Saturday, May 31, 2014

I-95 Memorial Confederate Battle Flag #2 Raised in Fredericksburg

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the raising of the 2nd I-95 Memorial Battle Flag in the Commonwealth. A 20’ x 30’ Army of Tennessee version of the Confederate Battle Flag was raised this morning on an 82’ pole in Stafford County, just north of Fredericksburg, in a small, private ceremony that included a Confederate Color Guard, Rifle Salute, Invocations, and historical presentations

The flag will fly in honor of all Confederate soldiers, and specifically to remember the nearly 246,000 Confederate soldiers who fought in separate battles in the vicinity of Fredericksburg (1862), Chancellorsville (1863), Spotsylvania (1864) and the Wilderness (1864).

The preservation of liberty and freedom guaranteed by our forefathers and embodied in the US Constitution of 1788, motivated these men to leave their loved ones and take up arms, and driven by duty and honor, they answered the call to defend their State from invasion. Their noble attributes are the underpinning of our republican society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built. These citizen-soldiers of all races, creeds, and faiths, who fought for the Confederacy, personified the best qualities of America.

As the sons and daughters of these gallant men, The Virginia Flaggers, along with the numerous benefactors and supporters of this flag, believe that it is our "...duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations." (Lieutenant General Stephen D. Lee, CSA)

Since the first flag was erected in Chester in September, 2013, we have been contacted by landowners all across Virginia and in neighboring states, eager to offer their property for lease, and currently have several other projects in various stages of development. Anyone with information about land that may be available for lease for a memorial flag site, or who would like to contribute to the ongoing funding of these projects, please contact us at, or by mail: Va Flaggers, P.O. Box 547, Sandston VA 23150. Donations also accepted through PayPal:


800pound_elephant said...

As Levin would say.. "and now back to history..."

@clintwrites said...

Congratulations! Do you think the floggers will claim that this one can't be seen? lol

David Tatum Jr said...

All in all a good day in Dixie !

Unknown said...

What a beautiful sight! Our Confederate ancestors would be proud to know they have not been spite of "political correctness"...the disease that is presently infecting the minds of the ignorant. Keep-up your great work!

Unknown said...

Keep er flying heritage not hate. Remember our soldiers who fought for us. Americans should embrass our heritage not try to shame people who fought for us. After all the government flies other countries flags in our country why shouldn`t the confederate flag wave high in sky.


War is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

Your article is very well done, a good read.

Anonymous said...

I love that beautiful historical flag !!! Fly it high and proud! Do people even know where they are when they're here in Fredericksburg? I live on battlefield grounds close by that our ancestors died on! This is our ground 0! This is our heritage and a huge part of our history! Fly the darn flags! Fredericksburg itself was home to both sides of the war as well so what do you think you're doing trying to tell us what to do? For every flag that drops 100 will take its place! Get your history straight !!! It's not a race’s all about State Rights aka the separation of the States! Our rights !! You don't like it...don't look at it! Best advice I can give you is mind your own business and don't tread on Virginians! Blacks and whites all stand together here in Fredericksburg. You'll be one sorry liberal in our town if you choose to stick your nose in where it doesn't belong..

William Bonelli said...

Born and raised in New York. Catholic upbringing so it was strict. In school, we really didn't learn very much as to the "why" or "how". We grew up hearing it was all about slavery which, is an affront to God. However! It wasn't about slavery but what the Federal Govt; was allowed to GET AWAY WITH at the expense of "individual State Rights" which I detest. I believe the war would not have lasted as long as it did if A: slavery was abolished right at the forfront and B: Individual States would be able to govern themselves without the amount of
interference from the Fed and finally. With some of the most inept Generals, such as McLellan and Burnside on the Federal side while the Army of Northern Virginia had "Stonewall" Jackson, well! If Jackson did not perish on the field as he did, I believe the South would have won.
I live in South Florida right now and it would be hard to display the Colors or the Stars and Bars but still, let me know what you have available for purchase or membership info. Thank you and I Salute You All!