Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Richmond Judge Rules LEE Monument Will STAY Until Lawsuit Appeal Is Heard


Photo:  Monument Avenue a few days ago.  The beauty of the trees and fog hides most of the hate shown in the Capital of the Confederacy over the past few months.  The general rides high above the filth!


A mixed bag out of Richmond today:

Bad news: A Richmond Circuit court judge dismissed the case filed by Monument Avenue residents to stop Governor Northam from tearing down the magnificent Robert E Lee memorial on Monument Avenue.

GOOD NEWS: The same judge ordered that the injunction preventing Northam from touching the monuments stays in place until the appeal, which won’t be heard until NEXT YEAR!!


God bless all those who had the courage to bring this lawsuit and the attorneys who bravely represented them in court. 
Be of good courage, Virginians. God WILL vindicate.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful, thank you. I can’t bring myself to go there. I think the self righteous cowards even renamed monument ave. RVA is dead to me