Thursday, September 22, 2016

They Smear Us Because They Fear Us

Mr. Levin,

Your hit piece on Susan only encourages we Southerns. More flags will go up.

From my upcoming book on Captain Corker

Captain Corker headed a group of the boys to visit the “Crater”**. This “spot presented special interest to the survivors of the Third as they had helped to drive the enemy back from the “Mine” on the terrible day of the “Blow up,” and in the charge lost their intrepid ensign. Mayor Gregory (Petersburg, Va.) took the old battle flag of the Veterans and planted it amidst wild cheers upon the ramparts at the “Crater” and again it fluttered in the wind where more than eleven years before it had blazed defiantly in the face of the foe and was followed into “the jaws of death, into the mouth of hell” as cannon “bellowed and thundered.”

“The Augusta Chronicle, August 15, 1875”

The South was Right
 John C. Hall, Jr.

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C.W. Roden said...

Levin fears Susan because she has more courage and honor than that little (bleep) could ever claim to have. The Flogger F-ers fear the Flaggers because they are effective at what they do and are unashamed to take a proper stand.