Friday, July 22, 2016


 On August 6, 2015, the City Council of Danville, Virginia voted to pander to the PC demands of a handful of agitators and passed an ordinance that prohibited the flying of any flags on city property, other than the Va State Flag, US Flag, Danville City Flag, and POW/MIA flag. Minutes after the ordinance was passed, and under cover of darkness, city workers cut down the Third National flag from the soldier’s monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, where CSA President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet met for the last time. The tiny 3x5 flag had flown at the historical site for years, without incident.

One year later, to mark the anniversary of the cowardly decision, the Virginia Flaggers, with the generous support of Danville area residents, will raise our largest Battle Flag to date THIS SATURDAY, July 23rd on private land adjacent to the 29 Bypass in Danville. It will be the 14th massive roadside Battle Flag raised in Danville in the 12 months since the tiny 3x5 flag was ripped down, and the 27th raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013.

Sky High Poles of Danville installed the 119’ pole this afternoon, which will fly a massive 30’ x 50’ Confederate Battle Flag.       

The 4:00 p.m. ceremony Saturday will include a Confederate Color Guard, Confederate Honor Guard and rifle salute, artillery fire, bagpipe music, and heritage speakers. The gates will open at 3:00 p.m. and guests are encouraged to bring a chair and plan to stay for supper/social time after the ceremony, with food vendors on site to serve BBQ and all the fixins. See below for site address/directions.

Photo: View today from the 29 Bypass,
 Danville, shortly after installation    
The flag site will be dedicated in honor of William Lewis Cabell, a Confederate Brigadier General born in Danville, who served the Confederacy with distinction and helped design the Confederate Battle Flag. After the war, he moved west and served three terms as the Mayor of Dallas, TX and was active and influential in the United Confederate Veterans. He oversaw several large veterans reunions, assisted in establishing pensions, veterans homes, and Confederate cemeteries in Texas, and served as commander of the Trans-Mississippi Department of the UCV.

While in Dallas at the National SCV National Reunion last week, I was honored to have the opportunity to visit General Cabell’s grave, and place a flag on behalf of the Va Flaggers and the citizens of Danville.  

The Danville 29 Bypass Gen. W. L. Cabell Memorial Battle Flag will fly as a living, breathing memorial to General Cabell and all of our Confederate soldiers and Veterans, and will serve as a 24/7 reminder that there are those of us who will never forget the dedication, sacrifice, and honor of our Confederate heroes, and NEVER forget the despicable action taken by Danville City Council on August 6, 2015.

DIRECTIONS TO FLAG SITE: 29 North Business, Right on State Route 719 (Lawless Creek Road) Go approximately ¼ mile and turn left at 333 Compton Road (gravel road), then go about 1 mile. Address for GPS: 333 Compton Road, Blairs, VA 24527

Please join us for this historic event, LEST WE FORGET!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Alice Forister said...

My heart is with you. We must not let these people destroy our history and heritage. I wish I could be there for your ceremony. I am from Missouri, but my ancestors are from the south, and I am a southern woman at heart. I lived in Alabama for three years, but came back to Missouri because I had to. I am proud of the Confederacy, and I wish the south would have won. Our Confederate Battle Flag is not about racism or hate; it is about the pride and sacrifice of good American Citizens. God Bless General Robert E. Lee!

Steve Gambone said...

Apologies for interrupting any festivities but here’s some very important flag info from the math-front lines. I suggest you get General Susan Hathaway’s approval to post this as a comment.

Over at the page of the Southern Historical Society the same curious “anti” US Flag sentiment came up from a Southern Gent, Paul Williams. Mr. Williams, like all you Confederates, is clearly strongly pro-US. I finally solved that inexplicable mystery of you folks.

In old school math we ‘discover’ things; find rules, patterns and such that already exist. I discovered a previously unknown rule and General... you must already intuitively know this to be true but you never put it into precise words to explain it.

