Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Terrorists Vandalize Confederate Memorials in Richmond

Some time overnight last night, and shortly after Richmond City Council voted to ask the General Assembly for permission to destroy Monument Avenue, local terrorists took their cue to vandalize several Confederate monuments, desecrating the Davis and Jackson memorials.

This is what Richmond Mayor Stoney wants. He has been getting tips from his pal Wes Bellamy in Charlottesville on how to completely divide and destroy a community, and it looks like he is well on his way to succeeding.
Please call Richmond public works at (804) 646-7000 and tell them how disgusted you are by this vandalism and ask them when it will be removed.
There is no question as to what kind of people are behind this. “God is gay” was spray painted on the foot of the memorial to a man of exemplary faith and Christian character.

They hate our heritage because it is a Christian one. They hate us because we refuse to relinquish our birthright or deny our faith. 
We are in for the fight of our lives, folks. Pray up. Gird up. Man up. Our time is now.


Anonymous said...

Keep on working, great job!

Anonymous said...

Y'all set the bar, keep up the great work....proud to see those beautiful flags flying around our state!

Larry Walker said...

I understand the Marxists who now control the government of Virginia, have vowed to eradicate Monument Avenue. However, as a National Historic Landmark, the state government should have no say-so in getting its heinous wish. Monument Avenue and the homes along it, was long ago declared a National Historical Landmark, with all the Federal protections accorded to such national treasures. That should be legally and forcefully pointed out to those leftist clowns, and whatever attorneys you can garner, should investigate the full protections accorded national landmarks.

Larry Walker
R.E. Lee Confederate Heritage Assn.
Charlotte, N.C.

JCS AL said...

As a native Virginian the mayor of Richmond and governor Virginia embarrass me in their efforts to remove all facts of history.

JCS AL said...

The mayor of Richmond and the governor of VA are destroying the history of Virginia that all need to learn in order to help prevent repeating!

Anonymous said...

As a native Virginian I am also disgusted by these people.My ancestors fought aq invader , defended a homeland, some died, some imprisoned for a cause they deemed right. Govornor Lector called to arms and my people responded correctly.How dare these people respond .They have lost their way and giving into the mobs.shame shame on them.