Monday, September 13, 2021

The Fruits of Destruction

Richmond is abusing the purpose of public monuments. Around the world, from all cultures, public monuments are erected for the purpose of memorializing (i.e., remembering) the persons so memorialized and the deeds and accomplishments that made them memorable.

Statesmen, soldiers/sailors, explorers, scientists, healers, builders, teachers, philanthropists, even writers, novelists, painters, photographers ... people whose accomplishments made them worthy of being remembered.
Richmond's "re-imagining" Monument Avenue is motivated by hatred and is being planned with spite. They don't really care about the people they will "honor" on the avenue, whatever they imagine the honorees accomplished. They care about spiting and insulting the people who cherished the old avenue and the men depicted there.
Their "art" is not for memorializing anyone, or their accomplishments. It is pure totalitarian propaganda, intended to insult those they despise and to defile and desecrate those they honor.
That has been the motive and deeds of tyrannical leftists throughout history. If you think the elites of Richmond are admirable, you are sorely mistaken. They are destroyers.
By their fruits ye shall know them.

(by Connie Ward)


Unknown said...

My God teaches me not to hate, oh how hard that is to do!

Anonymous said...

The left wants to "re-imagine Monument Avenue." Here's how to do it without spending more than a few thousand dollars. First, eradicate all remaining references to the Confederate States of America from the bases that are left in place. Then, well, that's it. Leave the bases with the graffiti like it is, with the obscenities, threats and anti-White racism. Now THAT is Richmond and the left today. Let the tourists flock-to other destinations.

Hoosier Flagger said...

Virginia is a "Common Wealth!" Of the Lees' Washingtons' and Fairfaxs. No one has the guts, TODAY! as these families did to establish a NATION.