Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Our readers may recall that we shared the news that Richmond police officers were able to serve warrants on a local protestor after he turned up at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts last month. We are thrilled to report that earlier today, the most violent of the “counter-protestors” who sometimes antagonizes and attempts to provoke our Flaggers on the Boulevard in Richmond was convicted of disorderly conduct in a local courtroom, in connection with a June incident where he spit at, cursed out, and intimidated several of our Flaggers in a violent rage.

He was convicted, levied with a fine and court costs, forced to publicly apologize, and instructed to keep his distance from the Va Flaggers.

We are thrilled with the precedent set and proud of the ladies who swore out warrants and took time off of work today to face their assailant in court. We left the courtroom with renewed optimism, rekindled commitment to our Cause, and more determined than ever to stand, fight, and NEVER back down!

Bo Traywick came out to the courthouse today to offer support and to be available if needed, since he has also had experience with the accused . He wrote and sent a wonderful report with commentary, a portion of which we are sharing with his permission…

Dear Miss Susan,

I thought the judge today was first class! He was totally objective and understanding, and not the least a demagogue, as we sometimes are faced with in these latter-days of “neo-Reconstruction.”...

...I am sorry I did not get to speak before the judge today. I heard him say that he was a veteran. I wanted to tell him that I was a veteran also. I risked my life getting shot at under the Stars and Stripes in Vietnam, and when I returned home, men like me were met by men like Romans at the airport, who spat upon us, and I resent Roman’s accusations. Romans calls us Nazis. My Uncle, who was a surgeon from South Carolina serving with the 20th Combat Engineer Regiment under the Stars and Stripes, who was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts, and who made three invasions, was killed by the Nazis in the Hertgen Forest by Nazi artillery, and I resent Roman’s accusation. My father was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s badge for his service under the Stars and Stripes in Burma as the adviser of a Chinese infantry regiment under General Stilwell, and I resent Roman’s accusations. All of us are descended from Lt. John L. Crute, 4th Virginia Regiment, Continental Line, who fought under the Stars and Stripes and got chopped up by Tarleton’s Dragoons at Hanging Rock, South Carolina, during “Buford’s Massacre”, and I resent Roman’s accusations. And all of us are descended from the Rev. J. B. Traywick, who served fifty years in the South Carolina Conference as a Methodist Minister, who was raised on a farm in North Carolina where there were no slaves because “his father wouldn’t have any on the place,” and who fought as a teenaged rifleman in the Army of Northern Virginia, was captured in the Valley in 1864, survived Point Lookout and the War, but lost four brothers and one brother-in-law that I know about, and I resent Roman’s accusations. Other than curse at women and children while waving the Stars and Stripes, I wonder if he ever put his life on the line for that – or any other flag. I am proud of my Confederate heritage as well as my heritage and my service under the Stars and Stripes.

Mr. Romans told the judge that he had studied history at VCU. Well good for him. My family lived it. We didn’t need some Marxist, revisionist “Court Historian” to tell us what I have been told about it since I was a little boy. I heard our history from those who had heard it first hand from those who had made that history – at least from those few who had survived it! But we are soon to be passing away ourselves, leaving the truth to be interpreted and twisted in the latest political winds. But we may take heart. The truth may not be killed. It may be buried alive, but it will not die.

Pass this along, if you wish, Miss Susan. It is all for the Cause of the Truth that we all stand for.

Sincerely, Bo


C.W. Roden said...

Another good blog title would be: The Fall of Romans. LOL!

Linda said...

Wish more court systems would take the same action !!