At times like these there is an obligation and legal REQUIREMENT to fly the Confederate Flag at the TOP of the flag pole, ABOVE the US Flag on ALL government property. Not doing so is an act of treason. Here’s the quick explanation:

The rule of flying the US Flag above all others only applies when we face an enemy who honors international, centuries old Flag Tradition that respects lowering to half-staff to honor the dead. Any dishonorable enemy treats that lowering as half-way to surrender. Total lowering is total surrender, another Flag tradition. This creates an unresolvable dilemma... lower the US Flag to honor the dead killed by a dishonorable enemy and you aid and abet that enemy unless...

Unless you have another flag, a powerful battle flag, to protect and defend the US Flag from above. That Battle Flag MUST remain FIXED at the top of all US flag poles UNTIL the enemy is defeated. Even when the US Flag is raised again it CANNOT go to the top. General Hathaway you must KNOW in your heart this is undeniably true, provable far beyond any reasonable doubt.

A US battle flag configuration has existed undetected for generations... Confederate Flag at the top of the pole protecting the US Flag below. Undetected... until now. As the discoverer I hereby label Flag Configurations of that type as.... US-Lee BFF

That’s acronym-speak for “US born Robert E. Lee Battle Flag Formations” {note: I’m defining the hyphen to mean ‘born’ and also note that you’re the General so if you gotta better name... no problem.}

There’s still lots of little details to fill in (just tedious typing stuff really; this is all a certainty, going far beyond reasonable doubt.)

Put that into your cannon ball collection General and think of the possible uses in our war against the PC Nazis.

Steve Gambone said...

Oh gees General Hathaway! Did the Southern Historical Society already inform you before I did? ‘Cuz it would be just like the collective of minds that are SHS to rush you that beta version of US-Lee BFF. Just a feeling I’m getting that I’m a bit late in delivering you the info.

Of course, I’m not actually a mind reader, it’s a math trick that gives me the most likely scenarios. It’s always tough to sort out truth from fiction using math on the fly like this. If SHS caught on to the importance of what I posted over on their FB page they’d certainly contact the VA Flaggers. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t? Each scenario has a probability to it.

So now General, we all know that the existence of US-Lee BFF means the South won the ultimate victory in the War of Northern Aggression. The ‘Civil’ War 2016 edition is over, the South was right and won all the Civil War trophies. It’s just not announced to the public yet. And there’s the rub.

With PC Nazis running everything there could be a ‘Bruce Willis in Die Hard’ like, top down collapse of the whole US system if we mess up on the announcement. Wall Street always freaks out at large scale, unexpected news. More Police Officers could be put in harm’s way. Lots of potential disasters that the PC Nazi Media will only make worse. Then those News fascists will blame the Confederate team for everything bad that happens; they always do.

There are ways to avoid most of the disasters just by playing up the joyous aspect of ending 150 plus years of dispute with the Southern underdog team winning out in the end.

One way to get ready is for you to post my latest version of that latest Anthony Hervey tune that led me to the discovery of US-Lee BFF. I posted the part 1 beta version on SHS. I think it could work as a beneficial anthem for the whole announcement.

I’ll try to post it tomorrow morning. It’s not quite up to snuff tune-wise yet but with a few tweaks in the lyrics it should be good enough to give you the sense of it.

I assume you figured out most of the basic legal arguments to back up the US-Lee BFF idea.

So congrats on the Southern Victory to you and your people General Hathaway.

Steve Gambone said...

General Hathaway at this point I should surrender total control over the definition of the Robert E. Lee Formations over to you. I know I’m like a chattering child on this, General. It helps me focus my math trained brain on finer details that really matter math-wise. So just ignore me until somebody lets you know I said something useful.

The Flag Formation definition needs tweaking. What I was doing with the hyphen was solving hyphen- related PC problems simultaneously. Specifically the Orwellian Nazi use of terms such as “African-american”, “Italian-american” and “Native-American”.

