Thursday, March 15, 2018

Washington & Lee "Diversity Gala" Features Mock Gay Wedding of Robert E Lee & George Washington

So, the same university that ripped period correct Memorial battle flags from Robert E Lee’s mausoleum in Lee Chapel to avoid "offending" anyone, is promoting THIS for the LGBT “Equality Gala” at Washington & Lee University this Saturday.

The tasteless flyer includes silhouettes of Robert E. Lee and George Washington "kissing" and can be found displayed throughout campus. Students are invited to "join in the celebration of George and Bob's wedding".

This is beyond disgraceful and an insult to the memory of both men... and is what happens when you give your institute of higher learning over to Godless liberals.

Are YOU mad enough yet?

The contact information on the flier is that of Rallie Snowden.  She is also active in anti-Confederate activism in Lexington and is a leader of the "CARE" group that fought to displace the SCV on Lee-Jackson Day.  Her W&L bio is here... 

She is employed as a COUNSELOR at the university.

If you would like to contact the university to express your outrage and disgust that such disrespect is tolerated and supported, see contact information below:

President Will Dudley
  • Office of the President:
    Washington Hall, 2nd Floor
  • Mailing Address:
    204 West Washington Street
    Washington and Lee University
    Lexington, Virginia 24450
    (540) 458-8700
  • Secretary of the University:
    James D. Farrar, Jr.
    203 Washington Hall
    (540) 458-8465
  • Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees:
    Katherine Brinkley
    202 Washington Hall
    (540) 458-8417


Anonymous said...

I am bloody well speechless. I've had to erase the first few freaking things I wrote. This is ......I can't even imagine that something like this disgusting, repellent, perverted, odious, revolting, assinine, unholy, repugnant, horrific, ghastly travesty is allowed. To degrade and sully the names of Lee and Washington in this blatantly offensive manner should result in everyone involved in this....thing....being banned from the campus forever. I can't even begin to imagine such a thing being allowed to happen. And we're told we've got to take the flags down because it might offend some bloody black idiot. or some officious yankee communist. Am I mad enough yet? OH YOU CAN DAMN WELL BET I AM!!!
John Field Pankow, Washington & Lee University, Class of 1987
When the college was run by sane human beings.

S. P. Gambone said...

cc: Virginia Flaggers
C.W. Roden of Southern Fried Common Sense
Worcester Telegram and Gazette columnist Diane Williamson c/o Editorial staff.

Heads up folks. There’s a Union General about to get pc moron nuked who needs rescuing.

“As I see it, they don’t see it”

Snowflake stupid just went pc viral thanks to CommieWealth of Massachusetts state representative Michelle Dubois. A woman destined for pc knighthood. Heroically mounting her hobby horse like she’s the vegan non-dairy blizzard queen of pc word-puzzle solving geniuses.

Alas, poor, poor snowflakes are taken aback to a turn-to-stone age as they gaze upon the horror of it all. Spoiler Alert, that undeniable obscenity is now coming at you in this very document. Read no more lest you too fall victim to its pc evil.

Civil War General Joseph Hooker has a building entrance named after him. It’s the... wait for it...

“General Hooker Entrance”.

I’m hoping the double quotes provided your mind with preventative, prophylactic ‘std’ protection. That lower case acronym is short for snowflake-transmittance-disorder. The highly contagious pc mental health tragedy where your neurons stop firing so completely your brain gets listed on Craig’s list under a granite countertop heading.

Sufferers of std get so pc dumb that they solve word puzzles like a contestant General Sherman tromping through the pc wheel of misfortune game show.

“Get rid of that entire puzzle Pat. Don’t disrespect my constitutional right to never be offended”.

In other words, do the Adolph-Hitler-book-burning thing. Remove the sign completely, or... wait for it.

“Hey Vanna. Forget Jesus and Mary. Do me an Oreo cookie overstuffed favor when Pat’s not looking. Jam ‘Joseph’ between ‘General’ and ‘Hooker. That’s looking oh, so pc sweet, hun”.

Newsflash folks. In the real world game the characters and spaces all count. Trade in two empty spaces and buy yourselves into the obvious.

