Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Handiwork of Heritage Haters

Just in case you needed another example of how the heritage haters will lie, steal, and slander good people in their vile attempts to further their Godless agenda, take a look at this meme, created and posted on the web a few hours by Kristopher Goad AKA "Goad Gatsby", a Richmond area agitator and "social justice warrior".

Mr. Goad illegally removed the trademark watermark from a photo from Judy Smith photography and added the wording shown below in white, claiming the gentleman in the photo is giving a "nazi salute" and has a "Neo-nazi" tattoo on his arm.

Obviously, the gentleman in the photo is waving back at one of the hundreds of Danville citizens who honked, waved, and gave us thumbs up and appreciation for our efforts yesterday. The tattoo on his arm...? That's a memorial to his wife, who died of cancer, as can be plainly seem when the photo is enlarged.

Yesterday in Danville, hundreds of good folks came together to promote our heritage and raise 4 new beautiful battle flags. After looking through the thousands of photos that have been posted, and finding none of the hate he so desperately needs to further his agenda, Mr. Goad decided to use the Internet and a photo editing tool to "create" it.

Congratulations, Toad. Although your attempt to slander a good man and intimidate heritage supporters has failed miserably, the very public exposure of your theft, lies and slander have once again helped to highlight the very real difference between us...and you and your ilk, who have no concept of the virtues of honor and truth.


Virginia Flaggers

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Steve Gambone said...

Goad the Toad fits the standard PC Fascist mold. "Social justice" and "diversity" advocates often fight to get their opponents fired and blacklisted using any means to do it. And while many of the Toad ilk are like the Hogan's Heroes version of bumbling fascist Nazis there's nothing funny about the swath of death and destruction they cut through US society.

A Police Officer was just shot to death up here in Massachusetts. It's likely the slain officer is yet another indirect victim of the "social justice warriors".

Last year's anti-Confederate witch hunt had deadly consequences. And that witch-hunt was a spinoff of the previous year's anti-cop witch hunt. All of these witch hunts based on "social justice".

Steve Gambone said...

Another story to monitor along with the Heritage Haters are the thieves. Looters digging up artifacts in St. Petersburg.

The last time it happened there(during the Federal shutdown in the Bill Clinton years) the culprits said they thought the Federal Government was collapsing and wanted their share of the US relics.

Meade Skelton Haufe said...

We need to pray for Mister Goad Gatsby. He obviously a lost soul.