Friday, January 27, 2017

Confederate Flag and Portraits to Return to York County, South Carolina Courthouse

A Confederate flag  will once again be displayed in a county courtroom in South Carolina after the local official who removed it earlier this year acknowledged he did so in violation of state law.
York County, S.C. clerk of court David Hamilton removed the banner – and pictures of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson – when the local county courthouse was reopened this year after a six-year, $10 million renovation.
Now he’s thought better of this decision, citing its failure to conform with a state law governing the handling of both Civil War and Civil Rights monuments and markers.
“Upon a more formal review and inquiry regarding the Heritage Act, a stricter interpretation does limit the relocation,” he wrote in a statement to media outlets.
“Therefore, the items should be returned to the courtroom,” Hamilton’s letter added.
This decision came after a group had announced plans to flag the courthouse this weekend and a number of citizens had contacted the court to complain about the removal, and on the heels of continued outrage by South Carolina residents following the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Confederate Monument on the Statehouse grounds in Columbia by former governor Nikki Haley.


C.W. Roden said...

Some of us are still flagging tomorrow anyhow. A reminder that people still love that flag and won't allow it to be demonized.

Maeve Magdalen said...

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is at 3 p.m. on Sunday if anyone is close enough to come. There shall be a tour of the Courthouse as well as the opening of a time capsule and refreshments. York has a beautiful, historic downtown. We "backcountry" South Carolinians shall "keep the skeer on" and help ensure that the items are returned with honor.

Unknown said...

Thanks, and G-d bless you!