Last one to join the hashtag-you’re-it-GeneralHookerEntrance movement to educate pc morons has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever solving a real problem.

E. Michael Helms said...

I grew up in the South as a patriotic American. I joined the USMC after high school to serve "my" country. I fought in Vietnam and was severly wounded for what I believed was protecting "my" country. Oh, how my eyes have sinced opened!
Having always had an interest in the "Civil War," I began an extensive study of the period during my early 20s. I quickly came to the conclusion that most everything I had been taught in school were either half-truths or outright lies. I no longer claim the USA as "my" country. I no longer have ANY respect for "Old Glory." That flag flew over the New England slave ships. That flag was flown by the northern invaders of "my" country -- The Confederate States of America! That flag ("Old Glory") was flown when the U.S. Army decimated the American Indians in their lust for land. That flag continues to fly as the symbol of the most predatory nation the world has ever seen -- the United States of America! I am ashamed of the USA. I despise the government. I despise our power-mongering policies, raping and pillaging sovereign nation after nation for their resources, all in the name of "democracy." The USA has become a disgusting blight on the face of the earth. Tearing down our Southern heritage, monuments to TRUE heroes, our beloved Battle Flag, sullying the good name of hour patriotic ancestors. I am SICKENED by it all. And now this DISGUSTING event at Washington & Lee University -- HOW DARE THEY?! My hope is that someday soon we will rend ourselves of the filthy United States and once again become a separate nation.

S. P. Gambone said...

Be advised Flaggers that you and your Confederate team are falling into a pc trap. The pc feed on the negative emotions of their enemies. Just as Hitler and his SS friends did as they chuckled over their gas chambers filled with screaming, dying Jews.

No matter how justified, you cannot defeat this enemy with anger, hatred or disgust. They live and thrive on such things. You will make them stronger.

Abide by the wisdom of Robert E. Lee in his protection of Jewish custom and all its ancient wisdom. That wisdom still lives within the Mel Brooks approach to the Holocaust. Comedy distances us from horror and its negative emotional consequences. Bestowing us freedoms in any liberating search for deeper insight. All the while, comedy disarms our enemies and our own self-destructive desires for vengeance.

Well regulated humor destroys these pc fools. They cannot survive with millions of us justifiably laughing at them. Tears of humor directed at them will boil them with anger. They’ll melt away like those tears are holy water poured on a Wizard-of-Oz wicked-witch-vampire.

Focus as many Confederate minds as you can on saving General Hooker with humor. Now these pc dolts are headed straight for the Sons and Daughters of Union soldiers. Those folks tried in vain to help you folks when the witch hunt was directed at you Confederates. Now’s the time for the South to rise to the occasion and save a Union dude to show everyone how it’s done. There will be no US left if you Confederates can’t save General Joseph Hooker.

Disarm the all-powerful acronym of their sexual idiocy community. Re-tip it with razor sharp humor. Direct it straight as a Turtle Island arrow at the evil that lives in their heartless, soulless bodies.

They had no choice but to include the letters T and Q into their sexual preference group. Reverse the curse by reversing those letters. Call them the “LGB cuties”; it will tick them off big time. Lead off the acronym with the letter of ultimate LGBcutie destruction... M.

M as in hmmm...? How do I bring this into polite conversation without gettin’ bleeped by sensible Confederate censors?

Oy, gevalt! What a mashugana I am. Jewish humor of course!

Did you folks ever see the Seinfeld episode about ‘self-love’ and being the ‘master’ of your domain?

So consider directing people’s responses over this Lee and Washington thing with Confederate Snarky responses about the Mlgbcutie community. The M in uppercase the rest following in demoted lower case letters. Ask the powers that be when they’re gonna let the M... community out of the closet.
When will the most popular sexual preference folks get to lead the oh, so wholesome Mlgbcutie community?

Meanwhile, I’ll try to reconstruct an old weapon I once tried to blast Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade with a few years back.
It was a tune that’s perfect for any pc parade, “The M... Marching Band”.

S. P. Gambone said...

A quickie newsflash to some folks! The South did NOT secede. And neither did the 13 colonies. Both groups kicked out oppressive governments in Defense of Liberty!


