Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rockbridge County Wants Confederate Flag Memorial on Private Property Removed

Actions by county officials spur additional flag sites and rally supporters of Confederate history and heritage. 

We have received several inquiries regarding the reports out of Rockbridge County of alleged code violations regarding the 60 West Lexington Roadside Memorial Battle Flag that was raised on Lee-Jackson Day, Saturday, January 14th.

Apparently, someone notified the county on Wednesday afternoon, January 11th, that a Confederate flag was scheduled to be raised on Lee-Jackson Day weekend. By Thursday morning, a letter had been drafted by the Rockbridge County Office of Community Development, warning of several alleged violations and threatening fines and other action if the pole was installed. Three different VDOT crews came out Thursday and verified that two of the alleged violations were false, and the Director of Community Development, came out to the flag site and made it clear to the shop owner that he did not approve of the fact that he was raising a Confederate Flag. By the end of the day, and after reviewing the information given, we concluded that county officials were simply trying to intimidate us and prevent the pole from being installed. It was installed late Thursday, January 13th, according to the same state and local building codes followed at the two previous installations in Rockbridge County.

The 20’ x 30’ Confederate Battle Flag was raised in a ceremony the morning of Lee-Jackson Day. Hundreds showed up in the cold rain to see her dedicated to the Glory of God, and in memory and honor of Generals Lee & Jackson, and all of our Confederate heroes. On Tuesday, January 17th, The Va Flaggers, the landowner, and the shop owner, all received notices from the Office of Community Development with (new) alleged code and/or zoning violations. Our attorney is reviewing the letter and state and local codes, and at this time we do not believe we are in violation. We have scheduled a meeting with county officials next week to further discuss the matter.

After that meeting, and upon further review, we will decide whether to file an appeal and/or work with the county to bring the site into compliance IF any of the alleged violations are determined to be legitimate. In the meantime, the publicity brought by this remarkably swift and forceful action by Rockbridge County has stirred up many county residents who don’t like the appearance that the county is coming down hard on one of their citizens for flying a Confederate flag on private property. Since the news broke, we have received offers from no less than 4 landowners for additional flags sites in Lexington, and expect more to follow. We are confident that this matter will be resolved within the 45 days allotted, and that the 90’ pole (or perhaps one even higher) WILL be flying a Confederate Flag on 60 West for years to come.

Photo Courtesy Tredegar Droneworks


Unknown said...

"The flag and pole violate ordinances."
No, the ordinances violate the flag and pole.

"The Rockbridge County Damyankee-loving Board says to remove the flag and pole."
No, remove the Rockbridge County Damyankee-loving Board.

"Rockbridge County will fine you."
No, we will fine Rockbridge County.

Unknown said...

Good luck y'all. I know you will prevail :)

Unknown said...

Were praying for all Virginia flaggers and their cause. And for all who support our Confederate flags.

Unknown said...

HI im Mickey
Its on private property. tell them to go mind their own business. I would not take it down

Bruce B. said...

Good luck you all! We hope you prevail!

Unknown said...

Keep it flying!

Fred C Wilhite said...

Regardless of what "Those People" and their legal minions do, the Va Flaggers will prevail. For the County to state "We don't want you to put-up another Confederate Battle Flag" is no more than view point discrimination, and a violation of the first amendment!

Three cheers for the VA Flaggers and all the find folks in Lexington, VA who are willing to stand-up against the forces of Marxist evil!

Steve Gambone said...

It sounds like a possible case of ‘selective enforcement’ where local officials never bothered with such concerns for others in the past. Often times in such cases the government entities involved turn out to have violated the very same rules with impunity, or simply out of their own ignorance of the rules. So a request for the local government to show how they have always followed the rules for flagpole installations could be useful.

The officials might take such a request as a retaliation which isn’t what it is.

It’s more like... “Show us how you did it so we can follow your example or... let’s all learn how it’s supposed to be done, together.”

Unknown said...

Make sure you get lights for air traffic

The Right. said...

Beautiful work flaggers !

BorderRuffian said...

"Can't be within 20' of the right-of-way"

If that's true, then they need to apply the law equally.

See that canopy at the gas station ahead? The overhang is within the 20' buffer.