Thursday, January 17, 2019

Attempts to Eliminate Lee-Jackson Day Fail in Virginia Legislature

Both bills introduced in the Virginia Legislature designed to eliminate the state Lee-Jackson Day Holiday have DIED in committee!
HB1984 was killed in committee today, 1/17/2019
YEAS--Lindsey, Turpin--2
NAYS--Leftwich, Landes, Adams, L.R., McGuire--4
(NAY vote kills the legislation)
SB1291 was killed in committee Monday, 1/14/2019
YEAS--Locke, Barker, Ebbin, Surovell, McPike--5
NAYS--Ruff, Vogel, Black, Reeves, DeSteph, Suetterlein, Dunnavant--7
(NAY vote kills the legislation)
Many thanks to all who reached out to your legislators concerning this very important issue!
We will continue to monitor the General Assembly for any other bills that may show up, and update you on HB2377, Charlottesville's attempt to remove our monument protection law, as soon as we have more information.
What a great day in the Commonwealth, coming on the eve of Lee-Jackson Day!

Happy Lee-Jackson Day, y'all!  

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