Now let us pause.(meaning I need to take a copperheaded breath and relax lest I bite somebody on our team!) Let's take time for an appropriately lyrical Southerner, give-me-a-break-please-tune from a Northerner.

“to See You, Hear You, Touch You”
(translated from the Eternal Southern Heart that is Dixie by Steve Gambone
in celebration of the one year anniversary of Anthony Hervey’s new afterlife)
{sing this tune starting down through sadness, then rising to Joy with unrelenting Southern resolve.}

It’s been a year now since you’ve been gone.
And you are... even... more dear.
How our... hearts... long...
to see you, hear you, touch you.
See you, hear you, touch you.
How can we all... carry on?

Everywhere these days we see that Flag.
Sometimes when I do
it makes my healing Rebel Heart
scream out loud...
and brag!
When I do that Honey you’d be so proud.
I stand strong and tall like you.
It’s as if our love is new.
That Rebel feeling starts to swell...
until I yell,
“This Flag’s not here because he died for it.
His Flag is here because HE LIVED FOR IT!”

When my Rebel call touches one new heart
then at that moment Baby...
you and I... are... not... apart.
That’s when I see you, feel you, touch you...
See you, feel you, touch you...

Honey, I mourned your death for one full year.
Now it’s that Rebel life you lived
that calls to my heart so clear.

Some still say this Flag is all secession.
Remember how we laughed,
“How could they grow up in the South
and get... that impression?”
These days I feel you near and shout,
“No! This Flag is living life...
without... oppression!”

We both said that we would die for it!
I know this Flag is here because we lived for it!
See you, feel you, touch you.
Yes Babe, I hear them, feel them, sense them.

I’ll call out to ev’ry Rebel niece and nephew,
daughter, son, husband and wife,
“Join these eternal Southern Spirits...
This Flag means LIFE!

Yes, we all know that people died for it.
This Flag survives because they LIVED for it!
For some, death it was their outcome... not their goal.
Look for the truth that calls within
your eternal Rebel soul.”

We all know that we would die for it.
This Flag is here because we live for it!
See them, hear them, touch them.

This Flag is Life, Liberty...
Pursuit of Happiness.
This Flag is Life, Liberty...
Pursuit of Happiness.

S. P. Gambone said...

A comical counterassault on Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a possible response for this pc gayla nonsense.

Consider flooding the White House or whoever, with copies of this story and tune of mine along with an emergency request for the Federal Courts and other Feds to stop this reckless, perverted endangerment of children. No person of any sexual preference, straight or otherwise, has the right to market their sexual preferences to minors in a public parade. It’s stupid.

“The Ultimate Defenders of Sexual Preference Come to Boston”
a pc fairytale by Steve Gambone

“This is Maya Mahty of Bahston. This yee-ah, we finally let the ultimate defendahs of sexual preference lead the mah-chuhs in ah Saint Patty’s Day parade.
We’ve mah-keted sex preferences to little kids at these things for yee-ahs with no ill effects that we geniuses could ever possibly detect. Moe-ah importantly, without any totally justifiable arrests for acting like a bunch of pervs in front of little kids.
Ya know what I mean. The “Hey kids, wanna come with me to learn about my sexual preferences?” thing.
So without any furthah delay in the climax of ah parade... Hee-ya they ah.
The Mastahbation Mah-chin’ Band! Staht your music guys.”

Salute our poles that have no flag.
Yes. People say our poles are big but we don’t wanna brag.
We have what matters well in hand.
The Masturbation Marching Band.

Yes! We will proudly march as the ultimate defender
of ev’ry gay and lesbian, bisexual, transgender.
And even those of you who cannot make up your mind,
you too can join our ranks knowing we will treat you kind.

‘Cuz if you’re adult and questioning it can’t be that you’re stupid.
You simply don’t know where to look to find the help of cupid.
So come close to see our pride and joy and sneak a little peak.
Please no comments about size ‘cuz it’s been freezing for a week.

Come closer one and all to take our picture with your phones.
We’ll tilt our heads way back extending slides on our trombones.
Come and see our pride and joy glowing as we yell and moan,
“There is no safer sex that beats the kind when you’re alone.”

