Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tampa Flag Replacement Campaign Update

Last week we forwarded a request from Mike Herring in Tampa for assistance with raising funds to replace the massive flags they fly at the Confederate Memorial Park/Flag Site on Interstate 75.  I am pleased to report that, as always, the response of our supporters was swift and generous, and would like to thank all those who answered the call!  Here is an update from Mr. Herring...
Subject: Tampa Flags

To all,

Thanks to the overwhelming response from supporters all throughout the, Southland we have reached our goal of $2600.00. I have received donations from Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and of course Florida.

Donations ranged from 10.00 to 500.00 so that I can order replacement flags for the Tampa site.The news gets better.

Ruffin Flag Rep Andy Fuqua saw my message on Susan Hathaway's Blog and contacted me last Friday with a offer under the previous cost which saves us $700.00 including free shipping.

My plans are to order the largest ANV Battle and 3rd National flags in the world.

Any donations which arrive this week will be kept in reserve for future flags and I am asking those who are contemplating a donation to send this week or wait till the next year weather pending. Sun, wind and rain are the determining factor with the life of any flag. Remember the flags fly at a height of 139 feet but  are gorgeous in the Florida sunshine.

All this activity results in honouring the Confederate soldier and everyone who contributed can be satisfied with the Southern banners we flay 365 days annually.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions and once again a hearty thank you for making this project a great success. View the attachment for those who have never seen Confederate Memorial Park.

Forward the Colours

Mike Herring
Brandon, Florida
Past Commander
General Jubal A. Early Camp 556

Raising the World's Largest Third National Flag. Tampa, FL, April, 2013

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

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