Monday, August 4, 2014

Memorial Battle Flags Projects Update

Subject: Letter-to-the-Editor - Writer frightened by the Confederate Flag

August 3, 2014
Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch
300 East Franklin Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Sir:

Another "born and bred Northerner," indoctrinated by a colossal propaganda mill, is frightened by the "divisive" Confederate Flag, adding that (yawn) the War was fought to end slavery. Please pay attention here. The War was waged by the North against Southern secession. The Confederacy was the American Empire's first conquest.

H. V. Traywick, Jr.
Richmond, VA
Photo: A large Confederate flag flies above Interstate 95 near Fredericksburg. (Yue Wu | The Washington Post)

The final week of July was a very exciting one for us in MANY ways, including several new and thrilling developments in the Memorial Battle Flags Projects.  In addition to the new pole and flag installed last week at Savage's Station, we received word of the possibility of acquiring several additional large poles at bargain pricing, and are encouraged and hopeful that we will likely be able to move forward much sooner than expected with one or more of the additional properties available and waiting for Memorial Battle Flag installations. 

Meanwhile, we are one step closer to having the Fredericksburg flag lit at night, as our crews were busy last week, putting the finishing touches on the electrical work...

ALSO last week, FOX News picked up a Washington Post interview with Va Flagger Barry Isenhour, and it was highlighted on its main news page.  Each time an article like this is published, we have the opportunity to present the true history and honor of our flags and the men who fought and died beneath them, and the exposure serves to recruit new supporters and foot soldiers in the Cause.

From the Washington Post report:
Aston Haughton, president of the Stafford County chapter of the NAACP, sees it differently. The flag, Haughton said, "symbolizes racism, oppression. It reminds people of the days of slavery.

When he drove past the flag, he was upset. So were a lot of people he knew, both black and white, he said. They pulled together a group to see what they could do about it. But the permits are legal, the property is private.

"We have to see if we can work it from another angle, he said. "Our mission now is to make sure they don't keep going county to county and keep putting these flags up.
Even so, and perhaps with even more determination, OUR mission has not changed. We plan to continue to raise these flags and memorials...across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Many thanks to each of you, whose generous support makes these flags and all of our heritage defense projects possible.

Please watch for more updates soon! 

God bless you all, and God Save the South!

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers

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