This is what our Nation’s coming too with pc values strong.
Come join us as we march to be immortalized in song.
As we market sex to kids, we all know that can’t be wrong.
Our dream is for each little one to feel like they belong.
Pot’s legal now so folks hand the nearest kid a bong.

The Masturbation Marching Band.
There’s no need to lock your doors as we goosestep across the land.
‘Cuz ev’rybody’s safe. We have what matters well in hand.
We’ll keep doing stupid stuff until we finally get banned.
The Masturbation Marching Band.

S. P. Gambone said...

to: General Hathaway and crew of the good ship Flagger.

I’m thinking it might be best for me to save you folks the chore of explaining obvious legal eagle, ‘ex post facto’ connections to the troops in regards to the General Hooker situation. The fake news about there being no pro-Confederate support up here might snow job some poorly informed folks way down there in Dixie. For the most part, people in the North aren’t allowed to openly support you Confederate folk. A person can easily be fired or otherwise punished for such things.

Anyway an ‘ex post facto’ law is one with retroactive punishment for things that weren’t against the rules in the past. That’s what was going on when the anti-Confederate witch hunt went viral a few years back. The Constitution clearly prohibits such laws in both criminal and civil laws at Federal, State and local levels.

It is simply stated in the Constitution by not listing any exception to this rule:
“No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

In the witch hunt against you Confederates and your ancestors that rule of the US game was violated. The very same thing is going on in the witch hunt against General Hooker.

That dolt of a Massachusetts state representative Michelle Dubois is oh so proudly stating that very thing. That because the words ‘General Hooker Entrance’ are now considered crimes against pc humanity it’s ‘perfectly legal’ to wipe out that bit of US history just like ISIS would.

Constitutional it is NOT. Dubois is using an ex post facto argument to dole out retroactive punishment. The same sort of unconstitutional punishment that both you and your Confederate ancestors were subjected to.

You will never succeed at restoring your rights first. The original US system was not designed to work like that. I’m talking about your Rights like having Confederate Heroes, Their stories and symbols returned to your schools.

The way it works in the US system is you must defend the rights of others to protect your own rights. And others must be the ones to defend your rights to protect their own. The rule is “You will fight for me, I will fight for you.”

To return your own Rights and the Honor of your Ancestors you need to defend the right of the history of General Hooker to exist.

If you do not then you’re failing these once united States, your Ancestors and most importantly your children and theirs. For the South to rise again that’s just the rules of the US game.

Rise above any past animosity. A lot of it’s based on fake news anyway.

Just follow your true Rebel Hearts, you could not have possibly survived this long without them.

S. P. Gambone said...

Okay I put all the important variables through the whole Euclidean problem solving process thing and came up with the best solution in your present day Confederate situation. Things like:
Non-violent, biblically proportioned, legal, low cost, quickly mobilized, snarky, counter-protesting, anti-black-power-terrorist, getting past the fake news bubble and a bunch of other stuff and the solution is... wait for it... Sock Puppets.

No. Seriously. For real. Sock Puppets are the perfect comedic counter to that idiotic black-power-fascist-fist-in-the-air thing.

Everybody already knows the tune. Listen in your mind to some of the words.
“We will, we will mock you!
We will, we will sock you.”

Enough pro-Confederate forces stomping their feet to a powerful heart-like beat will feel inside a nearby building like the pc walls of Jericho are caving in on them.

Think ‘stomp, stomp, pause, stomp, stomp, pause...’ and you’ll get the idea.

We already know the fake news people will try to make our team look stupid no matter what we do. And that the pc morons will do the same.

However nobody on the pc fascist team is prepared for a sock puppet attack that mocks black power in a simultaneously clever way. Everyone on the planet will want to know what’s going on with all the symbolism involved in the Sock Puppet Power movement. That can give leaders on our team a soapbox to be heard.

There’s more things needed to pack in the symbolism but this should work down there. Up here I’d just be one idiot with a sock puppet mocking a State full of idiots, not enough power to do much of anything.

So this idea is something to take seriously. No. Really take it seriously and think about the real possibilities.

As a quick FYI for folks that don’t know much about how math really works there are two quotes of mine that should help clue you in.

