Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shad Planking Goes PC - Wakefield Ruritan Boots Confederate Heritage Group From Annual Event

The annual Shad Planking in Wakefield, Virginia was at one time the biggest political event in the Commonwealth. It offered citizens a chance to interact with candidates one on one and was an event that allowed all Virginians to have a voice. 

Scenes like this one in 2011, captured by the media were common place. 
In 2013, the Virginia Flaggers attended the event and were able to give some scalawag politicians a pretty good flagging, in spite of the entourage/bouncers they had with them...
Apparently, this did not sit well with some of the establishment candidates.  When we returned the following year, new signs were in place...
In spite of the new restrictions, our exhibitor booth enjoyed heavy traffic and great support.  We were told we were one of the most popular booths at the Shad Planking.  We exhausted our supply of stickers, flags, and cold drinks by the end of the day and had a great time chatting with citizens and politicians. 
We participated as an exhibitor in 2014 and 2015 with great success and without any word from the Wakefield Ruritan of any problems or issues.

We sat out 2016 due to scheduling issues, and were excited to return in 2017 and have the chance to get back to the event.

Our application and payment for exhibitor space was mailed on March 13th, 2017.  On March 22nd, the Wakefield Ruritan notified us that our application had been rejected.  Our check was returned with a letter stating "the Wakefield Ruritan Club reserves the right to reject applicants", no other explanation, and instructions to contact Chris Simms, Festival Chairman if we had any questions.

There was no reply to our email to Mr. Simms, asking for an explanation.  
It is obvious that the Wakefield Ruritan is bowing to the pressure of the politically correct establishment and the liberal left.  In 2016 they hired a PR firm to help make the event more "welcoming" to all.

Apparently, Southern Heritage does not fit the new image of the "Shads, Grapes, and Grain Festival".
From their website:
Contact the Shad, Grapes and Grains Festival
(804) 731-5236
P.O. Box 148
Wakefield, VA 23888


John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utah said...

In the letter, the lack of education is evident when the Wakefield Ruritan apparently doesn't know the difference between they contraction, "you're", and the possessive, "your".

Due to the effort required to hit additional keys when spelling out the contracted words, "you're", it obviously is not a typographical error, but a genuine lapse in literacy accomplishment.

Steve Gambone said...

The people in control of need to update their website to reflect the truth of their new PC attitude. Here’s a quote from their site that shows what a sad joke they are:

“What if I’m not a partisan person, or what if I’m not into politics?
The Shad, Grapes and Grains Festival exists beyond any political or partisan concepts. It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are, or even if you have any. We guarantee you will find something or someone amazing at this event.”

Clearly now it does matter what your political beliefs are and the festival goes no farther than PC approved concepts.
Given the rejection of the Virginia Flaggers, and their unquestionable standing as an amazing group, the fishy politics involved in the decision making just plain stinks to high heaven.

Good Ole Rebel said...


The Right. said...

Their statement about someone not having political beliefs, makes them look like immature air heads. It's sad to see that these people are in Virginia.