Friday, July 29, 2016

In The Wake of the Battle Flag - Answering the Critics in Danville

After Saturday's wildly successful flag raising ceremony in Danville, Va, where over 700 people gathered in the sweltering heat and red clay dust to dedicate and raise the largest battle flag ever flown in the Commonwealth, press reports quickly spread across the country. Over a half dozen news agencies came to record the event, most assuredly looking for any trace of the "hate" and "racism" that the media and leftists have tried to smear us with, especially over the last 12 months. Finding no indication of anything even close to these sentiments, the reports, while sometimes factually inaccurate, were almost universally positive in the portrayal of what the reporters witnessed that day.

Even so, some of the local Danville flag haters and faux "news agencies", frustrated by the fact that the event turned out to be one of the largest events in the Danville area this year, and that 700+ people came together, peacefully honored their ancestors, and left without incident or any display of hate or animosity, took to their blogs and social media to try and discredit the effort with the same old tired talking points.

My favorite is the one directed at me, personally, and is laughable. The reason, they say, that we (the Virginia Flaggers) have no business in Danville, is because we are not "from there". Sound familiar? It appears that these Neo-Yankees are sharing talking points. I have said it before and I will say it again. Danville is the Last Capital of the Confederacy. As a 9th generation Virginian and the Great Great Grandaughter of FOUR Confederate Veterans who fought from, and for, Virginia, I have not only the right, but the RESPONSIBILITY to stand up and speak out when her Confederate history and heritage is under attack"¦ in Danville, or WHEREVER it may occur across the Commonwealth and beyond. The double standard and hypocrisy is stunning. Civil Rights leaders are quick to travel across the country to any small town or big city where they perceive there has been injustice, and are welcomed with open arms and red carpet treatment, but Southerners are, apparently, only supposed to speak out about or protest injustice within the limits of the city or county in which they happen to reside....?

I even heard one "news reporter" comment that almost all the speakers at the event were from "out of town." Apparently, he has no clue as to how a typical Confederate Memorial or Flag Dedication services is held. This event was so big, so well supported, and so widely anticipated"¦ that we were able to have State and National leaders come and bring greetings on behalf of our heritage organizations. It was an HONOR to have the SCV National Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, under whose command the Danville SCV camps reside, come from his home in North Carolina. It was an HONOR to have the State President of the Order of Confederate Rose and the leader of the ANV Mechanized Cavalry travel from their home near Petersburg. It was an honor to have the SCV North Carolina Division Commander travel from his home. We had heritage leaders from South Carolina and North Carolina bring greetings, in addition to numerous LOCAL residents from the UDC, SCV Mechanized Cavalry, and the HPA. In addition, Danville residents led the Invocation, led the salutes, spoke about the life of General William Lewis Cabell, assisted in the Color, Honor, and Artillery Guards, and were given the honor of raising the flag. All 14 flag projects have been financed almost completely by contributions from Danville area residents, who also have done the lion's share of the work in constructing and maintaining the sites.

Finally, there is the sentiment by a few flag haters, that, when all is said and done, we are just mean spirited people trying to "get back" at City Council for what they did. They wouldn't really mind what we were doing (they say) if only we'd be "nicer" about it. Newly elected Danville Mayor Gilstrap echoed the sentiments of those who voted to remove the flag who continually tell us we all need to "move on", now that the decision was made. Apparently, those of us who refuse to do so, are held entirely responsible for any conflict that has arisen since the flag was ripped down almost a year ago. Curiously, the matter came up repeatedly over the last ten years or so, and every time it did, City Council voted to keep it flying... and yet the flag haters never "let it go" or "moved on", but kept continually pushing to have the flag removed.

Where were these council members and community leaders then? Why didn't they step up and tell everyone it was time to "move on" and leave the flag alone, when council voted to leave it alone as little as 9 months before the vote that FINALLY capitulated to the haters? As for the statements that we are "mean spirited" in our efforts...? Stuff and nonsense. Our behavior has been above reproach. If there were anything in our actions, words or deeds that was unacceptable or inappropriate, it would be front page news by now. There is nothing mean spirited about what we have done, but there is certainly, flowing within our veins, the same spirit of determination and refusal to back down that our ancestors carried into battle some 150 years ago.

I am utterly amazed at how our folks, who have a tendency to want to fuss and bicker among each other, have come together and stood shoulder to shoulder and pushed back to make all of this possible. I can't help but wonder" -- to those who criticize our actions", what would you do, if City Council voted to take down a symbol of, or monument to, YOUR history and heritage"?

We stood in Council Chambers on August 6, 2015 and warned members that there would be serious consequences if they voted to desecrate our monument and break the agreement made with the HPA. Council members decided that pandering and capitulating to a few agitators was more important than honoring their word, the history and heritage of Danville and the wishes of the majority of her citizens. .