My self-portrait quote: “I’m a Euclidean, trained in mathematics. Math people are crazy. It’s not bragging if it’s true.”
Followed up by an explanatory First-Contact-with-a-Euclidean-quote, “A Euclidean being a well regulated militia of minds, necessary to the defense of a free thinking, scientific state of mind.”
That’s it for now. Here are some useful lyrics.

“We will. We will. Mock you!”

You say you’re a man, so proud to be gay
Who knows? You could be a big girl someday?
So we will, we will mock you!
We’ll give you the biz.
We will, we will sock you.
Sock puppet that is.

Can you see our left hands and that big white sock?
That’s what we use when it’s you we mock.
It’s got no brains so it’s just like you.
So we’ll use humor until you’re all through.
Yes, We will, we will mock you!
We won’t let you be.
We will, we will sock you.
With this puppet you see.

Can you feel the earth shake with our stomp, stomp beat?
They can feel it in buildings away from this street.
Feet pulse, pulse rhythm so our hands are free.
So we can sock mock you so you hear and see.
We will, we will mock you!
We’ll give you the biz.
We will, we will sock you.
Sock puppet that is.

With white sock power in our finest hour.
It’ll measure on the Richter scale.
You’ll be whining with your boohoo wail.
We’ll surround you like at Jericho.
With the earth shake feel to hear and know.
We will, we will mock you!
Right here where you’ll see.
We will, we will sock you.
It’ll help us be free.
Yes. We will, we will mock you!
We’ll give you the biz.
We will, we will sock you.
Sock puppet that is.

S. P. Gambone said...

A simultaneous solution: Sock Puppet Power.

We all know that no self-respecting politician, media outlet or individual would want anything to do with being politically correct. And within that simple sentence is the root cause of all the problems we’re up against: a total lack of self-respect. The pc politicians and pc media are the pandering puppets of the pc citizenry who are themselves mere puppets of a childish, fascist belief system.

All three stooge groups share the same desperate need to be taken seriously, for they have no great well of inner self-respect to draw upon.

Donning mocking white sock puppets accurately reflects pc beliefs straight back at those three groups of stooges. It works like a reflective shield held up to a snake headed Medusa. Or a bit more precisely, a mirror held up to a three headed basilisk. Or likely, the most precise being akin to a simultaneous reflection held up to three cockatrices that share basilisk-like powers and weaknesses.

Laughingly mocking the pc dopes with white sock puppets will surely tick them off. However there are simple ways to make the sock puppets more properly colored and precise, power-packed with more symbolism.

The main white body of the sock on the toe end represents white blood cells, working together in America’s immune system response to the destructive three headed, pc virus. That same white body also represents the religious meanings associated with white light. Thusly, fighting off the anti-religious, anti-Christian aspects of the pc fascist religion. While Southern Christians are clearly the main pc target of destruction, yet no religion is safe under pc rule. Not even true atheists are safe from those pc lunatics.

On the open end of the sock there’s a need for a white band representing a separate, scientific definition of white light. White light scientifically being a rainbow coalition of spectral colors banded together into the greater whole that we all perceive as white light.

Obviously, the outermost band of color on the sock’s open end being red. Red, the skin color of First People aka America’s First Indians. Also, red blood cells that give us life as well as being flag valor red. That flag red that of Betsy Ross, Dixie Cross and present day Old Glory flags. Noting that the current Old Glory design has been so tarnished and soiled by the pc that the current design really needs retiring, redesign and rebirth.

A blue band of fathers, mothers, sister and brothers being the obvious choice separating the white light of science from the toe end white main body. That blue band representing many things.

The pc are dimwitted, one thing at a time ‘thinkers’, where there’s really no great thought at all. Multifaceted symbolism ain’t their strong suit. Red,white and blue banded white socks will positively stun those negative fools.

All white socks properly outfitted with stripes colored in with red and blue laundry markers make for a low-cost army of well-armed sock puppets.

S. P. Gambone said...

(Note: The pc devil is often in their little details. Never fall for the pc dimwit history con that imposes the European symbolism that equates ‘x’ as being a kiss.

