Monday, May 16, 2016

On The Future of Confederate Memorial Day Ceremonies

A certain unemployed high school history teacher/blogger/Confederate hating amateur "historian" has declared that we are fast approaching "one final Confederate Memorial Day celebration".

Really? Where has this man been over the past month? Our service at Oakwood last Saturday had over 200 in attendance, which was DOUBLE the attendance of the year before, which was double the year before that, which was the first year the service has been held in years. Our newsfeed is FLOODED with reports and photos of ceremonies and events across the South...more than we've ever seen before, and on any given weekend, we have to decide WHICH Confederate event to attend because there are several to choose from.

Then again, it's really hard to take anything he says seriously, considering his track record on predictions. After all, this is the same man who once said:

"Prediction: There will be no Confederate flag on I-95 near Richmond" ... Kevin Levin Aug 18, 2013.

Hey'd that work out for ya?

Here's the thing...we aren't going anywhere, and we will not, as much as you apparently would like to see it happen, let our veterans be forgotten. But PLEASE keep it up. With every attack and ridiculous post like yours, our numbers grow as does our determination to prove you, and the handful of other haters like you, wrong...AGAIN!

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers

P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Photo: Confederate Memorial Day Service, Oakwood Confederate Cemetery, Richmond, Va. 5-7-2016 Courtesy of Judy Smith Photography


C.W. Roden said...

What a delusional little nobody Kevin Levin is.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Levin is one of those pathetic weasels who constantly toots his own horn to make himself appear relevant. Serious students of history have always considered him a joke.

Linda said...

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I know here in my area of NC it has been much easier to not do anything as apposed to stirring up a storm. But I was reminded earlier this week we must press on, their are plenty of flags which can be bought if ones are taken up, more monuments can be bought if ones are destroyed, and headstones replaced if ones are taken. We can't allow those who claim equality prevent us from our first amendment rights too!! And there needs to be stronger punishment for those who vandalize cemeteries and historical monuments. Keep up the fight and keep letting us know what is going on across this land we call the land of the free and home of the brave.

Steve Gambone said...

A Turtle Island copperhead rapid strike assessment of Levin from yours truly. He’s a rabid fox shaking a baby death rattle. A carrion consuming intellectual coward foaming at the mouth, playing at rattlesnake.

Levin’s Revolutionary War persona: Loyalist to the Crown, anti-US zealot. Don’t fall for the Boston tourism brochure’s historical whitewash. If Bostonians had their way circa 1770 New England would be a Canadian province. Worcester County was more the driving force for Liberty, not Boston.

Levin’s circa 1860 guide spirits: War of Northern Aggression, a pale face haunted by black skin. A white man who paid for a black man to fight in his stead. The black man used as a human shield to protect Union white soldiers. The wounded black spirit left to die on the battlefield.

“...they (the Union) posted their negro regiments on their left and in front, where they were slain by hundreds, and upon retiring left their dead and wounded negroes uncared for, carrying off only the whites, which accounts for the fact that upon the first part of the battle-field nearly all the dead found were negroes." - Federal Official Records, Vol. XXV, Chapter XLVII, pg. 341

In present day persona Levin is Boston’s version of a Nazi skinhead. We breed our racists differently up here. In 1974 Boston was forced to desegregate their schools. Buses full of black kids terrorized by whites. A race war ensued. White racists fled to the suburbs carpet bagging their hate. Then returned later posing as the heroes of blacks. That’s Levin’s ilk.

Recommendation: Have C.W. Roden deal with Levin Southern blogger to northern dope. The Worcester Antiquarian Society is bibliophile territory, a place few around here even know exists. Boston Bubble Boy Levin goes there to hide from serious opposition. Levin’s end game is to prove the non-existence of Black Confederates. So he’s going after Robert E. Lee (Susan Hathaway) to raise his social standing as a fighter.

Follow your instincts on this one General Hathaway, they’ve worked on the battlefield before.

FriendsOfOakwood said...

Well...I for one, munch on another Hot Dog, smoke a fine cigar and with many friend put up yet another Confederate Battle Flag seventy five or more feet into the air along side another highway; so Mr Levin, what have you accomplished since you started spewing your Hateful Lies?

C.W. Roden said...

His entire blog is nothing more than a cult of personality devoted to him.