Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dixie Rising - Ole Miss Students Protest State Flag Removal In a BIG Way

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty!  Students Flagging Ole Miss! 

A few months ago, the Virginia Flaggers raised money to purchase (2) massive 20' x 30' Mississippi State Flags, and sent them to Oxford in preparation for a roadside battle flag project there.  It appears that on Saturday, one of the flags somehow made its way to the student section, and was unfurled  as a show of support for the great state of Mississippi, and as a protest to Chancellor Vitter's decision to cave to the PC demands of leftists and remove the state flag from campus.

The results were phenomenal. The crowd cheered and shouted in appreciation and awe as the massive flag waved and was seen by thousands!  
There are reports that the flag was confiscated by the police shortly thereafter, who also carried out orders to harass students wearing a state flag sticker, carrying a sign, or carrying a state flag (without stick!)...

BREAKING: "Police Confiscate Flags, 'Dixie' signs at game. Threaten Arrest." University of Mississippi - 9/17/2016

"Students attending the Ole Miss v. Alabama football game this Saturday at the University of Mississippi reported police confiscating Mississippi State flags and 'Let the Band Play Dixie' posters within Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. University Police Officers were quoted by students as saying they were, 'ordered to take all state flags and ['Let the Band Play Dixie'] posters,' that their orders came, 'from the top,' and that they would use their, 'right to arrest,' those who did not comply. United States flags and non-Mississippi State flag or Dixie related posters were not confiscated.
Video here:

Mississippi State flags, 'Let the Band Play Dixie' posters, and stickers resembling the Mississippi State flag are increasingly being seen on campus in protest against the University's October 26th, 2015 decision to remove the Mississippi State Flag from campus as well as the school's decision to have the school marching band no longer play 'Dixie.'

"Today at the game, my younger brother had a (Mississippi State) flag in his pocket walking in. A woman saw it, asked him if it was an American flag, then made him unravel it and took it when she saw it was a state flag. That's absolutely ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the fact that we have to smuggle the state flag into home games. Welcome to the dream school of Jeff Vitter , the University of Nowhere." ~ Jack Vincent
Our friends at the "Our State Flag Foundation" report that while they have no clue who organized the giant flag unveiling, it has led to a HUGE spike in on-campus membership, which has been steadily growing in the weeks since they were admitted as an official student group and were allowed to set up a table at the Student Union.

In addition, students are starting to speak out, with TWO excellent letters published recently in the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN:

The news from Ole Miss is encouraging, as seen in photos below from the Grove on Saturday, but the folks at "Our State Flag Foundation" need your support.  For more information on how Ole Miss students can join the group or how you can help fund the purchase of more flags, stickers, and posters, please visit their website:

You can also donate directly to the student-led effort here:



Unknown said...

Good for those students! Why does the Chancellor infringe on their rights??

Unknown said...

Good for those students! Why does the Chancellor infringe on their rights??

William McGrath said...

Are things looking up for senseability, I think so!! Less PC GARBAGE ,AND MORE HERITAGE!!!

Les said...

Don't they have rights just like Colin?