Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Chester I-95 Memorial Battle Flag is Back... Bigger and Better Than Ever!

New flag, new pole, and new, higher elevation for our very first flag site!
After months of site work and hundreds of phone calls, messages and letters from concerned citizens asking about when the flag would return, the Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce that a new flag has been raised on a brand new pole, on the site of our very first roadside memorial battle flag on I-95 in Chester, Virginia.
The new higher elevation of the site mean greatly improved visibility for the 20x30 flag that was raised Saturday afternoon. As we worked this weekend, we were encouraged when a number of folks pulled over to thank us for getting the flag back up.  Thumbs up's and honks of approval were heard repeatedly.  
The Virginia Flaggers wish to offer sincere thanks to our friends at Dixiana Steel for their help in the fabrication and installation of the new pole, to all of our flaggers and supporters who have helped with the site work over the past few months, and to all of YOU, whose generous financial support makes these projects possible.

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loving the south said...

thank you so much for the new flag !!! hope to see more of them in the near future.wish we could get one in Ruckersville va.and on every main highway in the united states