Here in America ‘X’ is a loving hug, ‘O’ the kiss. US children will often demonstrate those true meanings in two ways. By their express assent when they write, “love and kisses... XOXOXO”. And by their implied intent and implied assent of their repulsive reactions to being showered with kisses by someone outside their immediate, close knit family unit. It’s a child’s way of saying "intense kissing is a stranger-danger reserved only for the adults" thing.

The point here being the “hug and kiss” pc con covers up many things. Including the personnel, personal starry relationships between Dixie Cross and Betsy Ross flags. De-tale the pc devil by openly stating and restoring the true blue US meaning that ‘X’ means ‘loving hug’ and ‘O’ is the original starry blown kiss to Lady Liberty.)

“They Had Their Flag!”
{Excerpted and updated from the 2016 music, words and feelings
originally translated from the implied assent of descendants
combined with a more accurate historical record
by Steve (manturtle) Gambone}

They had their Flag! They loved Confed’racy
Within that love... their hearts
joined with heritage and with history.
If you see their Flag as racist
then you’re as blind as you can be.
So now listen, learn and someday you might see.

Long before Columbus and the white man came
these lands you call ‘North America’
had their sacred Momma’s name.
Turtle Island is what it is and was
and what it will always be.
Before the white man came Turtle Island had

X on their Flag! Is love hugged Confed’racy.
With Turtle Island hearts they fought,
Sacrificing blood and life joining Turtle Island legacy
with the Constitution’s Liberty.
If you say their Flag is racist then you’re just spreading lies
as Great Spirit and all of Turtle Island cries...

S. P. Gambone said...

“C’mon C’mon C’mon Have You Tried Laughter?”

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon people
have you tried laughter?
Are you living life in hate’s anger
saving all your fun and joy for the hereafter?

If ev’ry time the pc make you mad... you lose.
Then what’s the mood and move you will choose?
In the highest courts on earth and the Highest Court above
is it really all that hard to prove?...
there is nothing in those pc snowflakes...
that is worthy of any love?

When both laws of man and bible say,
‘Thou shalt not kill’... is there a uniting will...
within shared rules?
some powerful cache of tools?
to use on pc fools?

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon people...
have you tried laughter?
When all those pc daffy ducks we face...
keep getting dafter?

If you strike them back in vengeance...
who says that’s mine?
What does it say to all...
your reaction plan’s written sign?

“My anger it is justified.
Angry vengeance is my right, it is my need.
I will stake my holy soul’s claim to it,
herein Right’s name.”
Then when you show us all your plan with your deed
who will get the blame?

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon people
mock those pc fools with laughter?
You can choose to be their puppet
or choose to be their puppeteer.
Given those two choices
make your signed choice read loud and clear.

“A lesbian’s just a woman playing really hard to get.” or...
“A lesbian’s a transgender who hasn’t manned up yet.”
“Ev’ry gay man is a transgender hiding in his closet still.”
“A bi-sexual is a sexual weakling
who lacks a straight man’s strength and will.”

So. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon people
Sock puppet mock them all with laughter?
And make sure to let them know
we’ll mock them all forever, ever after.

S. P. Gambone said...

Does Jesus qualify as being a well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free heart, soul and mind?

It’s already demonstrated that the 13 word lead in of the Second Amendment establishes protections for a well regulated militia, even when that militia consists of just one person. (‘regulated’ translated to mean ‘controlled or directed by rule or principle.’)

Also demonstrated that it’s up to the militia member to choose the appropriate and preferred method of armament. Guns are not at all a requirement for Constitutional qualification as being a well regulated militia.

A militia of a one citizen, in a gang infested neighborhood, could chose a cell phone as his or her armament of choice. Documenting with photos and reporting crimes to the police kicks in militia rights, powers and protections for that one citizen militia.

But what if that one citizen militia chooses the Bible as his or her preferred defensive armament? That too must be a right and power protected by the Constitution. A protection separate from the listed First Amendment protections.

A reason why such an odd religious question matters now is the “love thy neighbor as thyself” rule. The pc are utilizing and exploiting an ‘unconditional love’ variation of that rule. However the original Biblical rule, in math community terms, is a conditional rule utilizing the two word directed principle, ‘as thyself’.

An unconditional modern version would be like, “Dude, always love your neighbor!” No exception or condition alters the rule.

