Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Va GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Vow To Fight Lee Monument Removal, Protect ALL Veterans Memorials

On the heels of the Charlottesville City Council vote to attempt to violate Virginia State Law and remove the Robert E. Lee monument from LEE Park, two of Virginia's Republican candidates for Governor have released statements condemning the vote, and vowing to fight to protect the Lee monument and ALL of our veterans' memorials.
Statement from Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Denver Riggleman: 
(Afton, VA) - In response to the Charlottesville government voting to take down the Robert E Lee Statue and renaming Lee Park, Denver Riggleman released the following statement:
"This continued assault from Democrats on Virginia's history and heritage is unacceptable. As Governor, I will protect the monuments of our heritage, but not just of the Civil War mind you. As Governor, I would be willing to explore memorializing more of our history, not less. 
Instead of tearing down a statue of Robert E. Lee, which will cost residents over $300,000, why are they not looking to spend that money erecting a monument to Maggie L. Walker, a Virginian, an African American, and first female president of a bank in the United States?
Not only are they standing in conflict with a number of Virginia's laws, but they are spitting in the face of veterans of every conflict - no reminder of any sacrifice by any veteran of any conflict should be torn down by the liberal thought police.
And if Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer wants to keep poking the rest of Virginia in the eye with this sort of nonsense with our statues and making statements about Charlottesville being the "capital of resistance," he is going to wish that he would be allowed to make Charlottesville a sanctuary city, because I am coming. No more anarchy. No more lawlessness. No more of this nonsense. Virginians are tired of the tyranny of political correctness. So am I. It ends with a Riggleman administration."

Statement from Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Corey Stewart: 
Woodbridge, VA – Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart delved into the controversy involving Charlottesville City Council's vote to remove the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the city's central square.

"You cannot revise history. Only tyrants attempt to erase history. This is tantamount to denouncing your own heritage," Stewart said.

The Council voted to remove the statue on Monday. Stewart said that he is actively recruiting candidates to challenge the councilmen who supported the measure and that he will be supporting the lawsuit challenging the Council's actions.

"I will do whatever I need to, both now and as Governor, to stop this historical vandalism," Stewart said. "We must fight to protect Virginia's heritage."  
As of this writing, we have received no response from GOP candidate Ed Gillespie from our inquiry for his position.
Please take a moment to contact Riggleman and Stewart and THANK them for their bold stand and offer your support!
9520 Rockfish Valley HWY
Afton, VA 22920
Phone Number: 434-906-8982
PO Box 2128, Woodbridge, VA 22195


The Right. said...

Hi flaggers. You need to get in touch with Frank Wagner also. He's running for Governor, he's a republican in Virginia Beach. He was born in Virginia and I believe would be supportive of the Lee statue. He's in the Senate of Virginia. Thank you !

Unknown said...

Is there any sort of petition we can sign or something we can do to make sure that this statue isn't removed ?

Sandjack69 said...

It is a great thing that these two Gentlemen are stepping forward to support the causes and heritage we all hold dear.I wish them both a good race and good luck.
You know Flaggers, as I was reading the article's from Mr. Stewart and Mr. Riggleman I just could not help it as I read along the Same old language and same old paraphrasing as in ways to not fully commit to any cause.(Politician's) I don't know it maybe Like most Politician's it just does not come from the Heart.If they could get into Office by standing up for the other side just to get elected, do you think they would? They both used words and phrases in their comments like: (Willing to explore.) and do my best to try and recruiting, delve into:Willing to explore,continued controversy:standing in conflict with Va. Laws, as opposed to saying breaking the Va. Laws.Then seaming to cover his behind, as most of them do,One suggested a monument to the first Black Woman Bank President. I think that should be done and is very honorable, but we are not talking about Bank Presidents. We are talking about Confederate Hero's who gave their lives, our relatives who left their families and if they came back at all, found nothing but Rape and pillage of their loved one's, Property, and homes.I guess you have to have a Dog in the fight to really know how it feels or hurts.Don't get me wrong, we appreciate all that are on our side and help us.

Unknown said...

Denver Riggleman is a Virginian for once. It's increasingly apparent that the Democratic Party has mostly died out among Southerners,and represents the interests of Northern transplants. Every time a Carpetbagger runs for office, folks should turn up with Yankee Go Home signs. Wendy Davis ran for Governor here in Texas. She's from Rhode Island and bragged about bringing Yankee style politics to the Texas State House,in the New York Times. Needless to say, that was her undoing. Virginians and other Southrons need to stick together and resist this second Yankee invasion.

Anonymous said...

I like James Owen's idea of holding 'Yankee Go Home' signs when an outsider runs for office. It might motivate more homegrown folks to run.

The Right. said...

The other things they are talking about doing. Like a statue to someone else, making Match 3 a freedom day. Were these things actually brought up and voted on ? Its the first I be heard about it. I would like to see all of that overturned. War hero's who fought to protect Virginians are worthy of statues. Not just anybody.

The Right. said...

Agree wholeheartedly. It seems the Gop in this state is headed the way of the Dems, in the way of a lot of northerners now. Only 2 GOP governor candidates are from Virginia. One hasn't said a word about it, he's from northern Virginia so where are his parents from ? I believe the govt has sent people into Virginia to infiltrate the politics, probably all of the South. Virginia was the leader though, if they can take us down it sends a message to the nation. We're still under reconstruction. True Virginians must begin running for office again and joining their local GOP, or Dem committee's. A lot of good people, military people from around the country live in Virginia. While they are good on some issues, they will not feel the same, in a lot of instances about the confederacy. It's up to Southerners to take their states back if necessary .

The Right. said...

I like the statement that Corey made. I don't see waffling there. Denver did well too.

Unknown said...

"people into Virginia to infiltrate the politics, probably all of the South."

Same in Texas. All the protests on the Capitol grounds in Austin, were by Northern transplants or those who had come down from the North, especially for the occasion. All the counter protesters were Texans.
When a young transplant school boy petioned to have Confederate monuments removed, he was reminded that Texas was not a Yankee state. His petition was rejected. Simple fact is, the Federal Government abandoned Reconstruction, but the Northern people did not. They're still trying to transform us all into a carbon copy of Ohio.