The next two math refinements of “US-Lee BFF” are:

US by birth Robert E. Lee Battle Flag Formations ... quickly math updated to:
{US by birth} ‘Robert E. Lee Battle Flag Battle Flag Formations’

Now look at the effect that definition has on other PC uses of a hyphen:
“African-american” becomes {African by birth} ‘american’
“Italian-american” becomes “{Italian by birth} ‘american’
Both redefine the PC terms to correctly label foreign born folks.
Meanwhile new terms are created American-Italians means {American by birth} Italians
American-Africans means {American by birth} Africans
With the America’s Indians it can free them from the PC Urbanite Oppression (only 30% of Indians live on reservations and those Indians identify people from ‘away’ by their use of the term “Native-American”, a PC city-folk term that uses language to wipe out the last of America’s Indians.

So the latest mathematical definition for US-Lee BFF is:
{US by birth} ‘Robert E. Lee Battle Flag Battle Flag Formations’

I know it’s nitpicky math stuff General, just showing you some of the process. And note I used that same ridiculously picky level to establish without doubt the existence of the US-Lee BFF. It is an absolute US requirement that the Confederate Flag MUST be flown at the top of the pole during times such as this. Taking any one of those Flags down, is at the very least an act of misdemeanor treason. That has been undeniably true for decades, just undiscovered.

As the discoverer of the pre-existing Battle Flag formation known as US-Lee BFF it is within my rights as said discoverer to turn governing authority of the meaning of said definition over to grassroots Confederate General Susan Hathaway. I hereby do that and blah, blah the boring legalese silliness that makes it all official.

Steve Gambone said...

uh oh. I’m in trouble now. A million points to make and little time to explain it all.

Remember last year when that PC chick climbed the pole with the Confederate Flag fixed at the top? Then the PC Nazi Media celebrated that act. Obviously with no law on the books at that time there’s no way to punish Nazi Girl for misdemeanor treason. More importantly, in hindsight there’s a hidden flagspeak meaning in flying a lone Confederate flag like that.

That lone Confederate Flag implied the US Flag had already been lowered and surrendered. (well ya, Dah it had been ‘cuz Nazis are running the country and nobody is free, but it’s the new meaning in flagspeak based on US-Lee BFF that matters.) I’ll have to ponder that one.

And I should mention that given PC Nazis are in control the lower, US Flag should be upside down to signal distress here at home. That’s why the plural “Formations” is used in the definition of US-Lee BFF. There’s more than one configuration.

And then of course, right on schedule, I missed being on schedule posting the latest version of that newest Anthony Hervey tune. Figures. I gotta distance myself from the emotions that attack me with that tune so I put it off.

wah, wah, poor me. whining liberal moment over. I’ll post it as another comment.

Steve Gambone said...

to See You, Hear You, Touch You
(by Steve Gambone)
in celebration of the one year anniversary of Anthony Hervey’s new life
(sing this tune starting down through sadness, then rising to Joy with unrelenting Southern resolve.)

It’s been a year now
since you’ve been gone.
And you are...
more dear
as... our... hearts... long...
to see you, hear you, touch you.
See you, hear you, touch you.
How can we all...
carry on?

Everywhere these days we see that Flag.
Sometimes when I do
it makes my healing Rebel Heart
scream out loud...
and brag!
When I do that Honey you’d be so proud.
I stand strong and tall like you.
It’s as if our love is new.
That feeling starts to swell...
until I yell,

“This Flag’s not here because he died for it.
His Flag is here because HE LIVED FOR IT!”

When my Rebel call touches one new heart
then at that moment Baby...
you and I
are... not... apart.
That’s when I see you, feel you, touch you...
See you, feel you, touch you...

Honey, I mourned your death for one full year.
Now it’s that Rebel life you lived
that calls to my heart so clear.
Some still say this Flag is all secession.
Remember how we laughed,
“How could they grow up in the South
and get... that impression?”
These days I feel you near and shout,
“No! This Flag is living life...
without... oppression!”

