Friday, May 27, 2016

A Fine Day for Honoring Heroes In Danville

Early morning, Saturday, May 21st brought heavy rain to Southside Virginia, that tapered off just prior to the 10:00 a.m. scheduled start time for flagging at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the home that served as the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

The sun was shining by 11:00 a.m., when 54 folks had gathered on the sidewalk in front of the museum.  So many, in fact, that we were able to spread out and cover both sides of Main Street!

The Heritage Preservation Association (HPA) has been flagging in Danville every Saturday for the past 12 weeks.  A reporter asked HPA President Wayne Byrd how long they were going to continue flagging. His response was quick and firm "Until the flag is put back up!"

The response by Danville citizens was overwhelmingly positive.  Honks, waves and shouts of support came from most of the vehicles that passed by and we had good conversations with many pedestrians who stopped by to see what was going on.  Shortly after we arrived, a man approached with three dozen donuts.  He said he had driven by a few minutes earlier and felt compelled to come back and bring us a treat to thank us for being out there and forwarding the colors.

We were thrilled to be joined by about a dozen members of Actbac out of Alamance County, NC.

Out of the many good conversations that day, there was one that was out of the ordinary.  It is not unusual for people of color to agree with us, and/or express indifference about our flags or monuments, but one black man who stopped to talk with us took it a little further than that.

Mr. Lee had something on his heart he wanted to share and I asked his permission to share a bit of what he told us.  "It came down for a reason because it's time for us to stand up.  It's time for us to rise as Southerners."

 The HPA will continue flagging each Saturday 10:00 a.m. - NOON.  Grab your Third National and join them as they forward the colors, educate the public, and remind Danville City Council that as much as they would like to "move on", there are plenty of us who will #NeverForget.

News coverage here:

After a quick lunch, we gathered to raise the first of THREE roadside battle flags that afternoon.

At the first site, which is on Hwy 58 in Danville, we were excited to have Rev. Dr. Herman White join us and help dedicate the 8x12 flag that will fly on a 30' pole.

Local heritage groups brought greetings and the crowd cheered as the flag was raised and dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory and honor of our Confederate heroes.

From there, we headed north on 29, to the site of an 80' pole, to raise a 20' x 30" battle flag.

Once we left that site, it was just a short drive South on 29 and we reached flag site #3 for the day, #13 for Danville, and #23 in the Commonwealth. 

The final flag we dedicated was at the home of Mr. Anderson, and he brought out this photo of his Great Grandfather, Robert Anderson, a Confederate Veteran.

Mr. Anderson is a vet himself, and it was a real honor to dedicate the 13th Flag raised in Danville since August of 2015 to the memory of Private Anderson and all of our Confederate heroes. What a treat to get the chance to meet Mr. Anderson and what a poignant reminder that for so many of us involved in this's personal.

It was an incredible ending to an absolutely beautiful day in Danville.

These memorials were constructed and financed by the efforts of numerous local Danville citizens, who vow to continue to raise more flags until the historical flag is returned to its rightful and legally protected place on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

Huge thanks to the Danville flag construction crew for their amazing efforts, and for the outstanding cooperation and effort on the part of the Danville HPA, SCV, UDC, SCV/MC, OCR and ANV/MC.

The 13 huge flags that now fly in Danville are a testimony to God's grace...and proof of what we can accomplish when we work together for our Cause! Legislative update on yesterday's hearing before the Supreme Court Write Panel:

There will likely be a decision on whether the appeal will be heard in the next few days or weeks. 

 Virginia Flaggers

P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Unknown said...

Well done...again.

Steve Gambone said...

A devilin’ Kevin Levin type of pseudo-historian just pulled an anti-Confederate con on the Genealogy Roadshow (season 3 episode 3 from Houston). A black gentlemen wanted to know if his ancestor served for the Confederacy. The lawyer turned genealogist Kenyatta Berry confirmed the ancestor existed... and then the PC brainwashing began. Berry rewrote history, conning the gentleman into believing that all blacks were forced to serve the Confederacy. The same PC agenda of that Boston dope Kevin Levin.

Kenyatta would make the world’s worst prosecutor because she highlighted the idea that Southerners didn’t want blacks to be armed ‘cuz then they’d kill all the Southerners. And that very idea proves that the War Between the States wasn’t about freeing slaves.

It’s only been known by military experts forever that when freeing a large oppressed group the military priority is to arm your oppressed allies. That boosts your army, weakens your enemy, lessens your losses and leads to a quicker victory.

So why didn’t the North use well established military tactics to win the War pronto? Abraham Lincoln and his Generals were either the biggest military morons in all of history... or they weren’t fighting to free slaves.

Lincoln and his people knew that the majority of Southern slaves were pro-Confederate and that’s a fact that most people, including Southerners still don’t get. The military strategies used by the North confirm it. Nobody fights a war to free slaves the way the North fought. Nobody. Plus unbiased genealogists should be able to confirm the staggering death toll of black Union soldiers and compare that to the survival rate of black Southern slaves.

PBS and Berry could be confronted over this latest anti-Confederate PC brainwashing stunt. Armed with the idea that most slaves must have been pro-Confederate, or the North a bunch of military morons a Facebook based pro-Confederate attack on our opposition is possible.

Being a Yankee it’s not my place to choose the way forward... I’m just giving you the latest intel learned on the front lines General Hathaway.

Steve Gambone said...

Sorry to bust in on you again General Hathaway but here’s more intel you might find useful. My math-trained brain analyzed Kenyatta Berry’s lackluster performance on the Genealogy Roadshow.

A part of Kenyatta already knows her Northern version of ‘Civil’ War history and slavery is a con job. She’s in the final stages of denial. Berry is trying to con herself while at the same time cheating that black gentleman out of his Confederate Heritage. It works like a ‘tell’ in poker where she unknowingly points out the bluff she’s pulling.

The lawyer in Berry knows the Cherokee adopted their slaves after freeing them... that fact was a part of the same episode. Berry knows deep inside that white slave owners thought of their slaves in the same way... Southern slaves were a part of the family unit.

Southern slave owners willingly gave their last names to their slaves. That’s an official recognition that the slaves were a part of the family. You don’t just give away your surname. Clearly slaves weren’t equal members, but family members of a lower status. Kenyatta’s conflicted mind focused on the missing slave names on a document to point her brain to the obvious conclusion.

No head of household repeats his last name over and over again on such documents. Each family member gets a space with repetition marks to note their existence. And first names are often excluded. Lower status people such as children are often listed by just gender or age.

Berry might actually come around on her own some day but y’all might want to give her a nudge to speed things up. The Northern fairy tale of the War Between the States and slavery is falling apart.

Meanwhile up here, the recent assassination of a local Police Officer is focusing minds on the national anti-cop witch hunt that spun off to include the anti-Confederate witch hunt last year. Be advised that with the two PC, anti-US witch hunt war fronts so closely intertwined advances on one PC war front could spin off into our rapid advance on the other.