Friday, July 24, 2020

Virginia Taliban Removes Confederate Memorials and Artifacts from Old House Chamber Museum Under Cover of Darkness

Under cover of darkness, and against the wishes of the majority of Virginia's citizens, House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, oordered the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the state Capitol Thursday along with busts and artifacts representing eight men who served in the Confederacy. The statuary removed Thursday night was located in the Old House Chamber, a room where delegates met before the building was expanded, which is now used as a museum and for historical tours, ironically, exactly where these leftists typically say our Confederate memorials belong. 
The Virginia Democrat Taliban continues its work. Remember how they said statues and artifacts belonged in a museum?  Apparently not.   The statues were in a museum called the OLD House Chamber where the events of the War Between the States era actually occurred and where the legislature of the Confederacy actually met are now removed.
Virginia has a unique and remarkable history.... and we exist now on the same spot where it all unfolded. NOT commemorating that history and the people who were legendary leaders 150 years ago is anti-intellectual and anti-American.
Last night’s secret removal is shameful.
Remember it was Democrats who acted like the Taliban.  Remember and support only those who will replace everything removed once we regain control of the Commonwealth. 
Filler-Corn’s office sclaims the state constitution and the rules of the House gave her the authority to make changes to the space, including by removing artifacts.

Filler-Corn was born in New York, and raised in New Jersey
She announced that she formed a “Speaker’s Advisory Group on State Capitol Artifacts” to advise her on what to do with the removed memorials and possible further actions. She appointed Del. Delores McQuinn, D-Richmond, to oversee the group.
“The artifacts at the Capitol are a painful reminder of the deep-rooted wounds of slavery and 401 years of oppression,” McQuinn said in a statement. “These Confederate artifacts are constant reminders of individuals who had no intentions of guaranteeing justice, equality and equity for all. I am proud of Speaker Filler-Corn for taking this action to not only remove these hateful symbols, but also create a process to make sure our State Capitol reflects our ideals.”
In a statement, Minority Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, criticized the statue’s removal:
“The Speaker’s statement reaffirming her commitment to telling the whole history of the Commonwealth is perplexing, given the fact that that the Lee statute in the old House chamber literally marks the spot where Lee accepted his general’s commission, setting off some of the most historic and tragic events in our nation’s history. Unlike the Lee monument on Monument Avenue, this statue is a historical marker. Another historical reality is that the Capitol building itself served as the Confederate Capitol, a fact that should no doubt force the Speaker’s new Advisory Group to recommend that it be razed to the ground.”

This is heartbreaking, to say the least, but certainly doesn't come as a surprise to any of us who have watched the Democrats and their EVIL, vindictive actions since they gained control of our legislature in November.

We understand, like few others, that all of this destruction and desecration is because 150+ years later, liberal Democrats are still terrified of the Confederacy and what we stood for...and they know full well it had NOTHING to do with slavery or race.

It was the last time Godly men of honor and valor had the courage to stand against evil tyranny...and THAT scares them to death.


Anonymous said...

Can Filler-Corn be arrested? If not now, when the Republicans take control again?

Hoosier Flagger said...

Only if we let them!!! They know we are going to be complacent....And they are counting on that.. and taking advantage of our civilness.. Isss there any way that we can take our monuments and put them on private property where we can guard them, from there ignorance. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update.I’m sad and angry about what is happening. I was doxed and lost 90% of my customers from a hit job from comments I made about monument avenue on face book. I ironically spent a few weeks walking up and down monument avenue BEFORe the riots , so I was particularly upset about what the police and officials allowed to happen. Lets not forget, the police, who we pay, stood down. If we were there to protect the statues? Wow,we would have been mowed down and arrested and prosecute.

But I’m concerned with people who are thinking this is about the confederacy or liberals, or BLM, or globalists. Its not. Its about white people, especially white men. Until white men realize we are targeted for extinction, or severe marginalization, we will continue to lose ground. This is the bridge that needs to be crossed. Whites need to start sticking up for whites as whites. And we need to call it that. We cant call it “America” or “heritage” or “the past” or “Tradition”. No. We need to say, “us whites want x”. Until that happens, we will lose lose lose.

Wade said...

We need to know what we can do! We need to stop this! What group is fighting this? Who can we support? If you know of a group that is fighting this please let me know. I don't understand how they are allowed to destroy/remove OUR history! Even now, lets not sit quietly by. Please post actions we can take, letters we can send, phone calls we can make!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering the same thing about these so called "legal acts" that these dark souls are doing! I pray every day for this to stop! Our beautiful historical city and state HAS to have protection. There are laws and they have broken and twisted them to serve their personal beliefs! I'm SORRY! All of what has been removed from our city belongs to ALL Virginians! Not the Narrsisstic Govenor, Mayor, and Filler-Corn. NONE of this was done "For the People" or "By the People" .