12 months and 14 massive roadside Battle Flags in Danville later, we have kept our promise -- and we have not yet begun to fight.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Steve Gambone said...

I have some America Indian ancestry which means my People have been here for at least TEN THOUSAND YEARS!! The Iroquois League aka the Iroquois Confederacy was here on this continent called Turtle Island generations before Christopher Columbus got LOST and 'discovered' this place.

Tell those PC Nazi, anti-Confederate morons that they are from an 'away' continent and as such have no right to speak at all on any matters involving Confederacy. And if they don't like the Confederate Flag then the solution is simple.


Steve Gambone said...

General Hathaway, be advised of the potential Southern genocide by the PC Nazi team that can destroy Confederate babies in utero.

While reexamining Nazi behavior patterns of under reporting and ignoring facts they don’t want to spread while over reporting and hyping facts they do I realized the Zyka virus reporting fits that same Nazi pattern. And with Zyka, that Nazi tactic poses a threat that could burn through Confederate wombs like Sherman on the march.

You and your people may not be aware, General, that Zyka is a sexually transmitted disease that started in Africa. The widely under reported fact is that Zyka is an Aids-like STD with an additional mosquito transmission factor. {Zyka = Aids+}

That additional mosquito factor puts Southern pregnant women at a far greater risk than their northern counterparts, because of the warmer climate. Thus creating a Biblical type of annihilation potential where a generation of future Confederates gets brain damaged in the womb.

By hyping the mosquito factor while under reporting the important truth of the STD aspects of Zyka a Nazi-Unionist goal is achieved. Pure evil, Nazi is as Nazi does. With the Olympics in Brazil and no quarantine or Zyka screening plans for returning spectators or athletes... not good.

I first discovered this PC Nazi reporter mechanism for spreading anti-US destruction while investigating the Officer Tarentino assassination up here in Massachusetts. The discovery was mostly due to a timely LTE “A sad, shocking phone call” written by Federal Agent Bob Lanciault of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Agent Lanciault wrote of investigating hundreds of officer’s killed. Whether that number was literally or only figuratively true in the feel of it, it could only be true if Michael Brown, the dead Ferguson thug, was the same sort of pre-programmed assassin as Zambrano, Officer Tarentino’s assassin. Thus leading me to the over-reporting/under-reporting mechanism powering this all out war on Police. It’s also powering an ISIS killing factor which includes registered Democrat/Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen.

I’ve had the feeling that this week is the time to launch a Confederate counter assault. That may be a requirement now General, given the Nazi-Zyka-Genocide time bomb is set to blow.

I’ll go back to that other thread where I dominated the comments to post more when I get a chance. {note to self: Holy Moses! DAH!! How’d ya miss this new, now obvious, meaning ya big dope?}

Maeve Magdalen said...

and not the City Councils of this world. Ultimately, that is what ticks off many of the critics. This is our American spirit - the spirit of We the People. Long May It Wave.

Unknown said...

You vote out these fascist socialist city council traitors and replace them with good southern patriotic people who will represent and respect the voice of the people.

Steve Gambone said...

An LTE of mine published on Cape Cod might give you folks a better sense of the ‘over-reporting/under-reporting’ math con game used by team Nazi. The LTE in response to a political cartoon that said when white people see a police car, black people see that vehicle as a hearse.

>>Dave Granlund’s hearse-vs.-police car cartoon on July 16 left out the thousand words explaining how promoting such a myth kills people.
Hitler used that statistical con game against Jews.
In Worcester, Black Lives Matter supporters using the con hyped the myth that Ferguson’s Michael Brown got shot in the back. As a result, Auburn police officer Roland Tarentino died that way, thus opening the door of civil court liability on the myth’s promoters.
The math con was used the night before the biggest police tragedy since 9/11 when Mr. Obama inadvertently gave the sniper a green light. He spoke of recent police “abuses” across the U.S., thus denying blue civil rights a la Adolf, begetting Dallas.
I have a math degree; Obama doesn’t. Here’s the “Driving Miss Daisy over the Cliff Note” version: Start by suppressing and underreporting police good deeds and assaults on police by a factor greater than 100. Then hype/overreport alleged police abuse by a factor greater than 100, producing a reality distortion greater than 10,000 — the equivalent of magnifying a small bug to make it look bigger than Godzilla.
The police Godzilla isn’t real. There’s an entrapment trick in the game.
Politically correct fascism is the true monster among us. <<

Okay. The “entrapment trick” I referred to is that years before Ferguson the Police were already cornered into no-win scenarios. The war on Police actually went ‘underreported’ viral just after the Hawaiian Carpetbagger’s first State of the Union when he attacked the Supreme Court during the speech. So in 2010, an all out war on the US Justice system began with the Police taking the biggest hits to their reputations and lives.