A mathematical translation of the original Biblical rule is more like, “Dude, love your neighbor if and only if it is proper for you to love yourself when your actions are the same as those of your neighbor.”

I’ve gotta be playing catch up on this one, it’s new to me math-wise but not to you folks. All of that stuff must have already been worked out, in some way or other, by Southern Christians. Not the Constitutional legal argument necessarily, but within group discussions of Southern Christian faith itself. The pc have been gunning for you folks a very long time and this is a likely connection.

Consider looking back at how you folks explain such Southern Christian things to children. Parables or stories that help explain by example the workings of the “love thy neighbor as thyself” rule to young minds. No big newsflash but the pc are not operating with a full deck of adult mind cards. Their brains function like evil little brats in adult bodies.

For you Flaggers you might want to suggest that small, local churches discuss these ideas like they’re writing a Southern Christianity for Northern Dummies manual; utilizing the opening question:

Does Jesus qualify as being a well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free heart, soul and mind?

S. P. Gambone said...

Here’s an important Thomas Jefferson legal tip that all anti-pc folks should have in their quiver of pro-America arrows.

Long before they were ever named ‘politically correct’ the New England liberal team targeted Thomas Jefferson for extermination. The current pc promote the long held Northern idea that the Declaration of Independence is little more than a longwinded sticky note that says, “Hey King, we ain’t Brits anymore!”

No big surprise that Abraham Lincoln had his hands on the scales of Liberty during the long ago birth of that liberal nut-job of a notion. The end of the Lincoln’s Presidency brought an end to the use of the original, legal birth name of the Declaration.

For America’s first three generations the universally accepted name for the Declaration was the ‘true Bill of Rights’. More than enough time to legally establish the Declaration as a binding, tri-generational, National legal agreement. By their written and spoken words and their deeds there was a mutual express and implied assent. To this day that mutual assent still legally establishes the supreme importance of the Declaration. For without the true Bill of Rights the Constitution itself is an illegal, null and void document.

The pc are clearly an anti-America force, and any successful ex post facto abortion of Jefferson’s 1776 brain-child is the ultimate pc fascist dream come true. No legally recognizable Declaration results in a nullification of the Constitution, as well as its ever pesky Second Amendment and everything else the pc don’t like.

That abortive act doesn’t just set America’s version of the British way-back legal machine to George the Third. It actually sets America’s legal clock back to the British legal system of circa the Henry VIII time frame. A far more oppressive time period in the underlying British law that is still a part of America’s legal system. Our Courts are legally required to default to the preexisting British Law whenever there is an unanswerable question in the written US legal system.

The lesson being that whenever possible people should point out the original, legally recognized birth name of the Declaration as being the true Bill of Rights. And that because of three generations acting in legal agreement on that original birth name all the legal implications of that name were irrevocably established in America’s legal system. Legally established by way of the mutual express and implied assent of America’s three earliest generations.

S. P. Gambone said...

Here’s some more useful, legal intel about Thomas Jefferson’s brain-child, the ‘true Bill of Rights’ aka the Declaration of Independence. It’s the true history of Jefferson’s discovery of the many ideas expressed by the most famous 5 words in history.

When it comes to the quote, “All men are created equal”, the overeducated dullards we lovingly call our legal and history experts always manage to miss the ridiculously obvious. Their ‘expert’ blunders are useful in opening the legal doorway to the truth that can set us all free from the equally overeducated, aka brainwashed, pc dolts busily wrecking America in the name of fascism.

Let’s travel back in time to the oh, so drafty Philadelphia, PA days of 1776.

The Continental Congress drafted five men into the task of drafting a freedom declaration. Among those five equal-in-voting-powers draftsmen were two polymaths. Benjamin Franklin the elder and Thomas Jefferson the younger who was drafted by the four other equal draftsmen to be the lead draftsman among the CC’s drafted equal draftsmen.

The gentle draft of a cooling sea breeze through the drafty building’s drafty windows brought images of ships to Jefferson’s mind. Ships with the draught of their hulls, slowly moving as the drafts of wind billowed their sails. Here and there the same drafty breeze would bring a whiff of all the draught animals. As well as the occasional hint of smoke from a nearby chimney draft. Not to mention the pleasant reminder of tossing back a few draught beverages during work breaks.