We both said that we would die for it!
I know this Flag’s here because we lived for it!
See you, feel you, touch you.
Yes Babe, I hear them, feel them, sense them.

I’ll call out to ev’ry Rebel niece and nephew,
daughter, son, husband and wife,
“Join these eternal Southern Spirits...
This Flag means LIFE!
Yes, we all know that people died for it.
This Flag survives because they LIVED for it!

For some, death it was their outcome...
not their goal.
Look for the truth that calls within
your eternal Rebel soul.

We all know that we would die for it.
This Flag is here because we lived for it!
See them, hear them, touch them.

This Flag is Life, Liberty...
Pursuit of Happiness.
This Flag is Life, Liberty...
Pursuit of Happiness.

Steve Gambone said...

I need to point out to everybody reading these comments of mine that the mathematical methods I’m using creates the illusion that I’m something I am not. What’s really going on is you’re getting a supersized helping of Southern Fried Common Sense.

That’s the blogspot blog of C.W. Roden. He’s the Super-powered Southern Hero I wanna be if I’m ever forced to grow up. {i’m trying to set the peter pan record without signing up for the now mandatory transgender potty training course.}

Mathematics is the art of intellectual combat and many other things. It’s the science for lazy people who want to look smarter than they actually are; the art of finding the shortcut.

Last year when I joined the pro-Confederate team I needed to quickly find the best Southern Role models to learn from. Mr. Roden is that all wrapped up in one package. That Southern Gent is a one man online army with Thomas Jefferson’s love of books, widely diverse interests and a creative mind.

In hindsight, I can now translate my turning over control of that US-Lee BFF to General Hathaway.

“What do y’all got there my little year old copperhead?”

“It’s a Robert E. Lee Flag rule nobody ever found before Super Powered C. W. Lookie what it can do with it!”

“Now you know finding something doesn’t make it yours right? That’s Southern property isn’t it?”

“Yeah. They all worked hard for it and I just tripped over the thing, so I’ll run and give it to the General so those damn Northern PC Nazis don’t get control of it.”

OK. It’s guaranteed if you show my comments to Mr. Roden’s friends they’ll spot C.W. values operating in the background throughout my comments... once they adjust for the northern frenetic speed factor.

The reason all this matters is a similar math illusion is going on in the Abe Lincoln con game. It’s headed straight for us ‘cuz the PC Nazis will try to divide and conquer conservative forces using the same trick. That’s next up.

Steve Gambone said...

Back in a college math class a very gifted math Professor taught us math majors about the mathematical connections between the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg address. He didn’t know, but I now do, that there’s an arithmetic error in the Gettysburg address. The ‘7’ should be an ‘11’.

Thomas Jefferson had his own way of doing everything and for him a generation was 19 years. A Jefferson score has only 19 years in it. So Lincoln flubbed the arithmetic when trying to connect with the founding spirit of 1776.

However, the math wording was close enough to create the illusion that Lincoln and Jefferson were of like mind and spirit. After Lincoln’s death people who called him a baboon when he was alive exploited that, slightly off, Jefferson connection. Those former Lincoln detractors made him out to be a brilliant Jefferson-like President ‘cuz the South had one in name, Jefferson Davis.

Davis was playing the Presidential role of George Washington; Robert E. Lee in the role of General George Washington.

The combination of con game factors involved essentially place a transparency of a top hat and beard on a bust of Thomas Jefferson. Many non-Confederate conservatives fall for this con. They think they’re looking at the Founding Spirit personified in Lincoln, but it’s a con.

We all need to remember that with lies and spin going on for so many generations many conservatives and independents would be naturally drawn to that “Weekend @ Bernie’s” version of Abe Lincoln. Those conservatives and independents feel enslaved by the PC Nazi Democrats and the deaf PC Republicans who covet the Nazi powers of those Democrats. So those anti-PC folks will head straight for the guy who “freed” all the slaves and the PC Nazis will encourage them to do just that.

