," Stewart said.

The Council voted to remove the statue on Monday. Stewart said that he is actively recruiting candidates to challenge the councilmen who supported the measure and that he will be supporting the lawsuit challenging the Council's actions.

"I will do whatever I need to, both now and as Governor, to stop this historical vandalism," Stewart said. "We must fight to protect Virginia's heritage."  
As of this writing, we have received no response from GOP candidate Ed Gillespie from our inquiry for his position.
Please take a moment to contact Riggleman and Stewart and THANK them for their bold stand and offer your support!
9520 Rockfish Valley HWY
Afton, VA 22920
Phone Number: 434-906-8982
PO Box 2128, Woodbridge, VA 22195

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Charlottesville City Council Votes to Violate State Law - Will Attempt to Tear Down Lee Monument

Last night, in a city council meeting that once again resembled more of a circus than a representative form of government, Charlottesville City Council voted 3-2 to attempt to tear down the magnificent equestrian statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from its place in LEE Park.  Against the advice of its own City Attorney, its self-appointed Blue Ribbon Commission, and the wishes of the overwhelming majority of its citizens, they voted to violate state law in order to carry out their campaign of hate and bigotry.  Tensions were high and police had to escort several people out of the meeting when tempers boiled over into fighting, all a result of the divisive climate created by City Council.  A 10 year old girl who stood to address city council was actually booed loudly by the monument haters and others were the target of their jeers and taunts.

The majority of the speakers last night spoke eloquently and passionately for keeping the monuments.  Perhaps one of the most poignant moments was when Kenneth Jackson, an African-American and life-long member of the community got up and called Bellamy out for the chaos, hate, and division he and Szakos have caused in the community. He received thunderous applause and cheers for his comments, which included…

 “I can tell y’all, we didn’t have these issues. We grew up together. I used to walk through every neighborhood,” he said. “Don’t play black folks for a fool. This disgusts me — and you’re supposed to be our leaders? Our parents didn’t hate the statue.”
The few that spoke for removal, like the council members who voted to do the same, blamed the Robert E. Lee monument for everything from white supremacy…to Jim Crow…to President Trump.  It was obvious to anyone there that this entire process was a set up from the start.  Comments from council member Kristin Szakos, Wes Bellamy, and Bob Fenwick were so ridiculous that they brought outbursts of laughter from the council chambers… reflective of the fact that the entire county is laughing at them, as well.  The biggest rise came when Fenwick had the nerve to complain about the fact that Wes Bellamy had received messages that came from folks who were obviously “racist”.  Poor Wes was apparently so shook up that he spent the entire meeting staring at his laptop, even when citizens were speaking.  Apparently not much has changed since he tweeted “I really tune out when white people talk in community meetings” just a few short years ago…
The fate of the monument was decided by three people.  Councilman Kristin Szakos,  a leftist extremist who has called for the removal for years put forth the proposal.  The motion was seconded by disgraced Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, who led the charge to tear down the monument last spring, and was forced to resign from both the State Board of Education AND his position as a teacher in Albermarle County Schools after numerous vulgar and vile racist, sexist and homophobic tweets were uncovered and published.  The third and deciding vote came from Bob Fenwick, a spineless, career politician who flip flopped after voting no just two weeks ago.  One can only imagine what happened in the past two weeks to purchase that vote.  Mayor Mike Signer and Councilman Kathy Galvin voted to keep the statues, but they are no friends to us our any citizen who honors Confederate heritage.  In their comments, they both made it clear that they have also bought (hook, line and sinker) into the false white supremacy/racist/slavery narrative that has so permeated this entire process.  They basically apologized for voting no. 
For those of you who had not been following our ongoing war with Charlottesville City Council, the vote last night was not unexpected. We were prepared and if you had to sit through any of those meetings you understand why we are actually glad it finally happened and we no longer have to sit through meeting after meeting waiting for the shoe to drop. Our attorney will be sending a letter today, detailing what action is forthcoming, and we understand lawsuits and injunctions will be filed by others as soon as the courthouse doors open this morning.

The social justice activist extremists in Charlottesville have voted to violate state law and even bragged about it in their comments. Fenwick, in his comments, says he "welcomes lawsuits". Apparently, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is no big deal when it's taxpayer money that is being wasted.

The statues aren't going anywhere. These people actually think things will quiet down now. They are mistaken. We have not yet begun to fight.  
We are well prepared for this next battle, but will need help and support. Poles are under construction as we type for new flag sites in and around Charlottesville, and we are working on several other surprises.  Please stay tuned for more information about how you can help.  It is our prayer that this action by Charlottesville City Council will have the effect that so many others have awaken thousands more to action to defend our history, heritage, and the good name of the Confederate soldier.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Chester I-95 Memorial Battle Flag is Back... Bigger and Better Than Ever!

New flag, new pole, and new, higher elevation for our very first flag site!
After months of site work and hundreds of phone calls, messages and letters from concerned citizens asking about when the flag would return, the Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce that a new flag has been raised on a brand new pole, on the site of our very first roadside memorial battle flag on I-95 in Chester, Virginia.
The new higher elevation of the site mean greatly improved visibility for the 20x30 flag that was raised Saturday afternoon. As we worked this weekend, we were encouraged when a number of folks pulled over to thank us for getting the flag back up.  Thumbs up's and honks of approval were heard repeatedly.  
The Virginia Flaggers wish to offer sincere thanks to our friends at Dixiana Steel for their help in the fabrication and installation of the new pole, to all of our flaggers and supporters who have helped with the site work over the past few months, and to all of YOU, whose generous financial support makes these projects possible.