Sunday, January 29, 2017

Massive Roadside Confederate Battle Flag Raised on Chesapeake Expressway

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the dedication of the Chesapeake Expressway Jackson Greys Memorial Battle Flag.  On Saturday morning, the 8'x 8'  Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag was raised adjacent to Rt. 168, the heavily traveled expressway used to travel to the Outer Banks.  The site is located close to the toll booth, and one of our landowners mentioned that he gets a kick out knowing folks were going to have to pay $8 to get to see the flag!  

The flag is located just a few miles from the Jackson Greys monument, and was named in  honor of the men of the 61st Virginia Infantry, Co. A,   During the ceremony, Mrs. Jean Spencer, President of the Norfolk County Grays, Niemeyer-Shaw Chapter of the UDC shared a history of the unit.
Veterans of 61st Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company A  gather at the Jackson Greys monument in 1905.
Flag of the 61st Virginia Infantry
"This flag was in the Seven Days, this flag flapped at Chancelorsville;  this flag was on the ridge at Gettysburg, this flag went through all the experiences, and all the blood and slaughter at the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania Courthouse; this flag was at Reams Station;  this flag - my father saw it - came up the hill when the Crater was recovered at the end of July in 1864;  and this flag, with the tears of the men who bore it, was laid down on that red clay..."  
~ Douglas Southall Freeman
A crowd of over 100 was on hand to witness the historic event, the first roadside memorial battle flag raised in Southeastern Virginia.  
Passers-by began blowing their horns in support almost as soon as the flag was unfurled.

The crowd enjoyed music performed by Virginia Dare.  Commander John Sharrett of the Stonewall Camp #380, SCV,  presided over the service which included a blessing of the flag and prayers by Stonewall Camp Chaplain Bob Quisenberry.  A color guard from the Stonewall Camp, SCV presented the colors, and an honor guard from the Dismall Swamp Rangers fired a salute after the flag was raised.  
The Virginia Flaggers would like to thank all of those whose generous support makes these memorial flag projects possible.  The Jackson Greys Memorial Battle Flag is the 26th flag raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013, and the first flag site in Southeastern Virginia.  We wish to offer our sincere thanks to Commander John Sharrett and the men of the Stonewall Camp #380,  and the Norfolk County Grays Camp #1549, Sons of Confederate Veterans...along with members of the Dismal Swamp Rangers and Norfolk Light Infantry, North South Skirmish Association, for their help and assistance in completing this project, and as always, appreciate the dedication and commitment of the landowners who lease us the property for the memorials.



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