Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charlottesville "Tear Down the Monuments" Rally Report and Update

On Monday night, March 21st, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer submitted the following, very revealing "statement", concerning City Council's plans for the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, members of the Virginia Flaggers joined several dozen history and heritage supporters to protest a press conference held in Charlottesville's Lee Park, by Charlottesville City Council Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy to announce plans to tear down the RE Lee statue and change the park name. 

Monument supporters reported that Bellamy and others ranted that  Robert E. Lee was "trash" that needed to be disposed of, and blamed the memorial for everything from "racism" to "homophobia".  The vicious attacks were difficult to hear, and monument supporters are to be commended for their brave stand, and excellent conduct in the face of blatant hate and bigotry. 

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to flag and engage Councilman Kristen Szacos, who was the first to call for the removal of the monuments several years ago...

A big thanks to ALL who came out to take a stand!  

Later in the afternoon, we released the following statement:
March 22, 2016
Richmond, Va

"The Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and Councilman Scazos are wasting the taxpayers' money and time by proposing the removal of the monuments in Charlottesville, in clear violation of Virginia state law. (15.2-1812 - Memorials for war veterans)
The governor's recent veto of the proposed amendment did not change the law, nor does it allow for the removal of monuments and memorials. In fact, the Virginia legislature reaffirmed the law's original intent. Thankfully, it is still illegal to remove monuments and memorials in the Commonwealth, and our veterans' memorials are safe from the mob mentality of the PC revisionists and haters in Charlottesville and across the Commonwealth.
We believe that Charlottesville City Council members should have better things to do than to pursue these self-serving publicity stunts that only serve to divide us and create animosity in the community.

Neither the Virginia Flaggers, nor the citizens of the Commonwealth are going to stand by and allow this ISIS like destruction of our history and heritage. If Charlottesville City Council decides to ignore the law and pursues this repulsive purge, they will face serious consequences -- in civil and criminal court -- and in the court of public opinion, which according to all available public polling on the subject, overwhelmingly supports keeping the monuments right where they are. "

Call to action:
*Continue to contact Charlottesville City Council:  An email to this address: will be sent to each Council member, the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and the Clerk of Council.
You can also use this link to contact each council member individually via phone and/or email:

Stay tuned for more information, updates, and opportunities to join the fight!
Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

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Steve Gambone said...

These days I'm calling Black Lives Matter and the rest of these PC fascist hate groups "ISIS-americans".

They are way out of control. ISIS-Like is an accurate description of their anti-US behavior.

As a Yankee up here in Massachusetts, near the center of the PC Brain Cloud, I've noted a PC denying the existence of their PC Holy-Cause; acting like there's no such thing as being PC. When one PC fascist tries something it can quickly spread throughout the rest of them. So the PC Holy-Cause deniers could multiply like rats.

I suggest we spread the use of anti-PC terms such as ISIS-americans and Anti-US. Also consider using ISIS-like, with the hyphen included, rather than 'ISIS like'. It's a subtle thing that ties the PC more closely with their foreign, ISIS-terrorist counterparts.

The more the ISIS-americans try to destroy US History and US Values here, the more it encourages and feeds the terrorist acts abroad. Terrorist ISIS gets news stories like this one, too. ISIS-americans and ISIS-terrorists are linked together, arm in arm in their united hatred of the US.

Any True Yankee knows that True Confederates are the most pro-US people on the planet, their beliefs tied to the original Articles of Confederation. Keep fighting the good Southern fight on this continent known to some as Turtle Island.

Pray Spirit Guides keep with us.