Thursday, March 31, 2022

Despite Red Sweep, Democrats Continue Memorial Destruction March


Communists in Farmville, Virginia are at it again today, removing the base of the Confederate Soldiers' Memorial. They were quick to tear it down when Democrats struck down decades old Virginia law protecting all war memorials to allow the desecration and destruction of whatever memorial they decide “offends” them on a particular day. 
Democrats are the cause of all this. Republicans can stop it. 
Contact the Governor today and tell him to act now to stop the desecration and destruction of war memorials.


Anonymous said...

These officials: Mayors-City Council Members are acting like judge jury and inquisitors.
No one I can think of asked them to do this. Money must be flowing in from several sources because this demolition vandalism and destruction is not free and cost a pretty penny.
What hurts aside from removing our (World-Heritage legacy statues are the fact that no replacements are offered. We the public love having these around. That this is a political event without knowledge of Culture and art is revolting. AS an artist and sculptor and historian I feel like this is an affront to our civilization and National integrity. Destroying art harms our community, discourse has been eliminated, in the most sneaky way possible. It is difficult enough to seek funding for artistic endeavors why is it so easy to defile public art? It must be because these iconoclast can. No laws remain protect monuments apparently or they have added during the middle of the night new ones to remove historical artworks.
Where is the Governor in this ...we thought there could be a new beginning, why is this crime still allowed? If these our cherished veterans and the artist creators were alive today you would never hear the end of their complaints. This shameful work needs to stop now!

Not Morris Dees said...

The ISIS jihad against heritage and culture continues, unabated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll send my letter now. Hopefully Youngkin can put an end to this nonsense and save our CSA history!

Anonymous said...

Rebuild! and keep putting them up as fast as they take them down and more

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have always enjoyed the monuments for the art form/expressions as well since a kid