Monday, August 7, 2017

Dixie Rising: Patriots Prepare to Defend Monuments in the Capital of the Confederacy

LEE Monument, Monument Avenue, Richmond.
Photo by RVA Monument Guards, August, 2017

As we reported earlier, Richmond Mayor Lamar Stoney has appointed a commission to “study” Confederate monuments on Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue.  In his press conference to announce his intentions, the Mayor regurgitated the false narrative as has been circulated by groups such as the ANTIFA anarchists, SPLC, and NAACP, and that which was used by the liberals in Charlottesville in their crusade to destroy the Confederate monuments there.  Stoney calls the men honored by these monuments “architects and defenders of slavery” and claims that the monuments were erected “to perpetuate the tyranny and terror of Jim Crow and reassert a new era of white supremacy.”  The mayor recognizes that the monuments are protected by Virginia state law and cannot be removed, but he has made it clear that he would tear them down if he could.  At the close of the press conference, he revealed his true intentions, when he called contextualizing a “first step” in the process.

The commission is a stacked deck of folks who think like Stoney and who have social and political biases against our history and heritage.  They will attempt to appeal to Richmonders, who overwhelmingly are AGAINST monument removal, by offering this “compromise” of contextualization, hoping that we will go along with desecration since the monuments appear to be safe from removal.

The Va Flaggers are steadfastly opposed to the addition of ANY context to ANY of our Confederate monuments or memorials and will use all available resources to prevent it from happening.

Our monuments and memorials need NO PC context or “interpretation”.  Our grandmothers carved their meaning in stone and each memorial speaks for itself.  They are memorials to honor the men who fought and died to protect the Commonwealth and Richmond, and neither Mayor Stoney, nor the members of the commission have the right to judge or condemn the memorials, the memory of our loved ones, or our grandmothers and surviving veterans who erected them.

If Mayor Stoney get his way and signage is added with the false narratives he is pushing, vandalism on the grand avenue will increase as it will agitate and stir up the anarchists who are already screaming for their destruction.  Richmond’s otherwise tranquil Monument Avenue will be transformed into chaos, the likes of which we saw and continue to see in New Orleans, before, after, and during the monument destruction there.  Crime will increase and property values will plummet.
We stand committed to protecting Richmond’s Confederate memorials and monuments, but we need YOUR help.  Here’s what you can do…

ATTEND THE PUBLIC MEETINGS.  The Mayor’s Monument Avenue Commission has set up two public hearings to get input from citizens.  It is IMPERATIVE that we have a huge presence at this meetings.  Even if you do not wish to speak, PLEASE still plan to be in attendance.  We will have signs and flyers available, and information to distribute.  

Public Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday, August 9, 6:30 p.m.  Virginia Historical Society 428 N. Boulevard
Wednesday, September 13, 6:30 p.m.  Virginia Historical Society, 428 N. Boulevard

We encourage everyone to arrive EARLY and be waiting when the doors open.  The commission had promised to publish guidelines for speaking on their website, but as of this morning, nothing has appeared.

CONTACT COMMISSION MEMBERS:  Look for a separate email with information on each commission member and details on how to contact them.  We urge everyone to contact each member and make the case for NO context.  We are compiling the list now and will have it released in the next 24 hours.

ATTEND THE LEE MONUMENT RALLY IN SEPTEMBER:  Our friends at Save Southern Heritage have obtained a permit from the Capitol Police for a rally at the LEE Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond for Saturday, September 16 at NOON.  We will be supporting their efforts and  need a HUGE showing of patriotic Southerners to make a statement to Mayor Stoney, the commission, and the entire city of Richmond.  Watch for more details, coming soon, but save the date and make plans to attend and bring as many folks as you can.

The destruction of our monuments and memorials in New Orleans has caused what can only be described as a great awakening across America.  Here in Virginia, Corey Stewart, with almost no name recognition and very little money, came within 1% of winning the Republican nomination for Governor against a powerhouse establishment candidate with full coffers, after publicly condemning the attempts to tear down monuments and memorials in Charlottesville.  Good people, north and South of the Mason-Dixon line are sick and tired of officals pandering to a small, but very vocal and violent percentage of the population.

The Capital of the Confederacy is shaping up to be the next battle ground.  We fully expect victory, but will need your help to make it happen


Unknown said...

Amen. You have a pack of scalawags at your heels

BuckandTye said...

Some of those blm folks have some serious racial disorders. Especially marking all those fine remembrances of our American History!
Phil Dufault
Cherokee County, SC

Steve Gambone said...

As is true for your typical Pink Slimer, Stoney is both consumer and peddler of pink slime. We can assume that he and his pink slimy cohorts will be well supported by the local/regional editions of the Pink Slime Press.

{Pink Slime Media defined as being Yellow Journalism with the overpowering stench of Pinko Liberal, FemiNazi extremism.}

With his pseudo-history Stoney scandal-mongers. He calls for a new and improved pink slimy “context” to be added to the monuments, thus righting the non-existent wrong created by his own pink slimed brain.

Truth and ethics do not exist for Pink Slimers such as Stoney. The Pink Slime Media feeds them the lying, pink slimy swamp muck that all liberal extremists hunger for. And so the pink slimers’ mass delusions continue on.

It’s time to call Stoney and his ilk what they are... Pink Slimers.

They pink slime monuments with their graffiti. They pink slime every political issue they get involved in. And with their lies and pseudo-history they pink slime the reputations of honorable men and women, both the living and the dead.

And just as in the ground beef by-product they are named after... the political waste product of the Pink Slimers is unfit for human consumption.