Jefferson was bored by the overwhelming, ever present draftiness of those times. And then...

By sheer coincidence, for sure, the 1756 book by English mathematician William Payne came to the younger polymath’s mind. A learned discussion of the facts and principles of... wait for it... Draughts.

As any idiot should know, in Payne’s math treatise ‘all men are created equal’ at the start. ‘Draughts’ being the British name for the world famous, millennia old board game. In British Draughts a piece is called a ‘draughtsman’ or a ‘man’, 12 of those equally created men lined up at the start on each side of an 8x8 chess board. Any of those ‘all created equal men’ can be ‘kinged’ by their accomplishments on the board. Successfully get your man to the ‘kings row’ and you get to ‘crown’ him.

Here in America ‘checkers’ is the name of the game. In the young Euclidean trained mind of Jefferson the rules, pieces and board of Draughts expressed far more than any average mind could ever see.

The three rows of men born equal in powers at the start, yet not born into equal physical circumstances. The farthest, the third row of 4 equals from the player akin to the most distant generation of men on earth. Those 4 men most likely to get sacrificed for the good of all. Yet in spirit those men can be born again as the pieces of those fallen men can crown an accomplished comrade into king status.

The pieces closest to the player, the newest generation of equal men born unto the kings row of the opposition. Those men in the closest, youngest generation can be forced or drafted by the opposition to jump into the game of equal men and kings.

The true Bill of Rights is the most famous legal document in history. That document contains the five most famous word quote in history. That five word quote came from the most famous, commonly known and played board game in history... checkers.

If our so called law and history experts can miss so many drafty connections that are that obvious you gotta figure they’ve missed a whole lot more.

So when needed, anyone on the pro-Confederate team can just mock those dimwitted, overeducated legal-eagle morons with these simple history facts.

S. P. Gambone said...

Be advised Flaggers that there may be a set of unseen, Nathan-Bedford-Forrest-like tactical moves available to us on our collective checkerboards. Simple moves that should act like legal bombshells launched out of Richmond, VA blasting onto the slavery scene up in Boston, MA.

Contrary to the pc mythology slavery still exists up here, alive and doin’ fine. Presently we are coming to the end of this winter’s ‘snowflake slave’ free government labor harvest.

Both in Boston and Worcester, home and business owners are forced under penalty of law to clear snow off government owned and maintained sidewalks. The snowflake slaves receive no pay but are whipped with financial penalties if, as slaves, they don’t do their jobs well enough or fast enough. After the slaves do their job it’s quite common for public works crews, on the government dime, to push more snow onto the sidewalks and force the slaves to clear that snow too.

Property owners are legally enslaved based upon their proximity to the sidewalk. If you have a home or business with a public sidewalk in front it is your slave duty to clear that stretch of sidewalk. The snowflake slave laws are dual violations of the Constitution. Violating both the prohibitions on slavery (forced work without pay) and Bills of Attainder. A Bill of Attainder being any law that declares a person or group of persons as guilty of some crime and punishing them without a trial.

The cities of Boston and Worcester have declared a person as being worthy of snowflake enslavement simply based on the government’s action of installing a sidewalk in front of their home or business.

Snowflake slave statutes are just the tip of the slavery iceberg up here. And that gives you Flagger folks a legally unexpected and fun opportunity.

The discovery by folks in one State of any slavery currently existing within some other State is something that falls under FBI jurisdiction. As such it needs to be reported locally to the FBI for further investigation under Federal Court review.

As a citizen of Massachusetts I am hereby officially reporting to you Flaggers, as citizens of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, that slavery exists up here. Snowflake slaves, other forms of unconstitutional enslavement as well as other violations.

It is now your duty as citizens, as prescribed within Thomas Jefferson’s true Bill of Rights, to both publicly announce these violations to the world and your opinions on them. And also your duty to report the alleged slavery violations occurring in Massachusetts to any FBI office you choose within Virginia. That FBI office in Virginia is legally required to work under Federal Court review and that Federal Court is required to be outside of Massachusetts.

Our public speaking soapboxes just got a wee bit bigger Flaggers. Just sayin’.