By the time of Ferguson, the yet unnamed Black Lives Matter Nazis, PC Politicians and the PC Media had already rigged the numbers game against the Police. ALL nationally publicized Police “misconduct” situations were setups; situations totally caused by the Nazi team artificially escalating anti-cop anger.

And a similar anti-Confederate con game, the “Emancipation Con” dates back to the 1860’s.

Steve Gambone said...

By extending the Hervey Equations far enough forward to reach a full blown mathematical theory, Hervey Theory, that totally boring process yields interesting results.

Slavery = Indentured Servitude and more.
Emancipation = Welfare and more.
Manumission = Paying off costs related to Citizenship Training and more.

Manumission was a lot more than just working off the debt involved for getting here.
The process itself trained folks to be good, productive citizens. It was a simple way to sort out and control the deadbeats and their potential drain on society as a whole.

Emancipation was and still is a numbers based Welfare con game. The North “freed” the “slaves” by giving them a free ride to citizenship. An early form of Citizenship Amnesty for Black Immigrants; translating to Illegals by today’s standards.

Steve Gambone said...

Here’s a WWII tale that illustrates the modern day ‘correcting’ of injustice.

July 30th 1942: Calm sea, clear sky off the Louisiana coast. And the cargo freighter Captained by William C. Heath ... doomed!

New Orleans’ woman, Merchant Mariner Winifred Grey, so close to home... yet she and 24 other heroes aboard only minutes from death. The Third Reich’s state of the art U-boat 166 poised to send another precious U.S. ship, cargo and all aboard her to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. In the first twelve months of Hitler’s Operation Drumbeat more than fifty such ships lost.

In those early days of WWII every vessel pressed into Allied War service was precious; all cargo, no matter how small, precious as well. This U.S. freighter even more so because she carried 115 survivors of U-boat attacks on 3 other Allied vessels. The presence of her protecting submarine chaser escort, the USS PC-566 shouted out that doomed ship really mattered to the War effort. Everyone, everything on Heath’s ship was vitally important. Given the facts, there’s no other way to look at it...

Unless you’re a Nazi. For the Nazis, the Third Reich and their torpedoes were more precious... torpedoes hauled across the Atlantic in the belly of a submarine to the Gulf. Not something to be wasted deep sixing any pleasure boats, of course.

Despite sinking within 5 to 15 minutes of that single Nazi torpedo ripping through her hull, the survival rate aboard Heath’s precious freighter was greater than 90%. Obviously due to the experience of all aboard.

The USS PC-566, under the command of Herbert G. Claudius quickly sank U-166 with depth charges. However, Navy top brass didn’t believe it and blamed Claudius for the tragedy. Thus leaving a great injustice.

Seventy years later deep sea explorer, Bob Ballard, finder of the Titanic, rescued the reputation of Claudius. Ballard and a team of top notch people proved that PC-566 did indeed sink U-boat 166 just as Claudius described it. Eventually, a ceremony was held to correct the injustice yet... no President or Vice President there for the historic correction.

Gordon Claudius received a Legion of Merit medal on behalf of his late father Herbert from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus who said, "It's never too late to set the record straight." Bob Ballard later remarked on the ceremony saying, "There wasn't a dry eye in the house."

On December 16, 2014 the great WWII injustice Politically Corrected and thus a greater injustice imposed.

Bob Ballard... despite being a great scientist and former Navy personnel fell for a PC con job! Other reputations got trashed in the process of rescuing the reputation of Claudius.

The Merchant Marines and the reputation of one of the few WOMEN Merchant Marines who DIED in the Gulf of Mexico during WWII. All those heroic reputations, all their sacrifice wiped out with a simple one word magic trick distraction that hides all the Confederate Flags that went down with the doomed ship.

Check out for yourself the national PC media, PBS, the National Geographic telling of this tale. All spread the same con. Heath’s ship was a “passenger” ship, i.e. the Nazis sank a hapless, Love Boat pleasure cruise so don’t bother looking to find the easily deduced historical truth.

On July 30th 1942 amid calm sea and clear sky the Third Reich sank a ship of Heroes, and the two Flags that mattered most to those Heroes... the US and Confederate Flag.

There is NO other possibility because that was the day the Nazis sank the SS Robert E. Lee!

Unknown said...


From The Tennessean

Vanderbilt to remove 'Confederate' from building name

Vanderbilt University will repay an 83-year-old donation in order to remove from a residence hall what its leader called "a symbol and a reminder of racism, slavery and a very, very bloody Civil War."Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos made the announcement Monday, capping a 14-year effort to rename Confederate Memorial Hall. The building, which has had that name etched into the stone above its entrance since it opened in 1935, stands in the heart of the university's freshman commons, and has frequently spurred debate about the university's attitude toward an increasingly diverse student body.In an interview with The Tennessean, Zeppos — who arrived on campus as a law professor in 1987 — said he had long been in favor of changing the building's name.