However there are stories that can help destabilize the Lincoln con.

Steve Gambone said...

Here’s a tale of an evil Virginia slave owner, Anthony Johnson. He’s the guy who got his former indentured servant, the black man John Casor, declared a slave for LIFE in a Virginia Civil Court.

John Casor was already a free black man, who had committed NO crime. He was TOTALLY INNOCENT and FREE. Then that truly evil man Johnson sued to have Casor declared a SLAVE FOR LIFE! That was the first such Civil Case.

OMG what could be more evil than that! That guy had great wealth and that’s what he did with it. All this slavery stuff is Anthony Johnson’s fault. We definitely need to put Johnson of the hated evil slaveholder list...

It turns out Anthony Johnson was a black dude from Angola. He worked his way out of indentured servitude. According to Wikipedia Anthony Johnson was ‘the black patriarch' and leader of the first community of Negro property owners in America.

A black community leader, using British courts, pre-Revolutionary War, to enslave blacks helps diffuse the PC anti-Jeffersons and the anti-PC, conservative pro-Lincolns.

An additional story that I often blast team Nazi with can help too. Just more verbal ammo to fend of the Nazis more obvious tricks.

Steve Gambone said...

Here’s the story I post as a comment to tick off the Confederate Flag hating Nazis.
That evil flag. How many US soldiers died fighting it?

What about that young man hanged under that terrible flag. The “adults” present for that evil deed had a 13 year old boy fashion the noose and secure the rope to a tree. What adults would encourage a child of one race to assist in killing a man of another race?

If you were the same race as that hanged young man wouldn’t you loathe and fear the sight of that evil flag and be wary of men of that killer child’s race? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? And what about that flag’s appalling history of slavery?

The British killed US soldiers in two wars... the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Their Union Jack flew on slave ships. The British hanged that white guy Nathan Hale and had a little black kid fasten the rope to a tree.

All people should loathe and fear that Hawaii State flag with its evil Benedict Arnold Union Jack on it ‘cuz that’s how this Politically Correct witch hunt flag stuff works... right?

Time for Hawaii’s traitor flag to go!

(Of course, the Confederate Flag never flew on a slave ship like the British and US Flag did. And Confederate Jews, Indians and Blacks fought against Northern oppression ‘cuz the North was behaving worse than the Brits did back in the 1770’s. So the Confederate Flag is totally cool.)

Steve Gambone said...

Sheesh. How many times is this gonna happen? So I'm over at the Southern Historical Society, looking at a picture of two guns. Reading about such guns being overstuffed with ammo on battlefields, overstuffed like an Oreo cookie... then I'm the only poor slob who gets blasted in the Southern Heart... and I'm not even SOUTHERN!! Seriously? Is there some weird, secret, Southern prophecy or curse I should know about? WHATEVER!

If that barrel’s full of lead
is that gun to take that field
or hill... and kill?
Or is it there
because you care?
So you stare.
You take a stand
on that last piece of land
you are dead.

How many people had to die
shedding blood
under grey or blue
Southern sky?

Deep within is there a story
of when it’s time to retire
Old Glory?
Never to fly again in war
never to even up a score?

If I can’t see it, but I feel
how do I even know
that the story’s real?

Deep within is there a story
of when it’s time
not to fly...
Old Glory?
Is this General Lee
or Anthony?
Will this story set you free?
Why me?
I just don’t know
but my tears flow.

Willing to die but not to kill
Putting life in the Good Lord’s will
Will this story set you free?
I can feel but I can’t see
Why me?
Why me?

Steve Gambone said...

Before I go through thousands of patterns pedal to the metal in hyper math mode I should point out the time factor in the Zyka STD is tricky to predict. Is it better to rush in to deal with it right away or is there more time where a better more accurate response delivered later yields better results? Do you rip off the bandages fast or slow? I’m not worrying about it, there’s more productive uses of my time given the overall situation.

