Thursday, January 5, 2017

Elderly Montana Man Among Those Planning to Travel to Lexington to Honor Lee & Jackson

We have heard from many folks who are planning to travel to Lexington for Lee-Jackson day this year, many for the first time.  This letter received from a supporter was particularly poignant: 

"Dear Friends,
Due to your emails about the malcontents who are not pleased with the annual Lee-Jackson Day observances in Lexington, I have determined to do a 4,000 mile round trip from Bozeman, Montana in mid-winter, alone. 

I will bring with me a new 3x5 Third National flag, pole with spear and shoulder straps with which to carry and strut my seventy-seven year old bones down Main Street or any other street for that matter.

I reserved a four night stay at the ***** hotel and from there will proceed under the direction of the Virginia Flaggers...

...Being that I am perched so far from the action, I have not once been able to be present when the Virginia Flaggers strike, but this Lexington matter was too much to keep me frozen still."

As ever,
Robert B
Bozeman, MT

We are touched by his devotion, inspired by his determination, and look forward to standing with him in Lexington.  

Jackson Monument Guards ~ Lexington, VA

Rally behind the Virginians!

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