Friday, October 24, 2014

Va Flaggers Poll: Which Flag Should Fly At Savage's Station?

In July, the Virginia Flaggers raised a 52" x 52" version of the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) Battle Flag on a 30' pole at Savage's Station Battle Field in Henrico County, Virginia, in memory of the almost 500 Confederate casualties of June 29, 1862.

The flag was starting to show a bit of wear, so when we went to change it out, we decided to run a 5'x8' Army of Tennessee (AOT) version up to see how the larger flag would fly.  In the photo below, the ANV version is on the left, and the larger AOT on the right. 

After some consideration, we thought it would be fun to let YOU, our supporters, have a say in which flag flies at Savage's Station for the next few months.  What do you think?  Let us know, and we will announce the results on November 1st, and let YOU decide which flag will fly at Savage's Station.

Which flag would you prefer to see flying at the Va Flaggers' Memorial at Savage's Station Battle Field?
52" x 52" Army of Northern Virginia Version Battle Flag
5' x 8' Army of Tennessee Version Battle Flag
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