OK. Given the Southern genocide angle (ethnocide?) the Hervey equations become a sequence of events over time.

White Guilt leads to > Black Opression>Black Genocide (+ Jewish ethnocide) >Southern genocide-ethnocide> end of Original US. {note: I included the Jewish folks because up here the “diversity educators” of the social justice warrior set already stripped secular Jews of their religious status and call Jews as a whole an ethnic group; while at the same time other “educators” promote boycotting “white” businesses during MLK week in areas with higher than average numbers of Jewish run businesses.}

Utilizing the pattern of that sequence while including recent patterns and facts about team Nazi while including other discovered math errors yields;

Davis rule: “12 long years” therefore 1853(?)Carpenter v Pennsylvania> emancipation overhype/manumission under-utilized>True Bill of Rights nuked...

Ok. Don’t worry about the order plus I’m working from memory... here’s the scoop:

The Supreme Court’s Carpenter v. Pennsylvania 1853(?) decision inadvertently nuked the legal validity of the Declaration of Independence thereby putting the US back under British rule of law thus creating an unresolvable legal conflict between Unionists and Confederates. Plus there’s an additional con going on with use of the word “emancipation” that has pushed “manumission” into virtual non-existence in a way that supports and promotes the North’s fairytale view of slavery itself and the recently used “Whitehouse was built by ‘slaves’” con game.

This part is for the Confederate Legal Eagle team:
The Supreme Court combined two errors in CvP; the ruling itself was incorrect and the reasons behind the ruling were unconstitutional in recognizing the authority of the English Lord (or whatever title) Blackstone over the Founders at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The Founders clearly wanted the Bill of Rights to apply to ALL Civil Law matters, no exceptions. The Founders were advancing the work of Blackstone and NOT restricting the Constitution to the limited English Blackstone standard. Blackstone might have done that himself but he croaked BEFORE the Revolutionary War was over.

So look to the transcripts of the Constitutional Convention for discussions of the matter while noting that Thomas Jefferson and his Revolutionary Friends were trained as, what we now call, Euclideans. (Euclidean rhymes with Gideon and Floridian.) Euclideans say as much with what exceptions they leave out as with what they leave in.
Note in the Constitution:

“2. The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.
3. No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

The Court “passed” a prohibited ex post facto law in CvP with deadly consequences.

gotta stop; continue in next comment

Steve Gambone said...

Ok so a group of math trained Euclideans during that time period, operating at the top of their game NEVER EVER leave out exceptions to the rules.

An exception was included in Article I 18 2.

Yet NO exception was included immediately after in A I 18 3. They weren’t about to waste the time of writing “no exception in Civil cases” because any Euclidean trained person would see that immediately and know that it was obviously true. Euclideans are nitpicky minimalists in wording stuff. However since the Constitution was a Euclidean group effort few might have written down such a thing. The problem with many Unionist type lawyers these days is if the words aren’t there in writing they assume there could be exceptions but that’s the opposite of the original Euclidean methodology used.

Anyway, let me regroup by yakking away to myself to get things set mathwise. It’s obvious stuff but in the math culture we write things down to focus on collections of various details:

“Emancipation” used as cover up of Southern manumission = freed by will or DEED because many Confederate “slaves” already earned their freedom, or were well on their way to doing so before “emancipation”.
Under Southern manumission rules the “slaves” were honored to work on the Whitehouse project.

Therefore a building feeling of pride among Black Confederate descendants had to be suppressed somehow???? Top down cover up lead to grassroots bottom up response. Are you kidding me?

The South has been rising for DECADES while the PC birdbrains and their ancestors have built a house of cards around the ever rising Dixie version of Lady Liberty to cover her up. When that house of cards collapses... Dixie will appear to rise out of the debris.

No wonder you felt such a dual nature to this ya big dolt. Dixie is living there under a living but unstable house of cards. I’m getting too old for this stuff if I missed that one for so long. sheesh.