Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Charlottesville RE Lee Monument Cleaned Up Hours After Desecration

**UPDATE**. Your calls made a difference! Charlottesville public works had the monuments cleaned up by the time these photos were taken around noon this afternoon.


Now please continue to contact the Charlottesville police department at (434) 970-3280 and request an immediate and thorough investigation of the crime.
(From our earlier email)...Someone vandalized the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in downtown Charlottesville overnight, this time with an expletive (blurred) directed at President Donald J. Trump, blue paint on the base, and another word on the back. This is what happens when your city is ruled by lawlessness and disrespect. Welcome to Wes Bellamy's Charlottesville.
In the meantime, we will hire some private security to keep an eye on the monuments over the next few days, and continue our complete and total boycott of the City of Charlottesville and call on all God-fearing, law abiding, decent citizens to do the same.

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